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"It is obvious that this election has gotten to you."

I don't believe so. I think I have reached the end of the discussion so I am more prone to give my final opinion then offer straight up facts.

"I believe the "Christian right" played a role in this election, but the overall importance of their role is being blown out of proportion by both sides"

I agree. I don't believe the Christian Right won the election for Bush. However, I think the best words I used in my comments were "Loudest Mouthpiece". The Christian Right is becoming the conservative movement. They have taken Bush's election as their own personal mandate to move forward with their agenda. Read over the comments in this room to see how the religious people in this room acted after the election. His election somehow makes them believe that the country is behind their agenda. 55 Million people (maybe more in the end) disagree. That is no mandate. Remember, Kerry also received more votes then any other President in history. And because of that Bush won reelection by the smallest margin in recent history.

"Second, the gay marriage issue is not just an Evangelical or Christian issue"

The Gay Marriage issue was presented in an effort to bring out and organize the Evangelical movement. It was given to you on a silver platter and your group made it your own. Christians were all over the media talking about the dangers of gay marriage. They promoted those dangers and were the only side of the issue. Can you name one spokesman for gay rights who has been on TV to discuss the issues? Can you name one outlet for their community that can voice their side and put their face on the issue? The truth is, the media made it a one sided story. It is an uninformed issue that your side has painted in a certain light so that the uninformed portion of our population goes right along with you. To me there isn't much of a difference between Christians warning about gay marriage and Bush warning about WMD. Everyone believed them both in the beginning but in the end, history will see things differently.

"evolution is a THEORY on how our origins began, just as creative design is a THEORY."

Wasted - you are a very intelligent person and I really enjoy talking with you. I know there is a part of you that realizes the flaw in your statement. The "Theory" of evolution is a scientific theory based in a tremendous amount of proven facts. Just this past week scientists discovered Homo floresiensis or "Hobbit" which proves another piece of the evolutionary puzzle (Google the name to learn more). Creationism has NO amount of scientific fact whatsoever. It's the stork/baby theory of religion. It has no more business being taught in a science classes then my favorite theory - the Panspermia Theory which suggests that life seeds came from outer space. It carries more proven theories then Creationism but not enough to be taught in schools and rightfully so!

"I have read where some school districts are beginning sex ed in grade school. Do you really think that is helpful? "

I believe it is necessary. You hit on it perfectly by talking about how naive you were at a young age. But you have to realize that children don't live in the same world you did when you were young. Children grow up much faster these days. Whether it is for better or worse, we live in a much more mature society then in the past. I don't believe the knowledge of sexual education is damaging to a stable child. You say "What would I have done if I had been armed with intimate knowledge 8 years earlier other than engage in promiscuous (probably unprotected) sexual activity at a young age?" Then your actions would suggest a lack of good parenting. Part of the purpose of sex education is to warn of the dangers involved. If you learned of those things and then ran off to have unprotected sex, you would not have been a very bright child. All the studies show that the head in the sand approach to sexual education is not working. Abstinence based programs are not working. The number of pregnant teens has gone up in the past four years while schools are fighting to keep sexual education on their schedules. You are still living in a world where your fear commands you. You are afraid if your children understand the mechanics of sex - they will have sex. You are afraid if gays are allowed rights - more people will become gay. There is nothing to suggest any of your fears to be true.

"if it wasn't the Christian right or the Homophobes that beat the democrats and Kerry, why did he lose?"

I can answer this question easily by calling your attention to the PIPA report. http://www.pipa.org/OnlineReports/Pres_Election_04/html/new_10_21_04.html#1 Bush supporters are uninformed. I will always believe Kerry was an excellent candidate and would have been a historically popular President.

Wow ... I typed too much. :) I have some serious thoughts on abortion but I will leave them for another day. I don't like arguing the subject because I truly respect opinions on both sides.

wasted potential

Rocket: We are from two different worlds and have two distinct worldviews. That is one reason why I like to get the thoughts from people on the other side.

