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Bill Evans

Linda - if you really want back on the dem blog, delete your cookies, re-register, and post fast. I got back on for about 15 minutes to laugh at them before they shut me out again.


My biggest worry ... and again, I feel cynical saying this ...

In 2000 I remember Bush saying before the election AND on election night "We will win Florida. You can count on that." Again, being a student of facial expression, his face was unusually calm and confident ... almost too cocky. A result? Florida won by less then fair techniques.

This year I heard Bush say the same thing with the same face only this time "I think we'll win states that no one thought we would. You can count on that." Same face, same cockiness. Logically, it will be harder to be deceptive in swing states (except for those with Diebold). Too many eyes. But a few of the smaller states in a close election??

Just a thought. I don't want to get hammered on for being a slimeball liberal accusing Republicans of being cheats.


Hillary is scary. But I doubt she will make it. She is about as pleasant as John Kerry,maybe a bit less!The kids would start crying if she tried to kiss them.She lacks qualities her hubby has- charm, smoothtalk, lie with a smile, Southern accent, looks- to name a few. She knows this too. This is why she made her entire political career based on him. As long as she remained behind the scene and he stood smiling and lying in the forefront it was a hit. The reverse will not work. Hillary should first learn how to smile and how to be nice.She is a major turnoff for most people.

As far as Teresa being crass and classless, I totally agree. She worked for two years as a translator at the UN when she was 26. That is the extent of her entire career. She was never a beauty either, even when she was young. Despite that she married rich and ended up a billionaire after the tragic death of her Republican husband.
All those years when she was Mrs John Heinz, she never took any classes to improve herself, never acquired any style or manners. She doesn't even take care of herself, she looks dishevelled all the time and needs to lose weight. Surely she has the money to go to a hairsalon! She wore the same white jacket on Larry King live that she wore in the second debate, the same red outfit on the DNC that she wore on the third debate. Don't you think she should have more clothes or better clothes management than that? I think she is a pig. We deserve better than her.

Bill Evans

In Ohio, the dems have more people registered in 3 counties than there are people eligible to vote.
(Franklin, Cuyahoga, and Summit, all dem strongholds which Bush lost to Gore in 2000).

Yeah, those Republicans are the real cheaters.

I go back to 1960, when Nixon had the election stolen from him. Eisenhower tried to get Nixon to contest the election and demand a recount. Nixon declined, saying the good of the country was more important than who became president.

Hard to imagine longing for the ethics and patriotism of Tricky Dick.


Thanks Bill ;)


Bill - "In Ohio, the dems have more people registered in 3 counties than there are people eligible to vote.

That is the only solid fraud story that the Republicans have been pushing and it IS true. Someone was registering fake names. BUT even the Republicans admit that Mickey Mouse can register but he can't vote.

Republicans have been getting in a lot of trouble this year.

In a letter, Berkeley County clerk John Smalls cites calls from a cell phone were made to Eastern Panhandle democrats telling them that they were not registered to vote.

In Ohio, check out this letter sent from the Lake County (Painesville) Board of Election to newly registered Democrats:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin the GOP is citing a new list of more than 37,000 questionable addresses, the state Republican Party demanded Saturday that Milwaukee city officials require identification from all of those voters Tuesday. If the city doesn't, the party says it is prepared to have volunteers challenge each individual - including thousands who might be missing an apartment number on their registration - at the polls.

Alabama, where Democratic areas have been infested with this flyer:

Some headlines

White House argues to deny voting-rights lawsuits to public
Fri, Oct. 29, 2004
----WASHINGTON - Bush administration lawyers argued in three closely contested states last week that only the Justice Department, and not voters themselves, may sue to enforce the voting rights set out in the Help America Vote Act, which was passed in the aftermath of the disputed 2000 election.

Republicans Pressed To Halt Voter-Suppression Efforts
Fri Oct 29th 2004, 09:32 AM ET
----With political analysts agreeing that voter turnout, especially of minority and youth voters, will likely determine the outcome of next Tuesday’s presidential election, civil and human rights groups are pressing the Republican National Committee (RNC) to call off plans aimed at discouraging people from casting ballots.

Republicans Resign Over Questionable Absentee Ballot Applications
Oct. 11, 2004
----Tonight six people connected with the South Dakota republican party have resigned over questions surrounding absentee ballot applications.

I could go on and on and on and on.


BTW - this is the ugliest attempt at suppression I have seen to far this year.


In Wisconsin, flyers purporting to be from the “Milwaukee Black Voters League,” erroneously tell African Americans they can’t vote in the presidential election if anyone in their family has even been found guilty of a crime. An image of the flyer is reproduced below.


And if they do vote, African Americans are told, they could go to prison for up to ten years.


In a statement, the Milwaukee branch of the AFL-CIO said the racist sentiment was not accident.

