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justice needed

9 marines died yesterday in one attack; they will never get to vote. Bin Laden, however, lives to voice his opinion on the USA.

Oh yeah, that seems fair. Mr. Bush, you are a traitor.


justice - here is a link you can follow to see how Bin Laden got away just as Bush was preparing our sons and daughters for the meat grinder in Iraq:


Read it and weep (for our nation):

Two months after 9/11, late November 2001, Bush distracted our top military commanders from the hunt for Bin Laden with rushed plans for a new war in Iraq. This shifted their focus at a critical moment, when we had Osama cornered at Tora Bora. The facts now show that it helped Bin Laden escape. The details are all public information.

whitiker Chambers

FATE, DOPE and GRAVITY...Yea, I say unto ye, of these three, the greatest is GRAVITY. For a man may be of great FATE, he may be born with a diamond-encrusted silver kitchen utensil protruding from a bodily orifice (say, the mouth); he may have the most succulent morsels brought to him on golden platters by bodacious, curvaceous dancing maidens his silly, shallow live-long life; yea, he may even become pestilent of the united snakes, the Biggest Kahuna in the free-range world, avoiding the slings and arrows of outrageous pretzels. Yea, even though a man rise to the very pinnacles of worldly power, shameless greed, and high-profit sleaze, what doth it profit such a man who lacks GRAVITY?

And what of DOPE? A man may navigate the treacherous torrents and tunnels of life with the bountiful benefits of chemical engineering: Baby Nyquil to sweeten his infant anger, Ritalin to help him stay in his school chair focused long enough to get to college, where he can sell various class A recreational pharmaceuticals in order to bed hollow-eyed beauties and bribe other students to take his tests and spirit him on the way to the Real World, where Prozac will sweep away the sting of his forsaken dreams and the emptiness of the tv advertisements that replaced them. And finally, when he's ready for all the medications his poor, worn and hollowed-out heart requires just in order to keep on ticking, here comes the Viagra to make his body think it's the teenager his mind never stopped being. Yea, though DOPE may insure swift and honest lubrication through the narrowest of life's tight spots, life remains an impenetrable maze without the greatest of these, which I say unto you is GRAVITY.

For without GRAVITY, man would be like unto a stone that has no weight and instead of falling to the ground, cont inues rising, rising, rising into the inky, pitiless vault of the sky, like a freeborne pancake of no recognizance. Without GRAVITY, a man would be trapped in his song his whole life long, his bag perhaps ever brand new, but, verily his ring ever afire. Without GRAVITY, the gnarly roots of the grapevine wouldn't twist their perverted ways down into the limestone soil to cling and clutch to mothering earth's dark heart and yield its most liquid and soothing medicine for melancholy. And without GRAVITY, men and women couldn't find the delicious nooks and crannies into which they hide from each other, thus robbing love's timeless chase of all savor and intrigue. There'd be no head of Sir Isaac hanging over the ignoble mantle at Fishhead Hall. What glory would there be in being a celestial body if GRAVITY didn't give the struggle its pith and relish?

Verily and merrily, I say unto thee: FATE may put a privileged idiot into an undeserved driver's seat and DOPE may get a fool throug h sleepless nights, but GRAVITY is the greatest of these for it insures he winds up six feet under at the end of the road and thus gives him the great impetus to make something sweeter and finer of it all than just going along for the ride.

Amen. If everyone would please rise now and empty their pockets.

Bill Evans


Jeff Jacoby, writing for the Boston Globe, gives the best analysis I have seen on why Kerry should not be elected president at this time in our nation's history.


Posted by: fly | October 31, 2004 03:32 AM<<

Say the other "fly",are you the one who's spamming my mailbox?
From the "kerry's mouth" you reprint, "when we had Osama cornered at Tora Bora".
Have you or any of your ilk know this for fact? It looks as if you all held the exact location of UBL from our rangers.

This fly says,vote Bush/Cheney. At least they are not hot ballons who gets fueled by NYT,CBS.


Hey guys. Help me out. My friends keep telling me that Bush didn't do anything at all about terrorism leading up to 9/11 and even ignored warnings about a Bin Laden attack! I know this can't be true but I can't seem to find anything online to prove them wrong. Any good links?

Bill Rutherford

Tell your friends they're dead wrong! It's a well known fact that during many of the many months our President spent vacationing at his "Ranch" early in his term , he worried about terrorism at least once - possibly even twice!


It's not about what Bush did in his first term, it's about how much he promises he'll do better next time. None of this bad stuff is his fault, honest!


Come on guys. I have 5 bucks riding on this. Don't let these liberals jump all over me with their lies.


Dan Bartlett should be fired in the first place for allowing the Tora Bora charge to stick. Commenting the bogus Tora Bora thing AFTER the OBL tape is like chase a horse that left the barn hours ago.

The President allowed Kerry to make the bogus Tora Bora thing to stick after the first, second and third debate. The day after the first debate, on this Tora Bora issue, the bloggers were able to dig out quotes from Kerry in 2001 on how he supported the tactics then. BUT wait, no one from the Bush team come out refuting that charge. No one from the Bush team was able to dig up the same quotes. They are too busy to spin the President has won the debate.

I don't want to sound like a pessimist here, but the reality is this Presidential campaign from the Bush team is run by incompetent crowds. The most incompetent is the communication and response team.

Think where this race would be if the bloggers where not able to reveal the Dan Rather memos are fake. Or for that matter, on NYTrogate, the explosives story, it was the bloggers who help to defuse some of the initial impact (put NYT/CBS on the defensive). Where were the Bush communication, response team?

Dan Bartlett talked about an absurd 12-hr truce among campaigns after the OBL tape? This is silly. Dan Bartlett accepted the fake memos without further questioning the validity of them (it took just THREE HOURS for buckhead in Freerepublic to discover the fonts of the memos look fake). How about the infamous 16-words over the SOTU address? The yellow cake stuff.

