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This is what was written about JOHN EDWARDS on another site.

My neighbor John.
> >
> >I'd like to introduce you to my neighbor. I'm from Raleigh, North
> >Carolina, and for several years I've lived around the corner from Vice
> >Presidential candidate John Edwards. My neighbor John has been in the
> >news a good deal lately, but it's hard to tell about the man himself
> >from the coverage. Maybe I can help you get to know him better. Even
> >several years ago, before he was elevated to the national stage,
> >neighbor John didn't socialize much with other neighbors. He didn't
> >gather with other neighbors at the Fourth of July and he didn't come out
> >to the sledding hills to watch the kids play after a snow. My neighbor
> >John preferred to jog through the neighborhood by himself. There's no
> >sidewalk on Alleghany Drive, John's street in Raleigh, and if you drove
> >past him as he was jogging on the road and didn't slow down enough for
> >his taste he'd flip you the bird. Even after he became a U.S. Senator,
> >he'd still come home to Raleigh every once in a while, would still jog
> >through the neighborhood, and would still flip the occasional bird to
> >passing cars. He last showed me his middle finger about four years ago.
> >Since then, my neighbor John is rarely in town. When he is home, though,
> >we in the neighborhood all know it.
> >
> >My neighbor John invited reporters from TV, radio, and print news
> >organizations to come to his house in January 2003 for the announcement
> >of his Presidential bid. He didn't want any news vans parked on his
> >property-in fact, he made sure all the cameras and reporters waited
> >in the street at the bottom of his driveway. That way everyone could get
> >good footage of him strolling down the driveway to make his
> >announcement, young children in tow. The news vans drove into the yards
> >of John's neighbors and parked there. I heard two families ended up
> >re-sodding their damaged yards, and John never apologized to anyone,
> >much less offered any compensation. The family across the street from my
> >neighbor John has since put up posts at their property line to try to
> >keep that sort of thing from happening again. The appearance was good
> >for my neighbor John. Nobody else seems to matter to him. Since then,
> >when my neighbor comes home (as he did July 10, to be interviewed with
> >John Kerry for "60 Minutes"), Raleigh police officers block off the
> >street. Those of us who live near him end up coming and going to and
> >from our homes on a circuitous route, on a bad, unsurfaced road. Forsyth
> >Street has been closed to through traffic, except when my neighbor is in
> >town, because the road has been ripped up for installation of new gas
> >and sewer lines. My neighbor's street is a public, city-maintained
> >street, and it is the best way to get to homes just north of his. If my
> >neighbor is around, though, apparently none of the rest of us can use
> >the street at all. It's good for my neighbor John. Nobody else seems to
> >matter to him.
> >
> >My neighbor John has been a very successful trial lawyer, but his
> >practice of law sometimes seems more like extortion. A friend of mine is
> >a doctor in Raleigh. He recently spoke with another doctor, an
> >anesthesiologist, who was named in a suit filed by my neighbor John.
> >Apparently a surgeon at a local hospital had made a mistake, and my
> >neighbor John represented the injured patient. Not only did my neighbor
> >John sue the doctor who made the mistake, but also sued the hospital and
> >a string of others, including the anesthesiologist. There was no problem
> >with the anesthesia-the anesthesiologist had done absolutely nothing
> >wrong. His attorney said so in a meeting with my neighbor John. John's
> >neighborly response was that he couldn't care less if the doctor had
> >done nothing wrong. That wasn't the point. The point was that clients
> >come to my neighbor John because of his record of success and his
> >reputation for thoroughness. Every defendant in a suit he files pays,
> >regardless of whether they are actually guilty or not. My neighbor John
> >demanded a settlement of $250,000, and said his firm was willing to
> >spend $2 million to get it. The doctor's insurance company promptly paid
> >the $250,000. The rate of growth in North Carolina's medical malpractice
> >insurance rates is among the highest in the nation. The total cost of
> >health care rises with those rates. My neighbor John's slimy extortion
> >is part of the reason. Forget about right or wrong, guilt or innocence.
> >My neighbor John did what was best for himself. Nobody else seemed to
> >matter.
> >
> >My neighbor John may be a trial lawyer, but in front of juries he also
> >claims to be something of a psychic. You see, my neighbor John
> >specializes in cases involving the death or serious injury of children.
> >He claims to receive messages from dead or brain-damaged children, and
> >the messages are much clearer and more specific than those received by
> >the famous "psychic" who nearly shares my neighbor's name. When a child
> >has been killed or is otherwise unable to speak for him or herself, my
> >neighbor John says he has the ability to "channel" that child. He tells
> >juries he feels the child inside him, and that he has messages from that
> >child, which he relays to jury members. He tells juries about the
> >car-accident death of his own son, Wade, and speculates that he may have
> >received the ability to "feel" the souls of dead or injured children
> >because of the close relationship he still feels with his son. It sounds
> >hokey and more than a little creepy, but it seems to play well with
> >juries, and results in very high jury awards.
> >
> >These awards have made my neighbor extremely wealthy. He's so wealthy
> >that he created a corporation of which he is the only member, and pays
> >himself most of his earnings as corporate dividends, not as salary or
> >wages. Medicare taxes are not levied on dividend income, so my neighbor
> >has avoided paying $600,000 into the Medicare system since 1995 by
> >setting up this tax shelter. But he says others aren't paying their fair
> >share of Medicare taxes. It's good for my neighbor John, and nobody else
> >seems to matter.
> >
> >My neighbor made a lot of promises on his way to the Senate. He promised
> >strong support for our military, but then voted against body armor,
> >combat pay, and better health care for our troops in Afghanistan and
> >Iraq. He promised to support traditional North Carolina values, but then
> >voted to the left of Ted Kennedy on partial-birth abortion, taxes,
> >property rights, and a host of other issues. We in North Carolina feel
> >betrayed. My neighbor John figuratively gave his constituents the middle
> >finger while he ingratiated himself to Tom Daschle and the rest of the
> >Democratic Party leadership.
> >
> >My neighbor announced many months ago that he would not seek
> >re-election, because he knows he's unpopular in North Carolina and would
> >lose by a huge margin. According to a poll released this week, when the
> >Kerry/Edwards ticket was announced, support for Kerry in North Carolina
> >went down, not up. We North Carolinians know John Edwards. We've been
> >betrayed by him, and we do not support him. But as he broke his promises
> >to us, he gained favor with the Democratic Party leadership. Now he's a
> >political star. I guess turning his back on the people he claims to
> >represent has worked out well for my neighbor, John Edwards. Nobody else
> >seems to matter.
> >
> >Percy and Legare Thackston
> >904 Jewel Court New Bern, NC 28560
> >
> >


