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Everything is going to be all right now. Bush said he's going to give us all more bigger tax cuts AND spend lots more to fix No Child Left Behind AND shift a lot of the Social Security income into private accounts instead of spending it AND double funding for Homeland Security AND buy our troops the body armor they need AND build a missile defense AND fund Faith-based Initiatives with our tax money AND spend $70 billion more on the War For Freedom In Iraq.

And he's going to do all this while cutting the deficit in half! I know he's going to do all this because I heard him say it and he's always been a man of his word.

And then we're going to go to Mars!

MARS, Bitches!

Henry Schlatman

Unless Bush and the rest of the republican bozo's take the first step forward, the left in this country does not have to play his game. For if Bush is serious about leading this country he first must shout up those in his party who keep telling us on the coasts how to live are life.

As some one who grew up in Ohio and lives in North Carolina, I would love to see Hollywood show the rest of the world just how backwards the "Red States" really are. I still think it is funny that these people want to take a limo through the drive thru at McDonalds.



No actually I asked you first. And my question is pertinent as well. I am not hysterical and I am not a homophobe. I am a busy stay at home mom with kids to take care of at night.

If I lived 120 years ago when society dictated that whites married whites etc. I would say that is what most people considered normal. Just as today most people consider men marrying women to be normal.

L..D.S. Laura

Again, libs are showing that they have to name call because they really don't have a valid point. If they did, there would be no need for name calling. The argument about gay marriage is going to go nowhere because people who think that marriage is simply a piece of paper will NEVER understand the sacredness and sanctity of marriage. It is just one more sacred thing that libs want to mock. The mocking started with the idea that marriage is just a piece of paper and you don't need to get married, just live together. Now they want to take it another step forward and allow gays to marry. They mock almost every other part of religion, why not marriage? However, those of us in the silent majority are FINALLY standing up and speaking out and you can't stand it! And because you have no argument andf you want to mock us you call us homophobic or bigots. We are not homophobic or bigots, just ordinary people who want to protect the sanctity and sacredness of marriage. You mock us when you use the Lord's name in vain, you mock us with your bumperstickers and your t-shirts and now you want to mock us with this. Well, we have finally had enough. We won't be mocked any more. Deal with it.

L.D.S. Laura

Oh and Henry, again with the name calling? Why should Bush listen to your party? You guys LOST! I know it's hard for you to grasp, but we don't listen to the people who lost because the majority in this country have spoken. They don't want your policies. If they did, your party would have won. You lost, get over it! And stop the name calling. It really demeans you and your part when you have to resort to this.


I am very disturbed by the reaction of some Democrats. I was dated this guy from the west coast and I got this hateful email from him claiming that Bush was a war criminal and that I was somehow complicit by backing him and voting for him. I wrote back to him saying: Don't you dare threaten me becaue of my political views.

This is getting scary and ugly. When will the hatefest end ? Can't the Democrats be a bit more gracious and strat congratulating us Republicans for the huge victory ?
I know I congratulated the Red Sox fans when the Yankees lost. Why are the Liberals such sore losers?

wasted potential

I have been reading remarks from both Bush supporters and haters and I just have the following comment:

Bush won because his ideas and his convictions were accepted by the majority of people in this country. This really is not a shock, as Republican ideas have been gaining support for several years.

Democrats need to do one of two things before their next election: (1) Redefine their message and convictions or (2) Find significantly more people to vote for them who currently do not vote at all. Both are scary propositions, as doing the former could alienate those who have been fervently supporting them during the tough years, but doing the latter assumes the voters are actually there and would actually vote for the democrats.

Republicans are now faced with governing with solid majorities. With great power comes great responsibility (from Spider Man), so we now will see how the next couple of years work out before the next mid term election.

I can say this - I would rather be on our side of the equation with voters than the others. But that is just my opinion.

Henry Schlatman

Wasted Potential,
While you may be on the side who won this time, a strong opposition to the establishment is healthy for our society. The question the right must now answer is how do they govern from the far right and still allow this country to grow up. Given the nature of their views on how slow life should change makes it unlikely that they will stay in power very long before the blues in their community demand that they step down.

This country can surpass Japan in high tech and begin living in space in the next ten years. Now the red state must chose to go for it or inherit the earth. Which one you select shows which side of the divide you are on.

L.D.S. Laura

Henry, conservatives have won most of the presidential elections for the last 30 years. I don't think we're going away. Wishfull thinking on your part. lol. I like the way the losing party thinks they have the right to tell the winners what they should do. lol. We will govern in the way that the people voted for. Unlike John Kerry, we mean what we say.

