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and when did we get before 9/11?

I'm actually curious.

Would we count the first WTC attack? when was that?


is the kkk republican or democrat...


I wonder.


I put these together this morning to see if anyone cared to debunk some pre-9/11 facts. Of course, we know the answer will just be "clinton" because his name deflects that facts - but blaim truly only goes so far.

FACT or FICTION - - In February 2001, the Hart-Rudman committee issued a report that warns a "mass casualty terrorism directed against the US homeland is of serious and growing concern".

FACT or FICTION - May 8th 2001 Dick Cheney's forms a "Terrorism Task Force" that never met.

FACT or FICTION - August 3, 2001, President Bush goes on vacation, marking the longest presidential vacation in 32 years.

FACT or FICTION - August 6, 2001 Bush received a PDB titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S" The contents of this PDB talk about Al Qaeda's desire to highjack commercial airliners in this country.

FACT or FICTION - August 7, 2001, Bush, when questioned about his long vacation, tells the press "I've got a lot of national security concerns that we're working on with Iraq .."

FACT or FICTION - August 16, 2001, INS arrests Zacharias Moussaoui, a flight student who had little interest in learning how to take off or land a plane. Arresting agent quoted as saying he's "the type of person who could fly something into the World Trade Center." The agent also writes that a 747 loaded with fuel could be used as a weapon.

FACT or FICTION - Late August, 2001, feeling the heat in August about this "imminent terrorist attack", acting FBI director Thomas Pickard requests an additional $58 million from the justice department. Pickard wanted this money to train new agents, hire additional translators, and improve intelligence in order to more effectively combat terrorism. John Ashcroft denies him the funds.

FACT or FICTION - September 10th, 2001, Ashcroft sends budget request to Bush. His new budget includes spending increases in 68 different programs, 0 dealing with terrorism. Ashcroft passes around a memo of his 7 top priorities, terrorism isn't on the list.

FACT or FICTION - Bush never held a single cabinet level meeting on Terrorism before 9/11 despite being told by the previous administration that Terrorism would be their "#1 Priority".


Alright ... it was a little slow ... glad to see to see new talking points are out ...


legolas - lol, talking points. Yes, I got this right out of Kerry's speech today. ;)

Truly, there are so many facts that Bush supporters can't dispute. Yet their attacks on Kerry are often baseless and made up of nothing other then gossip, distortion and opinion. Example, Kerry isn't weak on defense just because Bush says so. The facts show the opposite. It's all just words ... words ... words ...

BTW - does anyone want to go on record with predictions? I am bad at the numbers/electoral game so I like to see what others have to say.



Oct. 30-31
The Massachusetts senator 48 percent compared to Bush's 46 percent. Independent candidate Ralph Nader got 1 percent support.

death before freedom

Remember, the fatality and casualty rates are higher in 2004 than 2003; higher since Hussein's capture than before; higher since "sovereignty" was turned over on June 28 than before. You can slice and dice the data anyway you choose, but it's not progress.


Think Tank - The Gluton Group concluded that people with lower IQ's prefer President George W Bush over Senator John Kerry by a 4-to-1 margin.

Preliminary results:
IQ Above 140: Kerry 80%, Bush 20%.
120-140: Kerry 65%, Bush 35%.
100-120: Kerry 54%, Bush 46%.
80-100: Bush 54%, Kerry 46%.
60-80: Bush 60%, Kerry 15%, Dale Earnhardt Jr. 25%.

Apparently Bush's good-evil, black-white philosophy resonates on an inverse relationship with higher education, whereas it became evident over the period of analysis that John Kerry's nuanced arguments are only understood by people who paid attention in any class above the 5th grade.



We have made some inquiries & have found that yes , it is possible to write-in vote for our Lord this election day. I think it is a wonderful way for those of us that cannot bring ourselves to vote for Kerry or Cheney or Nader to express our dissatisfaction with the major candidates. I'm hoping that on the day after election day when the votes are tallyed , Jesus has more votes than Nader , Kerry , & maybe even the President.It's posssible that will be the case in my town at least.


Christianvoter - There is a website for you.


The Republican Jesus Blog!

christian for peace

On Saturday, as if to take our minds off the sideshow, nine more American marines were killed in the Iraq slaughterhouse. It was the deadliest day for U.S. forces in six months. The death toll for Iraqis, which the U.S. government has tried mightily to keep from the American people, is flat out horrifying. Unofficial estimates of the number of Iraqis killed in the war have ranged from 10,000 to 30,000. But a survey conducted by scientists from Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University and Al Mustansiriya University in Baghdad compared the death rates of Iraqis before and after the American invasion. They estimated that 100,000 more Iraqis have died in the 18 months since the invasion than would have been expected based on Iraqi death rates before the war.

Most of the widespread violent deaths, the scientists reported, were attributed to coalition forces. "Most individuals reportedly killed by coalition forces," the report said, "were women and children."


The death toll in Iraq , both civilian & Military, is the best reason yet to vote Jesus '04


The bottom line is - President Bush commanded our armies to invade a country that posed no threat to us and we invaded under false pretences. 100,000 innocent Iraqis and 1200 Americans died as a result. Bin Laden was on my TV Friday night.