I would argue (obviously) that Kerry supporters were misled into thinking he was something he was not - Howard Dean with a military background. Furthermore, the election was about Bush, not Kerry. Do you understand how offensive and condescending it sounds to state that Bush supporters are uninformed? To sweep with a wide brush those who voted for the president as intellectually lazy is itself intellectually lazy.

As to creation having no basis in scientific fact, believe it or not, I do disagree with you. The Intelligent Design theory has been getting more and more attention from the scientific community and molecular biology is beginning to show us that Darwin's idea that all evolved from the very simple to the very complex has no basis in the facts as we know them today.

I am going to post a few sites for you to look at to check this out. The first is a very friendly one to the Intelligent Design theory - http://www.leaderu.com/focus/intdesign.html. The second one is not very friendly to the theory - http://skepdic.com/intelligentdesign.html. And if you are ready to read something that will challenge your beliefs on the origins of the universe, try this one http://www.evanwiggs.com/articles/reasons.html.

Evolution is not an established fact. Furthermore, the very "proofs" that evolution theorists use to help "prove" their point often are debunked afterwards (don't have them right now, but could round up at least 5 or more if you want me to). Other proofs are being interpreted through the lens of evolution, when another interpretation is just as equally valid. Finally, the most damaging facts against evolution are the statistical probabilities of evolution taking place the way the theory proposes it did today (the theory has had to be modified several times since Darwin to match new scientific data). Here is some of the statistical information:

A. The total number of nanoseconds (1 billionth of a second) in 20 billion years is 10 to the 26th power

Probability of the random combination of a 40-chain amino acid is 1 in 10 to the 141st power

If recombination occurred every nanosecond only 10 26th power would be done in 20 billion years leaving undone 10 to the 115th power recombinations. The average protein is a chain of 500 amino acids.

B. Morowitz, 1987. Probability of random recombination of cell that has been completely disassembled. 1 in 10 to the 10,000,000,000th power.

C. Michael Hart, 1982,

Genesis DNA with 400 positions where any nucleotide will work 100 positions where any two will work 100 positions where only one type will work. Unrealistically optimistic assumption but. Probability of one strand working is 1 in 10 to the 90th power. Probability for 100 specific genes in 10 billion years is 1 in 10 to the 3000th power.

As to fossil records, I can use them to further demonstrate the reliability of the Bible, by using the great deluge found in Genesis to explain them, but that is a separate discussion.

I could not disagree with you more on sex education. Instead of further propagating this maturation of el ed students, shouldn't we be fighting the corruption of the young? Anyway, that is why I will send my kids to a Christian school if I can afford it, as I don't want my kids subjected to these things until they are mature enough to handle it.

However, we can agree to disagree on that. I will check out the Hobbit thing if you check out the Intelligent Design think, OK?

wasted potential

Rocket:"His election somehow makes them believe that the country is behind their agenda."

I might interpret differently, as someone sharing a worldview similar to those you are talking about. For me the election let me know that the country was not as liberal, as secularist and as anti-God/religion as I had been led to believe by the main stream media. For several years, people have been saying we are the minority politically (I am referring to Republicans and conservatism, not religion) and that no enlightened person could possibly think the way we do.

The re-election of Bush shows that there are plenty of enlightened people who reach the same conclusions that I do on issues of taxation, gay marriage, social security, the war on terror and abortion. Not all who voted for Bush agreed on all of these items, but a shared agreement on some of them is still heartening.

I do believe that the President has a mandate, but not Christian conservatives. The President was elected by a coalition of voters all with different reasons for voting for his agenda. Christian conservatives who believe they have won the debate need to remember 1994 and then 1996 to remember how quickly things can turn around. Clinton looked dead in 1994, but won easily in 1996. Conservatives and liberals need to continue to engage the arena of ideas and persuade people to their arguments. That is our process.

wasted potential

Phoenician - did not want you to think I had ignored your posting about the canons of scripture, have just been doing some research to make sure my understanding of the issue was correct.