Let me warn the Bush communication, response team, if Bush were to re-elected on Tues (a BIG IF), he better watch his back. There will be scandals, there will be leaks, and there could even be impeachments coming. We all know the democrats are desparate here, and they are out to destroy this president. If Pres. were to hold onto the same incompetent, sheepish, defensive crowd now, he will be in deep trouble. Loyalty is a good thing, but if I know I can screw around all day and my boss will never fire me, why should I even try to work hard for him?

Henry Schlatman

I hate to break the news to you, but you need to read this and check out the websites.

Anyone serious about looking at what went on in Iraq by Our Government's Administration than you need to take time to read this.

Welcome this web site for it puts Iraq in present day context. http://www.ceip.org/files/nonprolif/countries/country.asp?ID=3&country=Iraq

Please check "Deadly Arsenals 2002" for http://www.ceip.org/files/projects/npp/resources/DeadlyArsenals/chapters%20(pdf)/16-Iraq.pdf that shows Our Government knew of Al QaQaa back in 1997 (page 18). They even show a map of the place.

Now to really see some of what Kerry and many of us Americans is pissed off at please read: http://www.basicint.org/pubs/Papers/BP46.htm

After you get done reading that material feel free to browse the whole site.

The web site source: http://www.carnegieendowment.org/npp/

Enjoy the read.

By the way here is the Butler Report. http://www.ceip.org/files/projects/npp/resources/iraqintell/home.htm It also has the 9/11 report.

Rep from WA State

Living in a Democrat area, I have learned that you can't trust Democrats. You can't trust what they say. They will lie to get whatever they want. For example, the draft lies and Social Security lies that sKerry has spread.

They aren't too different that the uppercrust of the Communist party. They say they are for the "little people". In reality, they only want to line their own pockets.

Democratic leadership does not care about you. They care about getting something for nothing. And they will sell this country for absolutely nothing. They don't care about the United States. They only care about themselves.

Washington State continues to be hurt by the Democrats. Unfortunately, western Washington is heavily union. Union workers don't vote for anyone that the Union leadership doesn't want in office. Unions should actually have to file as a 527.

Henry Schlatman

Rep from WA State,
Did you check out my last post? The web site tells both sides of the story over Iraq through documents so how can the be liberal


Rep from WA State

I agree with you but I need facts over opinion to help me win some arguments/bets with my Kerry supporting friends. Can you check my post above? I really need some help and I haven't got a response at all except from these liberals.

Henry Schlatman

Did you look in the 9/11 Report?



It is a lot to go over so I was hoping someone had a link to proof of Bush's pre 9/11 attention to terrorists. I have to say I am not feeling to good about my bet right now.

Henry Schlatman

Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_W._Bush
It is a website encylpedia with links on Bush President.



I didnt see anything about pre-9/11 work against terrorism.

Jeffraham Prestonian

LupinIII: "I didnt see anything about pre-9/11 work against terrorism."

There's a reason for that.


hmmmm ... this is getting depressing. I don't know if there aren't any Bush supporters here right now or if none of them know how to answer the question. Either way it doesn't look good to me.


Why does Kerry keep saying Bush outsourced the job at Tora Bora? Isn't he the one for "mulit lateral efforts?" Doesn't he condemn Bush for "going it alone"? Bush is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

L.D.S. Laura

Lets look at this logically. Clinton had 8 years to do something about terrorisim but was to busy diddling his intern to pay attention. Bush was only in office 8 months when 9/11 happened and the economy was tanking thanks to Clinton's policies. How much to do you think an incoming president can do in 8 months? Terrorisim wasn't his only concern and NO ONE (prior to 9/11) thought it was a reasonable possibility that terrorists would fly planes into buildings. Everyone wants to Monday morning quarterback about what we should have known rather than looking at what we did know at the time. Clinton had the chance to capture Bin Laden but he let him go and he had been in office MUCH longer than Bush was in office when 9/11 happened. As for the 9/11 commision, what a joke. They let Clinton testify behind closed doors and one of the people on the commision should have been testifing themselves, NOT serving on the commision. That commision was not bipartisan and the dems had one goal, to make Bush look at bad as possible and let Clinton off the hook. The fact that we haven't been hit since 9/11 says a lot about Bush and his presidency. He did something about terrorism (unlike Clinton). How long do you think 9/11 was being planned? All during Clinton's administration. After the first World Trade Center Bombing, Kerry tried to gut the intelligence budget. Is this the person you think is going to keep you safe from terrorism???? Bush is the one keeping us safe, Bush is the one who will continue to keep us safe. I find it hard to understand why anyone would vote for someone who has been on the wrong side of the votes to protect our country for the last 20 years!!!!!! Kerry wants to run on 4 months of Vietnam service because he has such a BAD record in the senate. Can't run on that!!! I have 7 children and I'm going to vote for Bush because he will keep us safe, Kerry will sit around talking everything to death and nothing will ever get done. And by the way, has anyone figured out that if Kerry gets into office and repeals the Bush tax cuts, that's raising taxes on the middle class? Something he swore he wouldn't do????? That's a tax increase people! Wake up. The man can't tell the truth if his life depended on it. He just says whatever he thinks the people he's talking to at the time want to hear.



That is were I was coming from but I wont want to sound like I am making excuses. I want to show them the facts. Through the 9/11 testimonies they showed me proof that Clinton told Bush that terrorism needs to be their top priority. I want to show them proof that Bush was making plans to deal with terrorists. I dont want to attack others instead of supporting my President. This is getting frustrating.

Moni Mac


Here is a link to a story written by Tommy Franks the actual Commander in charge of this whole Tora Bora situation.


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