Jeffrahamsalad Prestogeorgeformangrill:

here's one cite http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1259230/posts

but nbc news had much more detail in its report tonight. Pentagon examined satellite imagery that shows many trucks moving stuff out of that ammo dump.

so... is Kerry going to appppooooloooogize now?

or are you going to try to spin the original accusation into something different?

Jeffrahomoapien Prestohabitualnuancer

Well, you got me now, name stealer. John Kerry is toast and is going to pay the price for drumming up a false charge against our military and President.

P.S. How many of you out there think the President puts together that battle plans day by day in Iraq. HINT: They used to do that in Vietnam, but learned it was a bad idea.

never cry wolf

Linda, Linda, Linda - You ever hear of the stovepipe? The OSP (Office of Special Plans)? Douglas Feith? Remember Rove saying you don't roll out a new prouduct in August?

The great admin of plausible deniability and never accept any blame lives on.




Ok, I was against the war in iraq once I learned that there were no WMD, but this new allegation has me very angry again.

Now, for the first time, I learn that Iraq had some weapons, explosives I guess, that were twice as powerful as TNT and could cause destruction on a massive scale. I guess Saddam moved them before our troops got there, though, but shouldn't we have bombed those sites???

Isn't it the President's fault that we didn't bomb those sites where those massively destructive weapons were stored?

All in all, I think Iraq was a mistake because there were no weapons of mass destruction, but once we decided to go, shouldn't we have made sure we eliminated the massively destructive weapons that Kerry is now talking about?

what does everybody think?