"it was the Catholic Church that made the original decisions about what was and was not canon, collected, redacted and edited the original writings - remember I mentioned the Council of Nicea before?"

The Council of Nicea took place in 325 AD and established that Jesus was equal with God, not a created being by God. They developed the Nicene Creed there and an approved list of canonical books, however the issue was debated for several years after that. In fact, the catholic church did not officially recognize a canon untilt the Council of Trent in 1563, in response to the Protestant Reformation. For a good historical tracing of the New Testament cannon, try this link:http://www.kencollins.com/bible-c1.html.

Now, it is the position of the protestant church that they represent the true teachings of the early church, perverted by the Romans when Christianity was made the state religion by Constantine. As Rocket pointed out, many pagan traditions were coopted into Christianity at this time (like the Christmas celebration) and the Roman Catholic Church began to move further and further away from the original teachings of the church. The Byzantine church split with them in 1054, then Luther began the reformation movement in the 1500s.

However, in 325, this perverting of the teachings of the church had not taken deep root, so protestants accept this council's decision for the most part. There has been some disagreement over Revelations and James, but the Pauline epistles have always been universally accepted by the church. What evidence do you have to show that his books should not be viewed as inspired or canonical?

As to the Apocrypha, they were not canonized by the catholic church until Council of Trent 1563, while Jews had rejected their canonicity as early as 90 AD. Again, this canonization was after the reformation had already begun.

Phoenician:"And another little puzzle for you if you think the Bible is complete and inspired - Joshua 10:13, and 2 Samuel 1:18..."

I assume you mention these verses as mentioning the Book of Jashar, which is not found in the Bible. However, to further make your point, you forgot the following verses:

(1) Jude 5-7 quoting the Prophecies of Enoch
(2) Numbers 21:14 mentions the Book of the Wars of our Lord
(3) I Kings 11:41 mentions the Book of the acts of Solomon
(4) I Chronicles 29:29 mentions the Book of Samuel the Seer, as well as the Book of Gad the Seer and the Book of Nathan the Prophet.

There are even more, but I do not have time to quote them.

Now, writers of the Bible quoting from other books in no way means the books quoted from are now divinely inspired. It only means that the writer of the cannonical book was inspired when he quoted from or mentioned that particular book, just as he was when he did not.

On the basis of historical acceptance and doctrinal teachings found, as well as historical and other accuracies, I accept the cannon that has been passed down to todays protestants. This is a matter of faith, but one rooted in an understanding of church history and doctrine.

wasted potential

RP - went to your link about the Bush supporters and their lack of knowledge. Maybe there was more, but the only things listed were foreign policy issues.

Two things: I would wager that many of John Kerry's voters did not know all of the ins and outs of the things that Bush people did not know. Secondly, it further proves my point that Kerry was a poor candidate. If indeed Bush supporters overwhelmingly support the very treaties that Bush voted against, John Kerry failed to make the case to them.

More likely is that most people do not know what the treaties were, could care less what Western Europe thinks of us and like Bush. They answered those questions in ignorance. I think if you polled Bush supporters on domestic policy, the accuracy would be much higher by Bush supporters.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

WP: "Without the US forces, there would have been no western front and the Russians would have been defeated ultimately in the east."

Do you ever get tired of demonstrating ignorance?

The USSR retook Rostov 27 Nov 1941. The Germans shot their bolt at Moscow on 5 Dec 1941. The Russians started their counterattack at Moscow 6 Dec 1941. The Russians recaptured Krijukovo 8 Dec 1941.

Germany declared war on the US 11 Dec 1941. US troops becan arriving in Britain 26 Jan 1942.

Now, unless I missed reports of time-machines being used in WWII, the simple fact is that Germany invaded the USSR and the USSR had stopped them cold (pardon the pun) and started pushing them out BEFORE the US and Germany were at war, let alone before American troops were involved.

I realise that I'm using actual historical facts, which you may regard as cheating in these discussions. Feel free to keep blathering without them.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Christ - not this nonsense again.