They now call it a "Brilliant Success Story"

I'm sorry. Why are people voting for Bush. Why aren't we all pissed about what Bush has done in our names?


What if Jesus wins but he has no interest in politics?

Jeffraham Prestonian

Elijah: "They now call it a 'Brilliant Success Story'"

I thought it was a "catastrophic success."


I'm not sure which one is a bigger joke. I don't know, catastrophic success is pretty comical in a sad sad way.


If only Clinton had taken Bin Laden when he was offered to him on a silver platter by Sudan, perhaps he wouldn't be a problem now... if only Clinton had given the task force Ranger troops in Mogadishu, Somalia the armored vehicles and air support they requested and if only he hadn't pulled our troops out after the "Black hawk Down" battle, perhaps Osama wouldn't have been emboldened for further attacks. Then we have Bin Laden declaring war on America and Clinton bombs Serbia ... American troop barracks and embassies blown up by Al Queda and Clinton bombs an aspirin factory ... Clinton had seven years to deal seriously with Al Queda and did next to nothing. Oh yeah, Clinton threw a few guys in jail, and we all know Al Queda lives in abject fear of American jails and lawyers.

Jeffraham Prestonian

legolas: "If only Clinton had taken Bin Laden when he was offered to him on a silver platter by Sudan, perhaps he wouldn't be a problem now..."

Clever elf, there's no evidence of that ever happening.

"Oh yeah, Clinton threw a few guys in jail, and we all know Al Queda lives in abject fear of American jails and lawyers."

You seem to think they fear being killed by Afghan warlords (or by anyone, for that matter). No wonder this is turning out to be a goatscrew of epic proportions. They're more afraid of humiliation than death, elf. Kerry will humiliate them into insignificance.

wasted potential

I want to personally thank all of the opposition for coming to this blog and testing our thinking, facts and beliefs. I have personally enjoyed matching wits with everyone to prove or disprove points. In my humble opinion, I think that the arguments by the right have bested those by the left, but I am just a dim-witted Christian conservative. However, the time for argument and debate is over. Now we get to see who has the most persuasive arguments with the general population.

Our country is very polarized about this president and tomorrow we find out which side has more voters. The undecideds, of which there were few this year, will be making up their minds tonight and tomorrow, and will ultimately decide the election in many battleground states. Isn't it amazing that those most disinterested (by and large anyway) and uninformed are the ones who decide the elections for the rest of us activists?

However, I urge everyone to use their God-given right in this country and vote for their interstes tomorrow. If you are Republican, vote early and often :) Seriously, this is not only a right, but a privilege as a citizen of the United States of America. Urge all those around you to participate!

Win or lose, I hope all of us respect the results. The amazing thing about our country is that our government is re-elected or passed on at the ballot box, not the ammo box.

After the election we can all begin arguing with each other about why the election went the way it did and criticize our opposition again. That is the beauty of this country. If my side loses, I will accept it and work through the constitutional means given to us to defeat the agenda of the other side in the minds and hearts of the people, as well as the legisltatures of this country.

By the way, I believe Bush will win OH and FL, solidifying his victory early in the night, but still a close election over all. I am so pumped up and cannot wait to vote and work for this president tomorrow. I am sure those on the other side feel the same way.

See you all out there tomorrow! and remember ...

Its good to be in Bush country in the buckeye state!


Amen Wasted! It has been great talking with you and sharing ideas. It's what this country is all about.

May the best man win in a fair and clear election tomorrow night!

It's good to be in the reality-based community!! ;) YEE-HAW!!


*sigh* not again with Clinton and the Silver platter. We might as well start blaming Governor Arnold for not going back in time to kill Bin Ladens mother before she gives birth. By your logic, it doesn't matter if it isn't true. DAMN YOU ARNOLD!!


What I find unfortunate on BOTH sides is that the side "out of power" moans and groans if there is good news prior to the election. By that I mean if the economy is good - it is bad news for the challenger. Therefore good economic news today makes Kerry supporters sad-when they should be happy that the economy is recovering. This goes for all issues. I say this as an observation ONLY and emphasize that if Kerry were the incumbent, the Bush supporters would feel the same. They would be gleefully jumping on BAD news while spinning or downplaying the GOOD news.

I would like to see the Donkey party nominate someone that I could CONSIDER voting for. I thought they were going to do it this time with Lieberman, but, alas they didn't. I WANT to have a choice, and with a (basically) two party system, I should have one.

Although I consider Bush the lesser of two evils, I have to vote for him over Kerry, who I consider the evil of two lessers.


rls - I agree, issues take a different tone during an election. It is unavoidable, I suppose.

BTW -Democrats hate Lieberman. He is barely a Dem and most people I know who didn't vote at all in 2000 didn't vote because Lieberman was on the ticket. He did more harm then people care to talk about, especially for the youth vote. Remember, Lieberman was blaming Marilan Manson what happened at Columbine? People don't forget that narrow minded BS.

wasted potential

Ed: "is the kkk republican or democrat...


I wonder."

Ask Robert Byrd, democrate from WV, I am sure he can tell you.

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