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It is a shame that the press cannot just report the truth. The american people are losing all respect for it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when you are a reporter you have a responsibility to report the facts even the ones you dont want to. I will not watch any news channel besides fox. I believe they give the facts for both sides. It seems they try to make sure everything is even. Oreily's none interview of Kerry was great. Even those close to him did not know exactly what his stands were and why.

Bill Evans

Karl Rove is behind the Bin Laden thing? John Kerry should jump right on that one! lol


Good one Bill lol

Rep from WA State

Let's see . . . Tommy Franks, a decorated General who has given his life to secure our freedom and security vs. Johnny Kerry, a war protester who spent 4 months in Vietnam with a movie camera.

Hard to pick in whom I would put my trust. (MAJOR sarcasm)

Bill Evans

Sarcasm? say it aint so!


I got this email from an acquaintence in Baghdad in response to my quiry regarding his view of the election:

May be American peaple vote for Kerry because of Bush mistakes in Iraq and in US money - but as for us here in Iraq - we love Bush because he is the only leader who get rid of Saddam - If Bush didn't make this war - Iraqi peaple will die every day - No technology - no better life just for Saddam - Now Iraqi peaple die every day as U know but for only coming few years - But
if Saddam still the leader of Iraq Iraqies will die for the rest of thier life and no body care(All now care about Iraq if we make compretion - Bush is the only leader who did care about the problem (Saddam) - Thats why we love him.



pretty quiet here - everybody must be waiting for their talking points to arrive ...

Jeffraham Prestonian

wasted: "Former CBSNEWS anchorman Walter Cronkite believes Bush adviser Karl Rove is possibly behind the new Bin Laden tape."

I find that pretty laughable, as well. I can't imagine Bush wanted to remind the American people of bin Laden's freedom at this stage of the game. After all, his name has been carefully avoided in all the campaign's high-profile public events (GOP convention, et al).


"We want people to think 'terrorism' for the last four days," said a Bush-Cheney campaign official. "And anything that raises the issue in people's minds is good for us."

A senior GOP strategist added, "anything that makes people nervous about their personal safety helps Bush."

He called it "a little gift," saying it helps the President but doesn't guarantee his reelection.

Mom 4 Bush

Bill Evans | October 30, 2004 12:47 PM

I'm betting that if we get attacked, Bush will b e blamed for not raising the terror alert.

Right! And if he does they will accuse him of using it for political gain because UBL did not make an immediate threat of attacking us in the video!

Moni Mac

Tucker maybe you could get this out in the media. From what I understand Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have the actual documents.

Guided by hidden hands?

By Linda Chavez

The media are too busy repackaging old Iraq news in an October offensive against President Bush's re-election to investigate truly startling evidence unearthed this week that the Communist Party may have been directing John Kerry's anti-war activities in the early 1970s.
The evidence, contained in captured communist records on file at the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University, shows a well-coordinated effort by the Communist Party to recruit U.S. servicemen to become part of the American anti-war movement. The objective was to organize high-profile activities to undermine support for the Vietnam War, including holding hearings on alleged war crimes, lobbying Congress to oppose the war, exploiting the families of American POWs and urging servicemen to return their service medals.

Not only did John Kerry and his group Vietnam Veterans Against the War follow this game plan, but Mr. Kerry went to Paris to meet with the communist official designated as the point of contact for guiding these activities. In June 1970, Mr. Kerry met with Mme. Binh, foreign minister of the Provisional Revolutionary Government (Viet Cong) of South Vietnam and a delegate to the Paris peace talks. The documents discovered last weekend — one titled "Circular on Antiwar Movements in the U.S." — was disseminated in Vietnam in the spring of 1971, and the other titled "Directive" was captured by U.S. forces in April 1971 — are available for viewing at www.wintersoldier.com. They reveal a detailed plan to use anti-war activists in the United States as propagandists for the communist cause in Vietnam.
So why isn't the mainstream media all over this story? If Mr. Kerry — wittingly or not — was carrying out directives from Hanoi, or perhaps even Moscow, the American people have the right to know before they decide whether to elect him president on Tuesday. But the networks and major dailies were too busy covering a hysterical report that 380 tons of explosives went missing from an Iraqi depot in the early days of the U.S. invasion to inquire into Mr. Kerry's dubious activities in the anti-war movement.
On Monday, the New York Times broke the story of the purported looting of weapons from an Iraqi arms depot. "Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq" screamed the front-page Times headline, which was picked up by all the major networks and newspapers, not to mention the Kerry campaign. CBS' "60 Minutes" was also set to air a story tomorrow — two days before the election — aimed at convincing viewers that the administration had carelessly let the depot be looted of its powerful explosives, the kind that might even be used to detonate a nuclear device. "Our plan was to run the story on Oct. 31, but it became clear that it wouldn't hold," CBS executive producer Jeff Fager said in a statement.
In fact, the "missing explosives" story was more media campaign ploy than real news. There is substantial evidence that most of the explosives were either destroyed by U.S. bombing prior to the invasion or were already gone by the time U.S. troops arrived at the site on April 10, 2003, according to NBC, which had a reporter embedded with the Army's 101st Airborne Division at the time. Furthermore, the United States has already destroyed or is in the process of destroying more than 400,000 tons of similar material in Iraq, a fact conveniently ignored by much of the media.
The media rule seems to be if a story might hurt President Bush, play it up big; if it might help Mr. Bush, bury it; and if might hurt Mr. Kerry, ignore it altogether. In an election as close as this one, the media's role could be decisive. We used to expect the candidates to unleash their own October surprise in an effort to sway the voters at the last minute. Now it's the media that plays that game. Come Halloween, it's media tricks for Mr. Bush and treats for Mr. Kerry.