WP: "Evolution is not an established fact."


WP: "B. Morowitz, 1987. Probability of random recombination of cell that has been completely disassembled. 1 in 10 to the 10,000,000,000th power."


WP: "As to fossil records, I can use them to further demonstrate the reliability of the Bible, by using the great deluge found in Genesis to explain them, but that is a separate discussion."


WP: "However, we can agree to disagree on that. I will check out the Hobbit thing if you check out the Intelligent Design think, OK?"


Phoenician in a time of Romans

WP: "Now, it is the position of the protestant church that they represent the true teachings of the early church, perverted by the Romans when Christianity was made the state religion by Constantine."

By substituting the authority of Martin Luther, who wrote "Now just behold these miserable, blind, and senseless people." on the Jews?

Reaaaaal convincing, that.

And I point out that there is no Protestant church - there are various Protestant sects with various shades of differing theological opinions. This, in itself, presents a problem for Protestants who claim to value the Bible - Christ, after all, speahs of his Church. Singular. You know, the one built on Peter...

It seems like every time Protestants argue, a new "church" is formed. Hmmm - Matthew 24-27 would seem to apply (not to mention 15-23).

How exactly do you deal with the fact that the Catholic Church is one, singular and strong, whereas the Potestant sects are divided, splintered and bicker among themselves?

Phoenician in a time of Romans

And speaking about Matthew 7:15-20...


(Damn, missed out chapter no. in last posts. That'll teach me to post when I should be sleeping)

initiate debate

WP- I asked whether Christianity was a tolerant religion, you replied that it wasn't, and that you believed in this intolerance, and then you complained about people seeing the religious fundamentalists as intolerant. Or did I miss something?

As for your abortion argument, I agree, at 7-10 weeks some form of life may be present. I can't remember if it was you, but someone said they believed life begins at conception, and that was what I was responding to. The vast majority of abortions (around 85%) happen in the first few weeks after conception, when the blastula/morula is no more than a ball of dividing cells. If you're opposed to stopping the unlimited growth of cells, are you also opposed to cancer research?

As for the comments about evolution, there was an immense amount of confused information. Evolution is beleived to have started with mRNA, not DNA or even amino acids, as you suggested. mRNA is much less stable, but will replicate far more quickly. You make the point about amino acid recombination as if you believe evolution and life started with amino acids. That is not the theory.

There are other forms of evolution besides recombination, random mutations in the genes happen at an astonishing rate and can be increased upon exposure to certain chemicals, many of which would have been floating around in the primordial soup. In fact, thousands of mutations happen in our bodies every day, but because we have evolved mechanisms to correct these mutations we rarely see the effects of them, unless we are unlucky.


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zarzadzanie relacjami, w zasadzie istotne ostatnimi czasy kierowanie zwiazkami sposród klientem,
zarzadzanie kapitalem niematerialnym,
zarzadzanie problemami,
zarzadzanie konfliktami,
zarzadzanie stresem,
zarzadzanie jakoscia,
zarzadzanie ryzykiem,
zarzadzanie emocjami,
zarzadzanie nieruchomosciami,
zarzadzanie wartoscia firmy - Value Based Management.
Przedmiot zarzadzania w organizacjach[edytuj]

