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Phoenician in a time of Romans

Tucker: "So, you might ask, which one of Kerry's flaws is the fatal one?"

Comical Ali: "I can say, and I am responsible for what I am saying, that they have started to commit suicide under the walls of Baghdad. We will encourage them to commit more suicides quickly."

I don't know about Kerry, but Ali's fatal flaw, of course, was attempting to state what had happened before the event actually occurred.


Joe Lockhart just called General Franks a liar on Big Story with John Gibson.

Gibson was taken aback. Lockhart says Franks has had months to make up a story to defend Bush. That if he was telling the truth he would have said it earlier in the campaign. Basically McPeak is a REAL GENERAL and Franks is a PUPPET.



Thanks Tucker for responding to my comment on the "near-fatal flaw" post.

Since we seem to have a dialogue going now, could I ask you to answer another question?

Obviously, this President was handed an historic opportunity to unite this nation after 9/11. Yet, the President can barely get above 48% in any national poll.

Could you answer the question the President couldn't? That being, can you name a mistake he has made that got him to this point: so great on 9/12, so vulnerable right now?

Henry Schlatman

Good backdoor question. While I can not speak of Kerry's flaw, Bush's comes out of his own mouth. The only thing I'm waiting for is the Clinton Bashing to start up.

Better Luck in 2006, maybe losing the House won't be to bad.


Bush will retain OH & FL, Kerry loses WI, MN, IA, PA, NM. FL by 6, OH by 4. NRA puts Bush over the top in PA (just barely). I think that Kerry holds NJ but can't call HI right now. Key to what the two parties think is where they spend money and time.

Kerry's team is spending the next three days in MI, WI, & MN defending Blue states. Bush's team is spending the next three days in WI, MN, PA, NM and one stop in FL. Bush is spending assets in Kerry's Blue states and Kerry is spending assets defending those same Blue states.

There are so many different polls that say so many different things that the only way to know what is happening is to follow the candidates, their surrogates and the money. Kerry is spending all three DEFENDING Blue states - Bush is spending all three ATTACKING Blue states. That tells me that both Kerry and Bush think that Kerry is vulnerable in those states.

Bush supporters need to continue to press and work on the GOTV, but it looks like it is going to be a rout.


Tucker, Tucker.

Isn't the answer obvious? Here's a direct (condensed) quote from Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Goodwin's latest analysis of the critical campaign issues. We can only conclude that Kerry's real fatal flaw is... his wife. It's our strongest card, so we need to play it as many times as we can.

"...spoiled rich brat unpopular insulting oddball
goofy Botox Armani Chanel head case weird Prozac crazy
rich spoiled rich billionaire feared wise superior
arrogant arrogant arrogant presumptive privileged rich
inherited ketchup pampered super-rich philanthropist first


Truly it would be a disaster for our country if he is elected.

Henry Schlatman

Bush's fatal flaw Time Line Al QAQAA


Kerry's fatal flaw ...oooops not enough room for all the URLs ...

The Rev. Jerry Gloryhole

Kerry is Catholic, and brown people are attracted to vote for him, even though he is an Eli and attended prep schools and comes from money. It's hard to imagine he would poll 20%, yet here we are in a horse race.
I would urge all true patriots to go to their polling places and threaten brown people, in support of GOP lawyers already doing just that.
The poor don't deserve to vote.
Hail the Bush Century!


foragainst :: then give us 3. I'll bet you that not one of them is a solid fact but rather a spin or distortion.


Bush fatal flaw.

not enough troops.

proof. abcnews has proof. 380 tons of proof.

videotaped. irrefutable evidence.


bye bye bush.


Personally, I want a President who would read a report called "BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO ATTACK INSIDE THE UNITED STATES." and not think it is a "historical document". ... amazing

Jim Rodgers

*'s fatal flaw - his campaign is being run by idiots (from Kevin Drum)


Run the biggest deficit in modern history and then complain that Kerry has a "tax gap."


Have Dick Cheney do everything but tell voters that they'll be forcibly converted to Islam unless they vote for Bush, and then castigate Kerry for "scare mongering."


Get your surrogates to explain on national TV that the al-Qaqaa fiasco was actually the fault of troops on the ground, not the president, and then get out on the stump and claim that Kerry is the one "denigrating the action of our troops in the field."