Henry Schlatman

L.D.S. Laura,
Reagan promised that our two teir economic system enacted by him and the republican would allow the lower tier to keep up with the cost of living. Guess how good that promise was kept? What started out as a 100:1 ratio has spread to about a 500:1 ratio over the last 24 years. With 10 % of the population actually losing income potential over jobs that our basic to our society. So what is the Republicans going to do about? What have they done about it? Nothing, in fact Bush wants to make illegal aliens acceptable because the keep the wages in this country low.

Show me that the Republican or for that fact the Democrats in this country can govern for anyone but those who give them money. Right is always Right and it is the duty of all Americans to hold our government RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS, let alone to be honest with the American Public.

As a political pundit from way, I can tell you that the grade I would give both parties over the last 50 years is an F. Mandated by "We the People" in the 70's and 80's was to build a better world for our children's children. Can you honestly tell me they have done that?


I think it is funny. The liberals are actually going to the immigration web site for other country's to move. Any liberal that wants to move I will pay for there way out if they stay there. What a shallow way to think to move out of the country. OH and then again look who we are talking about


Henry, If you think the government is so bad here in the USA take me up on my offer and I will move you also. I love this country and I fought for it in Iraq for 13 months and people like you piss me off because you do not know how good it is here.

Henry Schlatman

If you think that this country can not be better than maybe you need a reality check. Economic slavery do to what a person elects to do for a living is wrong. Which jobs do you want to remove from society?

Born and served this country country I have and demand from my government to build a better world. Or do recommend we go back to Zen Millers time so you can just shoot everyone you disagree with? Wake up you are falling into the trap OBL has set up for this country.


Henry, What has ever gotten you a job or fired you from one. Kerry's plan for america was one that would of destroyed our economic gains up to now. Something you need to realize is we are at war. When a country is at war they are to be strong and straight foward. Like I said before if you do not like it here move, or run for office if you think you can do a better job. There is a reason the military vote went to Bush. The polls show that almost 92 percent of the military vote went to bush. I know France would be more than happy to have you move there.

Henry Schlatman

Apparently you think that it is ok for the "Corporate World" to replace "We the People" as government because that is Bush's plan for America and the world. Do your research.

For me, I want to see the release of tech like Grays Electric Motor and Blue Laser Communication. Both tech has been known by our government for the last 30 years and will greatly change the financial make up of this country.

As far as Bush supporting our troops just look up High Energy Lasers that stop incoming mortar rounds, the M-29, and the list of new equipment that was suppose to go on line for the army. No our military is good at destoring things, Bush failed by allowing Our Military to become Cops of Baghdad not hunt down the terrorist like OBL.

L.D.S. Laura

The military men and women on the ground are the best people to judge and they voted for Bush 3 to 1. I don't need to say any more.

wasted potential

Henry: "This country can surpass Japan in high tech and begin living in space in the next ten years. Now the red state must chose to go for it or inherit the earth. Which one you select shows which side of the divide you are on."

I am not sure if this is a serious post or not, but I will say this: if the new message of the other side is "vote for us and live in space," it will be even longer than I had thought before the left regains anything that resembles power in federal government. Besides democrats have had their head in space for several years now :)

By the way, if it was a serious post, it was President Bush who made the space program a big deal again last year, but you know who made fun of him - the democrats.

Finally, what must really be gauling everyone on the left is that if this President is just so far to the right, how did he ever get elected? He did not try to hide his social conservatism (calling for amendment against gay marriage, pro-life, against new embryonic stem cell research, etc ..) and yet, he soundly defeated John Kerry and received more votes for President than any other in history!

He can easily govern, as he was elected to govern on what he ran his campaign on. The democrats should oppose him at every turn, as that is why they were elected, but they should be wary (especially Nelson from NE and Conrad from Montana, up in 2006) in the Senate of obstructionism, or they will meet the fate of Daschle.

wasted potential

Sorry, Conrad is from North Dakota, not Montana. Getting a little tired.


Contrary to the common wisdom of the MainStreamMedia©, the Democrat party, P.Diddy, Michael Moore & John Kerry, the youth vote did not turn out in this election, even after much stroking, free underwear, and Paris Hilton threatening them to "Vote or Die" (presumably by some STD?). With the advent of Universal Internet Voting upon us, we here at docweasel.com have come up with a format that will guarantee more youth participation in the 2008 election by using an interface that is familiar and popular with the kids today.