Przeznaczeniem organizacji jest systematyzowanie (porzadkowanie) dzialania jej uczestników w taki postepowanie, zeby realizowala swa misje, osiagala pozadane wyniki lub wykonywala swe zadania pod reka optymalnym wykorzystaniu (zuzyciu) zasobów.
Przedmiotem zarzadzania ogólnego (ang. General Management) jest organizacja jak zespól. Do zadan zarzadzania ogólnego nalezy administracja strategiczne, modelowanie struktur organizacyjnych i kierowanie zasobami ludzkimi oraz aktywami. Niezaleznie od tego w nowym paradygmacie zarzadzania kladzie sie duzy emfaza na rzad a formowanie kultury korporacyjnej.
Przedmiotem zarzadzania funkcjonalnego sa zadania badz autonomicznych czesci organizacji, które nazywamy funkcjami. Wedlug jednej sposród definicji (H. James Harrington) dystynkcja w organizacji to zespól ludzi wykonujacych to samo zadanie. Najwazniejsza dziedzina zarzadzania funkcjonalnego jest administracja operacjami, utozsamiane kiedys z zarzadzaniem produkcja, natomiast dzisiaj czestokroc okreslane ogólniej w charakterze zarzadzanie wytwarzaniem wyrobów i uslug. Obecnie wzgledne znaczenie zarzadzania funkcjonalnego zmniejsza sie, poniewaz w raz za razem wiekszym stopniu uzupelniane jest ono natomiast czesciowo zastepowane zarzadzaniem procesowym.
Przechodzenie sposród zarzadzania funkcjonalnego na administracja procesowe jest zjawiskiem charakterystycznym w celu wspomnianej zmiany paradygmatu zarzadzania. W tym nowym paradygmacie kierowanie operacjami wolno dotyczyc jako kierowanie czynnikami konkurencyjnosci.
Zarzadzanie operacyjne - kierowanie czynnikami konkurencyjnosci[edytuj]