Henry Schlatman

While IAEA had control of the place in March of 2003 Al CACA was secured. The moment that site was left by the IAEA members, it fell into the hands of America and the Coalition of the Willing (Bush's name not mine). Although we may have not had the troops, our aircraft and tommahawk missles should of leveled the place. Failure or strategic blunder to capture or destory Al CaCa is directly in Bush's lap and there is no way he can excape that fact.

Jeffraham Prestonian

namestealer: "so... is Kerry going to appppooooloooogize now?"

I seriously doubt it. What good would that do?


"Al CaCa is in Bush's lap."

Pretty much sums it up.

never cry wolf

Are you all saying that if Sadaam moved the HE out of AlQuaQa before the invasion, and we had satelite photos of it and didn't take care of these deadly explosives wherever they ended up (or follow where they went to) that it is STILL not a major FUBAR?

This shit is KILLING our soldiers!

Henry Schlatman

never cry wolf,
Why I can not confirm nor deny the existence of such pictures, I am aware of the fact that our government has that capablity. Since this has been a cite the UN & US has considered top security priorty since 1991, I would assume that our NRO agency would ensure Al QuaQa was constintly(sp) under survilance.

wasted potential

Never Cry Wolf - It is terrible what the insurgents are doing in Iraq, and some of the explosives used may have been taken from this stockpile, now obviously moved by Saddam prior to the war.

Are you asserting that President Bush is at fault for not stopping the transport of these items before we started the war? That we should have gone to war sooner? As to tracking the stuff down by satellite photos once they left, the most likely scenario is that the trucks took the items to several locations, not just one and then they could have been broken down into smaller shipments from there and so forth.

wasted potential

"Jeffraham - lets post on Friday and see where the story is at. By the way, even though we probably disagree on almost everything politically, I do find the whistling past the graveyard statement a pretty cool metaphor (I'll have to remember to use it on my liberal friends sometime!)"

Feeling any different about the graveyard metaphor yet?

Jeffraham Prestonian

wasted: "Feeling any different about the graveyard metaphor yet?"

You're saying I *should*?

Ronald Reagan

This is my take on this whole discussion. Kerry says inadequate planning allowed the AlQaqaa site to be looted. There should have been more troops and better planning to secure or destroy these sites. This is a criticism leveled not at the troops, but the civilian leadership in the Pentagon and ultimately the President.

The President responds by saying Kerry is irresponsibly throwing around charges when the facts are not yet in. Bush is absolutely right to say it is not known for certain whether the explosives were taken from AlQaQaa before or after the invasion began on March 20.

No one disputes that the inspectors helped keep the explosives under lock and key at least until March 8. Either the threat of invasion or the actual invasion provided the opportunity for the explosives' disappearance. Neither scenario offers much comfort for the president.

The complete failure to anticipate the insurgency probably led this site and many others to be completely overlooked in the war planning. It doesn't matter too much whether the explosives were taken before or after March 20 -- poor planning allowed it to happen, and as never cry wolf observes US troops are being killed by the explosives, not to mention the Iraqis too.


Too bad the President's National Security advisor is so busy out on the campaign trail.

Otherwise she might be paying attention to stuff like, you know, National Security.

Henry Schlatman

Wasted potentail,
Please step into the 21st century, our survelance from space over the entire earth is beyond your wildest imagination. If you have ever seen the movie Clear and Present Danger, you have only wittnessed the tip of the iceberg.

Ronald and I am right about Bush being responsible for Al QuaQa. In fact, some historians will say that Bush took responiblity for the place once he started to put pressure on Saddam in 2002 considering the US was providing air cover.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Wasted Potential: "I realize that most free marketers and both John Kerry and President Bush would disagree with this policy, but I think it does make common sense."

Anyone able define the term "competitive advantage" is probably a liberal elitist anyway. People like you and me don't need it when we have common sense, right WP?

WP: "Phoenician - you use sarcasm so much, that I, being a dim-whitted conservative Christian, cannot follow you and your enlightened arguments."