Gain fame even among your own supporters for relentlessly putting ideology and partisanship ahead of facts on the ground, and then give a speech charging that Kerry puts "politics ahead of facts."


Just to get a feel for the moment ...



Jim Rodgers

Elijah - I thought you were going to post this:


OVER 100,000 civilian deaths in Iraq - a conservative estimate.

Imagine all those people in Elijah's post dead because of a lie.

Hope you & your boss can find a cool spot in hell, tucker.


Jim :: I did see that article and it is pretty painful. I've already had one big argument about it today. Their point of view was "we haven't killed as many as Saddam." I worry about this country when we don't really care how many people have died because of our decisions.



100000 x 6.



You know, another thing that bugs me is Republicans on this issue. I hope some posts here prove me wrong but they don't seem bothered by dead woman and children by our bombs. The ends justify the means. They seem too busy figuring out ways to turn the tables so Bush doesn't look like a failure. Kerry is evil, Kerry is a traitor, Kerry is French. 100,000 dead since we showed up in a country that belongs to other people.


melior :: haha! You just have to smile at that. Nothing beats technology when you need to make a President look Presidential. Now all they need is a helicoptor landing in front of a big crowd with some fireworks and dry ice. Oh wait. They did that. Well, maybe they should show images of 9/11 on giants screens before a rally. Oh wait. They did that too! How about building a giant stage that comes out into the crowd like at a Bon Jovi concert! Oh wait, you get the idea.


That's not really a fair comparison, Saddam is in jail and we're still bombin' neighborhood "safehouses". And Saddam usually killed those he targeted, I bet if you include those we've maimed, paralyzed, burned, brain damaged, de-limbed, and uranium poisoned it's not even close.

Just wait til the Battle of Fallujah II, we'll easily get another few thousand more evil brown non-Christian women, kids, and elderly as collaterals. We're #1! USA! USA! USA!

Spider Jerusalem

uranium poisoned ~ this one pinches my nuts. What is the shelf life on that stuff? 5 million years? It gets in the soil, the water. Everything that comes in contact with it feels the effect. Babies are born deformed. Soldiers get cancer. Nobody is doing a fucking thing about it. Our government pretends like it doesn't exist.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

"OVER 100,000 civilian deaths in Iraq - a conservative estimate."

Yeah, but they died LIBERATED, so that makes all the difference.

You liberals and your "illegal war" and "civilian casualties". Don't you remember September 11th?

wasted potential

Wow - the reactions of the democrats on this website seem to have stepped up over the past couple of days. Is that panic I am hearing?

Kerry's fatal flaw is that he was never liked by the democratic party. You guys blew it in the primaries. Howard Dean was at least an honest anti-war candidate who exicted you all, but your fear that your own views were so out of the mainstream overcame you and you put an empty vessel up there because he went to Vietnam.

When I listen to Kerry talk, he reminds me of insurance seminars I used to attend in a former job. The only reason it is close is the illogical hatred of the President by the secularists, socialists, abortionists, pacifists and intellectual elitists. Barbara Streisand would vote for a farm animal over Bush, not to mention Joseph Stalin or Fidel Castro.

Go Bush!

Spider Jerusalem

Phoenician in a time of Romans ~ Yea, I remember 9/11 you heartless shit. Let's pretend that Saddam had something to do with 9/11 which, at this point, only the mentally challenged cling to. Doesn't killing 33 times the people make us seem like bigger dicks then Bin Laden? Was that the goal? AMERICA! We can kill more civilians then Bin Laden any day of the week. Liberation my ass. Tell that to the father who carries their dead child from the rubble of their home. You represent everything that holds this country back.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Spider: "uranium poisoned ~ this one pinches my nuts. What is the shelf life on that stuff? 5 million years? It gets in the soil, the water. Everything that comes in contact with it feels the effect. Babies are born deformed. Soldiers get cancer. Nobody is doing a fucking thing about it. Our government pretends like it doesn't exist."

Don't be stupid, Spider - if it hurt people, our government wouldn't use it.

All the so-called "evidence" to the contrary is only disinformation. We're trying to entice some terrorist to spread it over our cities, so we can sit back and laugh at them when it doesn't do anything.

I beat you really hate it here, don't you?

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