Wyróznia sie trójka klasyczne czynniki konkurencyjnosci: stan, koszt oraz roznoszenie. Rekojmia wymaganej za sprawa jarmark jakosci produktu (wyrobu ewentualnie uslugi wzglednie pakietu produkty+uslugi), kosztu nabycia a uzytkowania produktu oraz wymaganej ilosci, róznorodnosci, terminowosci dostaw produktu a szybkosci realizacji zamówien decyduje o konkurencyjnosci produktu, inaczej o jego atrakcyjnosci rynkowej w porównaniu sposród innymi produktami. Abstrahujac od czynników klasycznych duzego znaczenia nabieraja w ostatnim czasie takie czynniki, podczas gdy bieglosc obslugi klientów (ang. Customer Service) tudziez cechy jakosci wykraczajace abstrahujac od forma konstrukcji oraz wykonania, np. ekologicznosc tudziez obronnosc produktu a procesu produkcji.
Zapewnienie jakosci na podejscie stereotypowy jest zadaniem kontroli jakosci. Nadzorowanie jakosci jest funkcja organizacyjna. Nadzorowanie jakosci wykonuje swoje misja w ów metoda, ze sposród wytworzonych produktów wybiera produkty spelniajace wymagania natomiast kwalifikuje je jak nadajace sie do przekazania klientowi zewnetrznemu lub wewnetrznemu. Produkty nie spelniajace wymagan zostaja odrzucone dzieki kontrole jakosci oraz kierowane az do poprawek, do naprawy albo az do zlomowania.
Zapewnienie jakosci na podejscie nowoczesny (w nowym paradygmacie zarzadzania) polega na zapewnieniu doskonalosci procesu wytwarzania a dostarczania. Podstawa takiego postepowania jest asercja, ze gdyby dzielo na kazdym etapie procesu jest wysokiej jakosci, to na wyjsciu procesu powstaje artykul wysokiej jakosci. W praktyce parametry charakteryzujace stan produktu musza oznaczac sie w okreslonych natomiast waskich granicach. Jezeli ano jest, mówi sie, iz przebieg jest niezachwiany. Jak atoli zostanie stwierdzone, ze którys sposród parametrów jakosci produktu nie miesci sie w zadanych granicach, powinno sie poszukac w procesie miejsc, które sa przyczyna defektu, oraz nastepnie skreslic owe przyczyny. W ów procedura realizowane jest sprzezenie zwrotne miedzy wyjsciem procesu, tudziez miejscami w procesie decydujacymi o jego doskonalosci.
Opisany podejscie sterowania procesem jest istota Kompleksowego Systemu Sterowania za posrednictwem Jakosc - (ang. TQC - Total Quality Control). W praktyce olbrzymia wiekszosc procesów owo procesy nieciagle. W takich procesach zarówno analizowanie, podczas gdy i jakosc produktu na wyjsciu maja nature statystyczna. W odniesieniu do takich przypadków a w odniesieniu az do procesów biznesowych mówimy o statystycznym sterowaniu procesami (ang. SPC - Statistical Process Control).
Zarzadzanie kosztami na tryb schematyczny ma na celu redukcje kosztów dzialania organizacji. Dwa najpowszechniejsze srodki prowadzace do tego to kontroling kosztów polegajacy na narzuceniu dyscypliny budzetowej (patrz: budzet, budzetowanie) wszystkim komórkom organizacyjnym natomiast czynienie oszczednosci.
W zarzadzaniu procesowym w zamian o redukcji kosztów mówi sie o redukcji strat. Podstawa programu redukcji strat jest klasyfikacja strat. W odniesieniu do niektórych procesów oraz funkcji, takich jak tok produkcji, badz utrzymanie ruchu, punktem wyjscia az do klasyfikacji strat jest pogrupowanie standardowa (np. siedem rodzajów strat produkcyjnych, tzw. Szesc Wielkich Strat w pierwszym standardzie Total Productive Maintenance, szesnastka glównych strat w drugim standardzie tego systemu). W praktyce najpowszechniejszym przedsiewzieciem majacym na celu redukcje strat jest eliminowanie z procesu wszystkich elementów, które nie przynosza wartosci dodanej, sa marnotrawstwem (patrz Muda). Przedsiewzieciem kompleksowym jest wyszczuplanie procesów (ang. streamlining). Zwykle nie ogranicza sie ono az do eliminowania elementów zbednych, wprawdzie wymaga przeprojektowania procesu. Podstawowa metodologia wyszczuplania procesów, w podobny sposób produkcyjnych gdy zas biznesowych, jest technika przemyslowa - metodologia wspierajaca kierowanie operacyjne, traktowana czesto w charakterze samodzielna dyscyplina zarzadzania.
Najprostszy sprawa konkurowania w oparciu o koszty to konkurencja cenowa. Na niektórych rynkach, przede wszystkim rynkach profesjonalnych, wysoka zaplata produktu jest akceptowana pod warunkiem niskich kosztów eksploatacji produktu zas niskich kosztów wylaczenia produktu z eksploatacji. W takich przypadkach artykul konkursowy kosztowo to produkt o niskim koszcie cyklu zycia.
Dostawa jak skladnik konkurencyjnosci jest wlasciwie wiazka kilku róznych czynników, które - zaleznie odkad stosunki (gl. odkad obszaru produktowo-rynkowego a sytuacji konkurencyjnej) - maja wieksze badz mniejsze waga. Do najwazniejszych sposród nich wypada solidnosc dostaw, alias wypelnianie dzieki dostawce obietnic dotyczacych terminu dostawy. Wspólczesnie rosnie waznosc szybkosci dostaw, inaczej czasu, który uplywa odkad momentu otrzymania zamówienia za posrednictwem dostawce az do momentu dostarczenia towaru na pozycja przeznaczenia. Czynnikiem podstawowym jest przyrzeczenie wymaganej ilosci towaru, niemniej jednak w ramach tego rosnie znaczenie róznorodnosci produktów. Jarmark wymaga dlatego ze co chwila z wiekszym natezeniem róznorodnych produktów dostarczanych coraz to czesciej a w coraz mniejszych partiach. Dokonanie tego warunku wymaga elastycznosci systemu produkcyjnego, która jest tym wieksza, im krótszy Chronos zas mniejszy cena przestawiania (przezbrajania - patrz SMED).
Jak wspomniano w góre, jakosc, koszt tudziez dostawa nie sa jedynymi czynnikami konkurencyjnosci. Przyrzeczenie pozostalych waznych aktualnie czynników konkurencyjnosci odbywa sie na krzyz zarzadzanie srodowiskiem natomiast administracja bezpieczenstwem.
Wyszczuplanie procesu zwykle prowadzi w tym samym czasie do jego przyspieszenia.
Prawidlowo prowadzone przeprojektowanie procesu pozwala dochrapac sie za jednym zamachem redukcje kosztów tudziez poprawe jakosci produktu. Przeprojektowanie radykalne procesów biznesowych owo reengineering, jaki stosowany jest chwilowo nadzwyczaj rzadko, gdyz radykalizm jego metodologii przynosi w warunkach przemyslowych na calosc wiecej efektów negatywnych, niz pozytywnych. Az do mniej radykalnych metodologii doskonalenia procesów naleza Business Process Redesigning tudziez Ulepszanie Procesów Biznesowych (ang. Business Process Improvement).
Inne podmioty zarzadzania[edytuj]

