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There was NO excuse for Bush not supporting the 9/11 commission. He claimed that an investigation would reveal secrets about the way we run our country. We tread on dangerous ground when we start to believe that government operations should be secret from the public.

Henry Schlatman

Wasted Potential,
First, there is no such thing as wasted potenetial as long as you hace been the one to choose your own path in life.

Next, your wrong about the debate being over. Iraq and Afganistan needs to be fixed. Point blank; Bush has not used everything in Our Arsenal to protect our troops. Please check out this web site to see our laser technology taking out incoming mortars. http://www.spacedaily.com/news/laser-04r.html

Also, the CIA 9/11 Report is waiting to be cleared by the White House. It tells the names of Our Government/Elected Officials who is/was responsible for the actions or lack there of on September 9, 2001.


Laura - you have to put it into perspective. Your tax cut is nothing compared to Bush's cut for the high income bracket. This isn't a myth. Just because we all get a check in the mail for $200 doesn't mean the tax cuts were evenly distributed.


Regardless of whether you think his cuts were good or bad, you can't deny they primarily went to those making over $200,000.

wasted potential

After reading more of the 9/11 report (after being directed by Jeffraham) I now believe it was a monumental waste of government funds. They did not do any serious work, but rather worked for both the Clinton and Bush administrations to cover up any glaring problems.

But it did provide for good theater, allowing people to clap and jeer at the person they did not like or thought was responsible.

Jeffraham Prestonian

Oh, that tricksy liberal media...


NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2004 -- Behind the scenes of one of the most contentious presidential races in recent memory, both Democrats and Republicans have organized what can only be called the T-shirt defense squads.

It is an all-out effort to spot T-shirts supporting the other candidate and block them from view, or in some cases to actually have the T-shirt-wearing offenders ejected or arrested.

ABC News conducted a bipartisan experiment in which producers and volunteers went to rallies for each candidate wearing the other party's T-shirt, and found that each campaign had its own methods of preventing the shirts from being seen.

"We've reached a sad state of affairs when a T-shirt is that offensive," said Yale professor Robert Post, a specialist in First Amendment law. "It tells me that these are photo opportunities, and not about dialogue."


Laura --- "Has anyone thought about the fact that if he repeals the Bush tax cuts that's raising the taxes on the middle class?????"

Can you explain that one to me? How is "rolling back the tax cut for those making over $200,000" raising taxes on the middle class?

Remember, under that evil Clinton's tax increase on the wealthy, more billionaires and millionaires were created then at anytime in recent history. Under Bush the number dropped. I believe he created a record for biggest number of bankruptcies.

wasted potential

RP - still saying the rich got a bigger break? Under Bush more workers left tax rolls altogether than at anytime in our history! He also reduced the lowest bracket to 10%, reducing their tax burden by 33%.

Now, the rich got more money back because they make more money. I also think it was a sham that Theresa made $5 million or something like that last year, but only paid 12%, while the President paid over 30% and made less.

Personally, with the child tax credits (3 to count!) and the reduction of the marriage penalty, as well as a reduction in the rate, our family paid $4000 less in taxes. Now $4000 may not sound like much when Theresa saved hundreds of thousands, but here in Ohio, $4000 is still a lot of money. Why, I was able to pay for my shrine to Bush in my basement with it! You know, that is also a requirement along with the blood oath:)


If we had a liberal media, would Gore be President? The press rolled over in the 2000 election. If we had a liberal media, would Bush have gone into Iraq with such an incredible media drum beat? If we had a liberal media, would the "Dean scream" be played before and after every commercial break on every news channel?

Jeffraham Prestonian

wasted: "Now, the rich got more money back because they make more money. I also think it was a sham that Theresa made $5 million or something like that last year, but only paid 12%, while the President paid over 30% and made less."

I think it's a travesty when I paid a higher percentage of my income as federal tax than Dick Cheney -- which happened for two reasons. First, I lost my job, and had to cash out my 401(k) to survive (couldn't save the house, but... oh well). Secondly, my income wasn't from investment gains, like Dick's. I had to work for mine. The GOP has made the investors in this country the best tax deal they've ever had.

wasted potential

As to the liberal media, the changes in media over the past 12 years have significantly reduced their ability to control the news. Nowadays, we have talk radio, bloggers and newspapers all with a slant one way or another pushing their agenda. In addition, the competition for viewers on TV has increased. The subsequent effect is that stories which would not have been reported before by the MSM are forced upon them due to these other outlets.

I would say that Fox News has a higher number of conservative voices than liberal, while CBS has a higher number of liberal voices. The NY Times makes no secret of their liberal views, while the Wall Street Journal skews to the right.

When I refer to the liberal news media, I do not mean the entire media, but only the "old media," CBS, NY Times, ABC, NBC and NPR. Due to free speech, these are no longer the only media, which from my perspective is a good thing.

Besides, how would I get my talking points from Rush and Hannity without alternative sources for media:)

jus' sayin'

Pssst to "wasted:" abortions have gone up under Bush's watch and tax $ paid for some of them.

He's had 4 years to address the issue and he's been unsuccessful. Bush has this weird-ass reverse Midas Touch - everything he touches goes wrong.

If ending the development of a zygote is your sticking point, I find it hard to understand how you reconcile paying for killing innocent *born* people in your name in the form of an illegal unnecessary war.

I don't like my tax $ being spent on bombs that kill and maim innocent people that were no threat to us.

As a born-again evangelical tongue-speaking Christian, I cannot in good conscious support the evil that Bush has perpetrated against innocent victims.