“This is an example of the type of tactic being done in the African American neighborhoods to suppress the vote,” said Secretary and Treasurer Sheila Cochran. “It is not an accident; it is intentional and it is aimed at the newly registered and infrequent voter.”


GWB - I just checked the ZOGBY website. You said Bush was up by three in MI. Their latest poll has Kerry up by 1%. Oct. 30 BUSH 47% KERRY 48%

Election 2004 Zogby Battleground State Polls:Kerry Leading in 6 States (FL, IA, MI, MN, PA, WI); Bush Holds Edge in 4 States (CO, NM, NV, OH); Florida, Iowa, Michigan Within 2 Points

48 to 48

NEW YOUTH VOTE POLL (cell phones)
Kerry 55% Over Bush 40%


Did I scare everyone away with my incredible grasp on facts?? ;P Well, it is Halloween.

Bill Evans

Rocket - I attended the observer/challenger training this afternoon. Your information is so far from correct it is laughable.

The over-registration does not include Mickey or Mary Poppins. It does, however, include a man arrested for a terrorist plot to bomb a mall here in Ohio. The over registration was revealed when mail was returned on 35,000 ut of over 200,000 registrants since January 2004 with such things as "no such person at this address" and "vacant lot".

As for that being the only story of democratuc voter registration fraud, get real. Forget about the Crack the Vote campaign in Toledo? In Colorado, one woman not eligible to register did so 25 times; there are 719 cases of voter fraud being investigated in one county in Colorado. Dead democrats are being resurrected and registered in New Mexico as well.

I could go on and on, but why? When it comes to voter and election fraud, the Republicans are out of their league compared to the Democrats, and everyone knows it. Democrats wrote the book. The Republicans could never begin to replicate it.

Bill Evans

Rocket - I checked the pamphlet you referenced. Whoever produced it should be arrested and charged with fraud. Based on the source, I'm betting it is a democrat setup.

Bill Evans

Rocket - check Realclearpolitics.com for the real story on the polls. Zogby painted himself into a corner months ago by predicting a Kerry win. I won't repeat my entire post from earlier, but I wouldn't trade Bush's position for Kerry's right now. The prez has positioned himself to win without Ohio, which is pretty amazing.


I don't know what country you have been living in Rocket but the race is not won by popular vote. It is won by electoral vote.


RocketPunch you are an idiot--the seven minutes had no affect on the outcome of 9/11 so what's your irrational point? See the 9/11 Reportthat says so.You haven't presented any evidence as you Dems never do to prove that the seven minutes made any difference about the outcome of 9/11.If you don't have any evidence then stop making your Micharel Moorish type unsupported assertions.Thank God Kerry wasn't President or we would still be waiting for the 9/11 attack to pass Kerry's Global Test so we could attack the Taliban.


Bill, I also have attended the challenger training and rocket is way wrong. In our county i have taken pictures of addresses where over 500 people have registered to vote. Some at post offices, Malls, Hospitals, High School's and the list goes on. There hope was to register all of the fake names and put the provisional ballot so they could steal the election.


Bill - you're all talk right now, my friend. Show me some links to this proof you have of democratic fraud. Go on and on ... I will read them all. I promise. Claiming we are disenfranchising our own voters to make Republicans look bad isn't a very solid argument. The guy who registered 35,000 times was all part of the fake names registration problem. In both cases, the is registration fraud - not voter fraud as these people can either only vote once or not at all because they don't exist. The RNC admitted this themselves in a recent pamphlet. I read it this morning and am trying to find the link again.


GWB-2004 - when did I say the popular vote wins? I said that if Bush wins by electoral but not popular again, it would be bad. There is no reason for electoral anymore and most people want to see it taken away. There will be a backlash if we have the same problem as in 2000 - if it happens to either candidate.


lewis - First off, everyone has been really nice in here today. I've had some good discussion with some very smart Republicans. Why do you want to be the first one to be so rude today? It isn't called for. I am trying to be respectful in all my reponses so I would ask you do the same.

As for that 7 minutes ... if you read my post you would see that your critique of me is without cause. I said ...

it really isn't just that 7 minutes. Its about that entire morning. When Tenet heard about the first plane he said something like "I hope those weren't those guys taking flight lessons". The President should be on the same level of thinking when the chatter is high and he gets PDBs like "Bin Laden Determined to Attack U.S."

And what in that statement is so idiotic??

Henry Schlatman

Again, although you will not like this here is your proof that Bush did not take Terrorism serious Pre 9/11.

19. Finding: Prior to September 11, the Intelligence Community and the U.S. Government labored to prevent attacks by Usama Bin Ladin and his terrorist network against the United States, but largely without the benefit of an alert, mobilized and committed American public. Despite intelligence information on the immediacy of the threat level in the spring and summer of 2001, the assumption prevailed in the U.S. Government that attacks of the magnitude of September 11 could not happen here. As a result, there was insufficient effort to alert the American public to the reality and gravity of the threat.

