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And it turned out to be a BIG WIN:

Karzai officially elected, Bush retains White House, just one more election to go: Iraq.


FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations, you guys. You fought against a political party AND the greatest propaganda machine in the history of man: the American mainstream press.

And you won, decisively.

Well done.

Bill Evans

Thought I would share my experience as a poll observer for GWB in Columbus, Ohio.

1) As to the charge that we were only sent to minority precincts, that is absolutely false. Every polling place in Franklin County was supposed to be covered.

2) As to the charge that we were sent to challenge voters and disrupt the voting process. Again, patently false. I did not challenge one voter. There was a number to call if there were any severe problems, but all we did was take notes and report vote totals. I called the problem line when ACT and MoveOnPac showed up in the polling place without credentials. The presiding judge called the board of elections, confirmed that they were not allowed in the polling place, and tossed them. Our being there to observe, I believe, discouraged any fraud from occurring.

3) The polling place where I observed was busy all day. I felt like I was in the lion's den. The dems sent a lawyer (I am not one). He stated he was there because the dems were sure the Republicans were going to try to suppress the vote in this precinct. I quickly made friends with the poll workers and presiding judge, who was an affable fellow and a democrat. At one point, one of the poll workers actually asked me if I wanted to challenge someone she suspected of hanky panky. I referred her to the presiding judge. Mostly I tried to help make sure that people who wanted to vote got to do so in a way that their vote would count, as did the dem lawyer. By the end of the day, we parted amicably.

4) I knew before I left that GWB was going to win Ohio. In my precinct, one of the most democrat precincts in the state, where Bush got 115 votes to Kerry's 650, the turnout was far less than 50% (657 ballots cast, 25 absentee ballots cast and 22 provisional ballots cast in a precinct with 1716 voters).

5) As we all know now, the "youth" vote did not materialize. The precinct I was in was on the south side of the campus of Ohio State University. As I said, the turnout was far less than 50%. Crack the vote, Bruce Springstein, P Diddy, Oprah, Michael Moore, CBS, the New York Times - - - in the end, that wasn't enough. On the other hand, Get Out The Vote by the Ohio Republicans was awesome!

I was proud to be a volunteer for this president.

Kerry has conceded. I hope the dems can get over it. You should visit http://www.democrats.org/blog/index.html to see how how much desparation they feel. Please, if you know a lib, keep them away from sharp objects today.



I sent a personal e-mail to the President thanking him and congratulating him.

I also wanted to thank you for your service to our country.

The one constant that I have seen with the President's people is their honorable demeanor.

It is an admirable quality that speaks volumes for the character of our president.

God bless America!


What happened to all of the Democrat comments that are usually posted here?

What's wrong guys?

The media is already talking about what the president needs to unite a devided electorate.

The first thing he needs to do is encourage his supporters to conduct wellness checks on their Bush-hating friends and relatives. Make sure they aren't sitting in their garages with the car running.


yoohooo ... where is everybody ...

wasted potential


It was a pleasure working for the Bush Cheney team here in Ohio yesterday. The energy on the ground was absolutely amazing! My wife called me on my cell yesterday afternoon with the scary exit poll information, but I told her to just ignore it. They underestimated the GOP GOTV all campaign and they did so again yesterday.

It was so pleasurable watching all of the pundits faces change last night as they realized the enormity of the President's support. We now have a great opportunity as Republicans to set forth an agenda to win the war on terrorism, reform tax policy, reform social security, reform health care, tort reform and to promote a culture of life in this country.

Don't listen to all of the media saying we don't have a mandate. George W Bush received more votes for president than any other in history.

And finally, it is really good to be in Bush country in the Buckeye state.


As an independent voter, I congratulate the Republican party for running a candidate that I could vote for. I voted for GWB in 2000 with some trepedation, however his confidence and integrity has since justified that vote.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Well, speaking to Americans on behalf of the rest of the world (no hubris here, uh-huh):

America has endorsed Bush. America has endorsed the torture of prisoners, the abuse of civil rights, illegal invasions killing over 100,000 civilians, and the rape of its national treasury to make the rich richer.

America can no longer claim to be great or good. It is simply powerful and grubby, much like the old Soviet Union. It can no longer claim to be a beacon for the world. Much, indeed most of the world despises what it has become. And it can no longer claim to be an example for others.


Your people have endorsed Bush and his policies.

You deserve the consequences. I have no sympathy for what's going to happen to you over the next four years.



If you get your stuff together and hurry north, you may be able to get a good spot in line at the Canadian border!

That way you can actually live in a country that shares your values.


Bill Evans


In case you didn't notice, America didn't really care what the rest of the world thought about picking our leader. Maybe Kerry should run for Prime Minister of Canada or France.