Phoenician in a time of Romans

Damn - "comparative advantage". I'm confusing international economics with business strategy.


"Ronald and I am right about Bush being responsible for Al CaCa. In fact, some historians will say that Bush took responiblity for the place once he started to put pressure on Saddam in 2002 considering the US was providing air cover."

And another question is, why didn't Bush allow the Pentagon to kill Allawi in 2002 when he was living safely in the Northern no-fly zone?

As the WSJ reported Monday:

"The Pentagon drew up detailed plans in June 2002, giving the administration a series of options for a military strike on the camp Mr. Zarqawi was running then in remote northeastern Iraq, according to generals who were involved directly in planning the attack and several former White House staffers. They said the camp, near the town of Khurmal, was known to contain Mr. Zarqawi and his supporters as well as al Qaeda fighters, all of whom had fled from Afghanistan. Intelligence indicated the camp was training recruits and making poisons for attacks against the West.

Senior Pentagon officials who were involved in planning the attack said that even by spring 2002 Mr. Zarqawi had been identified as a significant terrorist target, based in part on intelligence that the camp he earlier ran in Afghanistan had been attempting to make chemical weapons, and because he was known as the head of a group that was plotting, and training for, attacks against the West. He already was identified as the ringleader in several failed terrorist plots against Israeli and European targets. In addition, by late 2002, while the White House still was deliberating over attacking the camp, Mr. Zarqawi was known to have been behind the October 2002 assassination of a senior American diplomat in Amman, Jordan.

But the raid on Mr. Zarqawi didn't take place. Months passed with no approval of the plan from the White House, until word came down just weeks before the March 19, 2003, start of the Iraq war that Mr. Bush had rejected any strike on the camp until after an official outbreak of hostilities with Iraq. Ultimately, the camp was hit just after the invasion of Iraq began."

Why did Bush allow Zarqawi to survive -- against the miltary's better judgment? Because he was using Zarqawi's presence in Iraq (in an area over which Saddam had no control) as a key reason for waging the war he so desparately wanted to wage.

And now our troops, and people like poor Margaret Hassan, are paying the price for his lies and his idiocy.

Ronald Reagan

Two questions for Bush supporters: do you think that civilian leadership in the administration were over-optimistic in their view of how the Iraqi people would respond to US troops? If you think the administration was over-optimistic, do you think this might have led to mistakes in postwar planning, for example, by under-estimating the number of troops necessary to secure the country?

This is a real question. I'm just trying to get a sense of how much distance there is between the Bush supporters and the Kerry supporters.

never cry wolf

RR - and as a follow up to RR's post to all the Bush supporters...

Did you all know that the Depts. of Defense and State had this all gamed out, even as long as a decade ago? That is what they do on the pentagon, envision scenarios and make contingency plans for them.

There was a 14 volume plan in place for Iraq, and the aftermath, put together by the DoD and DoS. Thousands of pages from experts.

Unfortunately, these expert opinions did not agree with the rhetoric spewing from the admin. Shinseki was retired, Gen. Jay Garner (predecessor to Bremer as procouncil) was forbidden from reading the DoS report on a post-war Iraq by rummy the dummy and soon was replaced.

EVERYTHING this admin does is for political and/or publicity purposes. Sign a loyalty oath if you want to see the chimp in charge. Paul O,Neill, if you disagree with our tax cuts you can retire too. I forget the name of the admin official who said that the was would cost up to $200 billion, he was retired as well. Turns out it was a conservative estimate.

Google "plame" and learn what happens to those who disagree with the emperor, despite harming our nations intel capacities in the area of proliferation of WMDs. While you're at it google Sibel Edmonds.

Ok, sorry for the rant. Need to atke some prozac i spose. Nothing personal, except that this felonious admin is harming my family and my friends of whatever political leanings.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

never cry wolf, you DemoCRAP, next you'll be saying that Richard Foster was threatened with the loss of his job if he testified truthfully to Congress on how much the White House plan on drug benefits would cost, thus blowing out the budget by $100-200 billion extra.

That's just the sort of fabrication leftist elites like the New York Times would make up:


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