Source: Findings of the Final Report of the Joint Inquiry Into the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 at web site; http://intelligence.house.gov/CaseStudies.aspx?Section=11

Sorry Lupinlll, but if you research "Terrorism and Counterterrorism Activities Pre 9/11 Bush Administration you will find several links to what was and wasn't done.

PS Look up Clinton's PDF 32 and 69 to see what he tried to do.

a Phoenician in a time of Romans

GWB-2004: "What is it you like about Kerry. He is not the man I want protecting our country."

Preach it, brother. Kerry spent all of his time cruising on boats on vacation in Asia while Bush was busy learning to fly in order to defend Texas from the Vietnamese hordes...


You know guys, I've done ALL I could for the President. I have even called my ex boyfriend's family in Ohio and begged them to vote for Bush.
I have called people in Iowa and pleaded them to go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for our beloved George Dubya.
Now it's all upto God.I feel a sharp pain in my heart imagining how terrible it would be if its the wrong guy. This afternoon when I was in church, my Pastor advised us to vote for the candidate who doesn't prevent a man or woman of faith from being nominated to the Supreme Court.( As you know, if Kerry has his way, no practising Catholic or Christian would be on the Supreme Court because he will put them through a Litmus test to make sure they are pro abortion.)
I know that God will select a President that we deserve. I only hope and pray that it is George W Bush for four more years.

Henry Schlatman

The so called Litmus Test for any judge is and should be that can he/she put aside their individual convictions and self interests in order to rule fairly on the matter before them.

Would you like to see Bush appoint a judge who believed his religion said that a woman is beholding to her mate and therefore is by law responsible to the wishes of her male mate?

Even Jesus realized that we as christains we must "Give unto Rome what is Romes." In plain english, The Government of Our Society must take into thought that it deals with people from all walks of beliefs and thus it must make and enforce laws that are equal to all.


Rocket=you are still an idiot but I do respect you as a person but not your chioce for President of a liberal pacifist who changes positions on important issues to include national security as easily as he changes his underware for purely political advantage.You obviously believe that if Kerry had been President 9/11 wouldn't have happened--that is why I believe you aren't a bright lightbulb. Kerry is just as politically risk adverse as Clinton was. In fact he is surrounding himself with many of the same folks who advised Clinton who would not effectively attack OSB even after OSB declared war on the U.S. and attacked us time after time after time.Because he is so intent on making policy to please the Europeans and Middle Easterners a President Kerry will sell out Isreal and cut and run fron Iraq that those folks won't know what hit them.

Henry Schlatman

Apparently you are noy old enough to remember Kent St. and the fact that citizens like Kerry stood up to the Nixon Administration for abusing its powers. "4 Dead in Ohio" because Our Government Administration thought that It was Above the Law.


lewis "You obviously believe that if Kerry had been President 9/11 wouldn't have happened--"

And there you will find the difference in us. I have honestly never put thought to what another person, hypothetically, would do in Bush's situation. I speak in facts as much as I can and prefer to use those facts over words to support my conclusion.

If you prefer to call me an idiot then try and debunk the facts in the process. To date, you seem unwilling to even try. Like your support for Bush, your claims of my idiocy are not supported by the facts.

FACT or FICTION - - In February 2001, the Hart-Rudman committee issued a report that warns a "mass casualty terrorism directed against the US homeland was of serious and growing concern".

FACT or FICTION - May 8th 2001 Dick Cheney's forms a "Terrorism Task Force" that never met.

FACT or FICTION - August 3, 2001, President Bush goes on vacation, marking the longest presidential vacation in 32 years.

FACT or FICTION - August 6, 2001 Bush received a PDB titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S" The contents of this PDB talk about Al Qaeda's desire to highjack commercial airliners in this country.

FACT or FICTION - August 7, 2001, Bush, when questioned about his long vacation, tells the press "I've got a lot of national security concerns that we're working on Iraq .."

FACT or FICTION - August 16, 2001, INS arrests Zacharias Moussaoui, a flight student who had little interest in learning how to take off or land a plane. Arresting agent quoted as saying he's "the type of person who could fly something into the World Trade Center." The agent also writes that a 747 loaded with fuel could be used as a weapon.

FACT or FICTION - Late August, 2001, feeling the heat in August about this "imminent terrorist attack", acting FBI director Thomas Pickard requests an additional $58 million from the justice department. Pickard wanted this money to train new agents, hire additional translators, and improve intelligence in order to more effectively combat terrorism. John Ashcroft denies him the funds.

FACT or FICTION - September 10th, 2001, Ashcroft sends budget request to Bush. His new budget includes spending increases in 68 different programs, 0 dealing with terrorism. Ashcroft passes around a memo of his 7 top priorities, terrorism isn't on the list.

FACT or FICTION - Bush never held a single cabinet level meeting on Terrorism before 9/11 despite being told by the previous administration that Terrorism would be their "#1 Priority".

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