Linda Chavez is a nationally syndicated columnist.


It sounds as if Bin Laden intends to vote for Bush.
I hope Bill Evans challenges his vote, I doubt he's registered correctly.
We're counting on your wisdom, Bill!

Olin Lacy


I have no quarrel with the Kerry mouthpieces. They are just like a bunch of defense lawyers. It' s their job to win his case even if they don't believe in the shallow excuse for a man let alone presidential candidate. Looking forward to a great victory Tuesday, hopefully without a lot of lawyering.


Yeah it is really a shame that Bin laden is out there blabbin' considering Sudan offered him to Clinton on a platter ... and Clinton turned them down ... and of course maybe if Clinton had given Task Force Ranger the air support and armored vehicles they requested the whole Black Hawk Down battle might have gone very differently ... but the real problem was Clinton pulling out our troops soon after that battle, emboldening Bin Laden and causing him to see America as weak ... embassies blown up ... what does Clinton do ... blows up an aspirin factory ... world trade center attacked in 1993 ... we throw a few guys in jail ... I am sure Al Queda lives in abject fear of American Jails ... these guys are willing to fly jets into buildings and become human bombs, I don't think they are afraid of attorneys ... Bin Laden declares war on America and Clinton bombs Serbia ...


If Bush doesn't win, it's Clinton's fault.


If Bush doesn't win, it's Karl Rove's fault.


Campaign 2004: High Stakes
Quite simply, Kerry must be stopped; and Bush must win.
By Paul Johnson



Chuck G.

I say, Amen Brother!to your best friend who is an African minister.

In which part of Africa is he preaching?

wasted potential

If Kerry doesn't win, it won't be the fault of the IAEA, the UN, secular democracies in Western Europe or Bin Laden. They have all done their best to push him down the throats of the American people.


Just got back from Sean Hannity's Bush rally in Blue Ash, Ohio. Thousands of people showed up in tiny little Blue Ash. There is ALOT of support for George W. Bush in Ohio, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


>I'm betting that if we get attacked, Bush will b e blamed for >not raising the terror alert.

This is one of those deals where one can't win for losing, do nothing, get hit...you're asleep at the wheel...raise the warning flag...don't get hit, you're crying "wolf"

My bet; we're not going to get attacked before the election because of the massive amount of security the Bush Administration has put in place to protect our homeland...the best OBL could do was a video...that's very telling...given that alone; why should I vote for anyone but Bush?

osama bin you know who

You know, that running and hiding thing worked out pretty good for me. Now y'all get out there and vote for Bush - he's the best damn recruiter I've got!


My bet; we're not going to get attacked before the election because of the massive amount of security the Bush Administration has put in place to protect our homeland...the best OBL could do was a video...that's very telling...given that alone; why should I vote for anyone but Bush?

I agree with you. OBL's video was that of a man on his last leg. Gone was the gloating, the ominous threats and even the gun. He knows his days are numbered and he is on the run.
That's the truth.
He is Osama bin beaten. Obviously we have to thank Bush and his administration for the good job they have done.
He has beaten them - morally, physically and spiritually. Go George W Bush. Four more glorious years.

son of BJU grad

Posted by: fourthrider | October 30, 2004 08:03 PM

OR... we get hit because this kind of statement is read by OBL's geeks(that's computer talk for 'pc' smart people), and especially because Tucker is tight with the boyking... they hit us then release your statement as the inspiration.

you'd probably either proudly take the credit or balme Clinton/Kerry. Right?

son of BJU grad

you'd probably either proudly take the credit or blame Clinton/Kerry. Right?

balme --> blame

peace out

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