Gospodarka przyswajajaca (zbieractwo, myslistwo, rybactwo, pierwotne rolnictwo) wykorzystuje ograniczone zasoby naturalne, w takim razie jej celem jest nie wrecz przeciwnie pozyskiwanie a eksploatacja tych zasobów, alisci plus ich ochrona. Wystepuja tu nic bardziej blednego niektóre, niezbedne elementy zarzadzania, podczas gdy rozpad pracy, programowanie robót gospodarskich tudziez koordynowanie ich i proste czynnosci administracyjne, jak wpis inwentarza.
W gospodarce pierwotnej (samowystarczalnej) podobnie jak w gospodarce przyswajajacej zas w wielu formach gospodarki kolektywnej (np. zagospodarowanie dzialów wodnych, system ekonomiczny lesna) dzielo na pelnia nie ma ustalonej ceny, w takim razie nie musi miec miejsce tu w ogóle zarzadzanie finansowe. Nie wystepuje po tej stronie kierowanie strategiczne, a administracja operacyjne ogranicza sie az do organizacji pracy.
W gospodarstwach rolnych i w najprostszych formach dzialalnosci gospodarczej, podczas gdy blahy handel, uslugi i wyrób (rzemioslo) wystepuja elementy strategii tudziez zarzadzania zasobami (poniewaz wystepuje substytucja pracy, kapitalu tudziez energii), administracja jakoscia oraz organizacja pracy. Kategoria wynikowa jest po tej stronie dochód wzglednie zarobek, wystepuje stad kierowanie zakupami, wszak nie wystepuje kierowanie kosztami.
W gospodarstwach domowych podstawowym zagadnieniem zarzadzania jest przydzielenie dochodu i dysponowanych zasobów pracy zas czasu pomiedzy konsumpcje biezaca (w tym wolne, odpoczynek tudziez rozrywka), oszczednosci a inwestycje w przyszlosc (np. edukacje).
Szczególna dziedzina zarzadzania jest kierowanie osobiste, którego podmiotem jest czlon, oraz przedmiotem na calosc jej budzet czasu. Zarzadzanie czasem w srodku paragraf wyjscia bierze uswiadomienie sobie z wykorzystaniem jednostke hierarchii wartosci dotyczacej tego, co jest dla niej wazne w jej zyciu. Celem jest racjonalne gospodarowanie czasem, tzn. alokowanie go wg priorytetów wynikajacych z owej refleksji. Rzemioslo zarzadzania czasami bywa dodatkowo istotnym atutem pracownika w organizacji.
Inna szczególna dziedzina zarzadzania sa sytuacje szczególne; wyróznia sie na przyklad zarzadzanie katastrofami, zarzadzanie konfliktami, kierowanie kryzysowe.
Historycznie najwczesniejsza, w pelni dojrzala dziedzina zarzadzania jest administracja terytorialna zas panstwowa. Najwczesniej uksztaltowala sie administracja w zastepstwie (prawdopodobnie w 2 polowie VI tysiaclecia p.n.e.), poniewaz miasta powstaly przedtem powstaly panstwa.
Teoretycy zarzadzania[edytuj]


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