In case you have any doubt about that, check the Guardian website to see how the people of Ohio reacted to the "advice" of Brits on how to vote in this election.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Bill Evans: "In case you didn't notice, America didn't really care what the rest of the world thought about picking our leader."

Two words: "Treasury Bonds".

Enjoy your economy once Bush announces his next budget.

Phoenician in a time of Romans



Any comment, Bill?



Are you "claiming" to know something about financial markets? (chuckle)

L.D.S. Laura


The economy and jobs are going to contiune to grow just as they have in the last few years. In case you didn't notice, the economy was starting to tank when Bush came into office. It was his sharp policies that kept us out of a depression. After 9/11 we lost a HUGH amount of jobs and thanks to Bush we regained many of those. As for the rest of the world, you mean France, Spain and Russia? The countries involved in the oil for food program scam??? We have the respect of the countries that count. Not the corrupt, greedy, self-serving ones that you sound like you would like to live in. Our Country is GREAT. We will continue to be GREAT. The people voted for the candidate with core values, not the one with no values. Those values will keep us safe and on the right path. I'm sorry you're so steeped in hate that you can't move on. The voice of the people have spoken. You can't even claim Bush stole the election since he won the popular vote and that really steams you doesn't it? Get over it and move on. You all thought Kerry was going to win last night, now you think Bush is somehow going to distroy us. lol. Time will show that once again, you libs got it wrong.

L.D.S. Laura

Oh, and did you actually READ all of the article you pointed everyone to??? And I quote, ``A Bush victory translates into great certainty with respect to the legislative agenda -- good news for the stock market and the economy, and therefore bearish for Treasuries,'' said Tony Crescenzi, chief bond-market strategist at Miller Tabak & Co. in New York.

Humm, Good news for the stock market and economy. I wonder how you missed that??? Didn't read the whole thing did you?????

T. Nicholas

Thank you, Ohio and Florida!

...Your courageous wisdom superceded our ignorance... THANK YOU!!! T. Nicholas, Massachusetts / www.LowellRepublicanCityCommittee.org

Bill Evans

Let's see. . . lower yields (interest rates) caused by a strengthening US Economy and Stock Market is a bad thing caused by Bush's re-election.

Yeah, I guess I would just say, "Go Bush - 4 more years!"

Next time maybe you ought to read the whole article instead of the headline and the first sentence.


I have never seen such a bunch of sore losers! If they lose, someone must have cheated! If you don't agree with them, you are stupid! The only America they want is their America. How can you work together and compromise with that mindset? They are burning flags and planning to move to Canada for crying out loud! Great job George W. Bush. The people have spoken!


All - I'm sure you can understand how upset many of us are today. And I am sure you would feel the same if the shoe were on the other foot. We are officially the minority now. Congratulations. The Christian vote stepped up and handed Bush another 4 years. I only hope the result isn't an attempt to solidify a Christian nation. The world was watching and you showed them all that you approve of this President and his actions at home and around the world. I hope for the best but my gut screams one thing today ...

God save me from your followers.

Congratulations REPS. Now, I think I need a day off from politics.


And they claim the media was biased for Bush! The only network to call Ohio for Bush was Fox! The rest of the liberal media called states with less of a margin and refused to call Ohio all night and give Bush the electoral vote so I could go to bed!



I do feel bad for the normal Democrats who believe in America and want to make it a better place. My hope is that we can all work together toward that goal and stop the partisonship that is tearing this great nation apart.

For the far right and far left, unfortunately there is probably no hope for that.

God Bless America!

Phoenician in a time of Romans

"Didn't read the whole thing did you?????"

Of course I did. And I paid attention to the bit that said: "said Tony Crescenzi, chief bond-market strategist at Miller Tabak & Co. in New York." In other words, someone whose job depends on not talking the market down.

The real fact is, however, that the market went down as Bush's victory looked more likely. Every thing else is opinion voiced by interested parties; i.e. propaganda.

Deal with that fact.

Do you have any idea how the government deficit, trade deficit and bond markets interact? Myself, I'm going to be watching China closely over the next couple of years.


Ohioforbush.....just wanted to say thank you and thank your great state! I was so nervous last night after seeing the exit polls that i prayed long and hard because i knew at that point only God could assure a victory. I hope the dems now reconize that this country is not as far left as they think it is. I am from louisiana and vitter a rep made history last night taking john breaux(d) retiring seat. We have an open primary here and nobody has ever gotten the required 50 percent on the first election. Vitter got 51 percent so no run off YEA! The country went rep last night I think its time the dems look at the make up of their party. In closing I just want to say Thank you GOD and GOD bless this great country. Now let's all come together and support our president and this great country!

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