Youth Vote

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Linda: "If I lived 120 years ago when society dictated that whites married whites etc. I would say that is what most people considered normal. Just as today most people consider men marrying women to be normal."

Please stop evading the question, Linda. You have stated that racism is wrong. You do NOT live 120 years ago, you live now, in a more enlightened time.

I didn't ask how someone like you from 120 years ago would reply. I asked how YOU, the Linda of today, would reply to someone from 120 years ago who said to you "In our society whites marry whites and blacks marry blacks. That is just the way it is."

Now, I've answered your question, honestly. Why is it you can't bring yourself to answer mine, honestly?

Over to you, Linda.

Henry Schlatman

wasted potential,
Damn you need to keep up with the news. Just a few months ago a private company launched a private space ship into orbit. Although that was just a small step, the five passenger space ship will be ready to offer flights in about two years. Additionally, countries like Japan have projects on the drawing board to erect hotels which will orbit the earth. Go to Space.Com and start seeing what you are missing.

Bush plans for an exploration flight by NASA to Mars somewhere around 2015. With private industry taking the lead and the willingness of many of us that remember the dreams after Apollo 11, living on the moon in our life time is worth more money than you can imagine.

As far as Bush's Social Security idea, look at what happened to the retirement accounts of many labors of the 80's right after Reagan deregulted business. Ask anyone who had Enron how much money they have in their 401K now. Not unless the money people put up for retirement is FDIC back will it be safe. The market, by nature and law, consumes all money. Look at it this way. You invest money in the market and the stock goes up 20%. However, seeing that there is a quick dollar to make off that stock, I start buying 1,000's of share which drives the stock up more. Once the stock gains another 10% all I have to do is quickly sell my shares and the price starts dropping. Well, after a few hours of buying and selling I can get your stock to drop by 40% if I can get what they call a panic sell started. This method is used everyday by day traders to make millions. So if you think that putting your life in the hands of financial sharks is in your best interest than you may want to read how the stock market crashed in 1929.


I am not evading your question at all, you just weren't very clear. As unlikely as it is that someone from 120 years ago would show up and say that to me I would reply that we've come a long way since then and now our society believes that inter racial marriage is natural and acceptable.

L.D.S. Laura

Phoenician in a time of Romans, you are missing the point. Slavery was about profit and power over another group. When slavery ended it did not stop people from thinking of blacks as subhuman. Gay marriage is about defiling the sanctity and sacredness of marriage. There was nothing sacred about whites and blacks marrying. But people like you who think that marriage is just a piece of paper will never understand. We are trying to protect the sanctity and sacredness of marriage. They can have their civil unions which will give them the protection under the law they claim they want while still protecting the sanctity of marriage. But that doesn't appear to be enough for any of you libs because you have a not so hidden agenda. This is just another way of attacking religion.

L.D.S. Laura

You are not keeping yourselves fully informed about the president's plan for social security.

Ensuring Freedom of Choice: The President’s proposal would ensure that workers who have participated in 401(k) plans for three years are given the freedom to choose where to invest their retirement savings. The President has also proposed that choice be a feature of Social Security itself, allowing individuals to voluntarily invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in personal retirement accounts.

Minimizing Risk through Diversification: The President’s proposals would ensure that workers can sell company stock and diversify into other investment options, minimizing their risk. In order to safely prepare for retirement, it is essential to provide workers with the opportunity not to have all of their “eggs in one basket.” The President’s Social Security framework would also allow participants to diversify their investments and minimize risks, so that the security of their Social Security benefits can be protected against political manipulation and market swings.

NOTE: allowing individuals to voluntarily invest a PORTION of their Social Security taxes. Not ALL, a portion. Plus they would have to diversify to minimize risks. This is NOT an all or nothing plan. You can only invest a portion so you still have the backup of regular social security. My husband had a retirement account we were not allowed to touch till he was a certain age. Finally, someone in the company sued and we got it early. We have made significantly more money investing it our way then the way the company was investing it. Even with 9/11. We are way ahead. If we could invest part of our social security we could significantly increase that as well. I hope Bush gets this done quickly.

Henry Schlatman

LDS Laura,
Research the market history starting in 1920 when everyone started to invest in the market and how long it took people to rip others off. If you made money in the economy I am happy for you; however, look at how many people lost $1,000's over that same time. It is not about Bush it's about the nature of the beast. An FDIC account from the federal reserve would protect our best interest and give them back a tool they had in the 50's, 60's, and 70's.

While Bush might want you to put up half of your share of the SS tax what does he have planned for the business owners share. After a few years the government under pressure from business will start removing that part of your income.

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