If war isn't evil, then evil has no meaning.


wasted - of course I still say it, because it is true. You have to realize that tax cuts on the middle and lower class have been put into effect and are done. But the upper 1% continue to grow until 2010. By 2010, when, and if, the Bush tax reductions are fully in place, an astonishing 52 percent of the total tax cuts will go to the richest one percent—whose average 2010 income will be $1.5 million. Their tax-cut windfall in that year alone will average $85,000 each. Put another way, of the estimated $234 billion in tax cuts scheduled for the year 2010, $121 billion will go just 1.4 million taxpayers.

Kerry rolling back the tax cuts on the upper 1% will have ZERO effect on the 99% - period.


wasted - would you be in favor of equal time laws returning to the books?

wasted potential

Jeffraham: I did not mean to offend you by talk of my tax breaks, realizing the situation you are in. You have a very sharp intellect and I hope you will be hired soon.

Obviously, the 401K penalty would kill anyone. I cashed out a 401 K 8 years ago, thinking it would be cool to spend the money on stuff I liked. However, once the penalty came through, I found I had a lot less to spend than I thought I would.

I work for a transportation and logistics firm in sales and know a lot of corporate types from Fortune 500 companies. Send me your resume and I will forward it on to these folks, if you wish.

wasted potential

RP - By 2010, I plan on being one of those making the $1.5 million so I don't want you taking away my tax cuts:)

Seriously, what is wrong with the rich paying only a third of their income in taxes? Do we want to kill incentives for people to start small businesses and make more money, or work hard at their jobs to move up the ladder and make more money?

Bill Evans

Rocket -
If you go to the kerry website (I have been blocked so I can't give you the address) and look at his plan, the top two tiers, going all the way down to < $90,000 will have their taxes raised if he has his way.

As to the million/billionaires under Clinton - are you talking about the dot com bubble?

Great economy: You and I each start a website. I offer to let you advertise on my site for a mere million bucks. You let me advertise on your site for a mere million bucks. We both book a million dollars worth of "revenue", running up the stock price. We sell to idiots who buy a stock with a p/e ratio of INFINITY - what do you get when you divide by zero?

We cash out before the bubble bursts. Bingo, instant millionaires! Yeah, that's the way to build a strong economy. -not.

wasted potential

RP - Equal time laws? No I am not in favor of that. Let market forces decide who gets more time or not. I am against all hinderances of freedom of speech. Now, I will support those media outlets who use speech the way I think it should be (for example, I won't subsribe to any of the paid movie channels because I find some of the material objectionable), but I do not support removing them from the airwaves.

Jeffraham Prestonian

wasted: "I did not mean to offend you by talk of my tax breaks, realizing the situation you are in. You have a very sharp intellect and I hope you will be hired soon."

No offense -- I just have to mention that the grand tax breaks that some have enjoyed don't apply to all.

"I work for a transportation and logistics firm in sales and know a lot of corporate types from Fortune 500 companies. Send me your resume and I will forward it on to these folks, if you wish."

I appreciate that, man, but I'm done with the Fortune 500. I worked for the Fortune 500 company that paid the largest-ever fraud settlement to the U.S. government. Largest. Ever. I saw fraud and theft every day, even AFTER this settlement, and in a way, I'm very glad to not have to swallow that in return for a good paycheck anymore.

I'm striking out on my own now, in small steps. My needs are modest, and I'm resourceful, so I'll be fine. Thanks for your concern and your kind offer.


For one minute ladies and gentlemen just visualize what would happen if Kerry wins.He will be in the White House. His wife Teresa Heinz Kerry will be first lady. All his liberal friends will be in the cabinet.Would you like to see John Kerry and his wife on TV every night? Would you like to hear him speak on your future, your life, your security every day?
Would you like to see him represent your country and appear on the front pages for the next four years?
What if there is another attack? Would you like for John Kerry and his Liberal buddies deal with it?
Just think about it. If the above looks like an attractive scenario for you vote for him.
If not, you know what to do.


wasted - You shouldn't pay less of a percentage of your income because you have more money. The Bush plan decreases taxes on the upper 1% by 15% and the rest of us see an overall cut of 5%. The argument that “the rich pay most of the taxes, so it’s only fair that they get the lion’s share of the tax cuts.” just doesn't add up. The fact is that by 2010, we will pay a larger percentage of our income to the government then the upper 1%. Assuming, of course, that you haven't made you billions yet. ;) Then, there is the fact that over 60 Percent of Corporations didn't pay ANY taxes under Bush ... but that is another subject.

Jeffraham Prestonian

RH: "Just think about it. If the above looks like an attractive scenario for you vote for him."

It does, I did, and it feels awesome.


RH - Sounds GREAT! Joe Biden for Secretary of State!

wasted potential

Jus' Sayin': "If war isn't evil, then evil has no meaning."

I respect those that feel that way, but disagree with it. War is not always evil. God commanded that Israel go to war in the Old Testament with their enemies.

As to Iraq, I have seen the statistics on innocents killed and pray for their families. However, more life will be spared by removing Saddam, who was no friend of human rights. In addition, the insurgents attacks recently have been aimed at the Iraqi people lately, especially those trying to join up and defend their new government.

I realize that many on this board will find this objectionable, but I support our efforts in Iraq and believe that they are bringing us more towards peace than inaction.

As to the abortion argument, I have not looked up the statistics for myself, but I know that the President signed an executive order on one of his first days in office ending federal funding of abortion. John Kerry promised in the second debate to begin this practice again.

wasted potential

Jeffraham - my offer stands. Keep my email address if you change your mind. We aren't a big enough organization for someone of your talents, but if we grow as we have the past 4 years, we may be in the near future.


Bill - I just revisited the PDF file for his tax plan on johnkerry.com - it jives with the numbers I just gave. Over $200,000 - and 99% see a tax cut. It calls for rollback of the upper as well as additional for the lower. It's PDF so I can't cut and paste.

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