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Moni Mac

If that story was about an attempt to capture Bin Laden before 9/11 I would be in business. But that doesn't help me prove that Bush made steps to stop terrorists before 9/11. It is unrelated.

L.D.S. Laura

Look, NOBODY was spending as much time on terrorism prior to 9/11 as they should have. Libs are trying to Monday morning quarterback. The info we had at the time was incomplete and that would be Clinton's fault. He had 8 years and he ignored terrorism. When Bush came into office we all thought terrorism was something that happened overseas. The libs are just trying to muddy the waters with this whole before 9/11 issue. The real issue is NOT what was done before but what was done after. If Clinton didn't see it in his 8 years why blame Bush for not seeing it in 8 months. It's a red hering because libs don't want to talk about the GREAT leadership Bush has shown since 9/11 and they can't talk about Kerry's senate record because he doesn't have one. You won't be able to convince any libs to think differently, my experience with them has been that their attitude is, I know what I belive and don't let the facts confuse me. So even if you came up with facts out the wazu, it wouldn't matter. They think Bush should have seen something in 8 months that Clinton didn't see in 8 years. There is no reasoning with these people.


L.D.S. Laura

I worked all day trying to get some proof and the more I looked the more I questioned my support for Bush. The facts show that Bush did have some serious warning. He didn't do anything. I can't fault Clinton like you so easily do. There is proof that he people did work on terrorism. It could have been more but it was an issue for his administration. I can't say that for Bush. I lost 5 bucks over this and I am not happy to be wrong and to have nothing but excuses from Republicans on this blog. I am still happy to be a Republican but he is bringing the party down. At the last minute Bush no longer has my vote.

L.D.S. Laura

I'm not sure I believe you ever had the intention of voting for Bush. You sound like someone who is trying to make people think Bush supporters are turning. Never the less, If you think Kerry is going to do anything about terrorism, think again. He will talk everything to death and nothing will ever get done. He has shown over and over that he hates our military. His actions after Vietam as well as his voting record in the Senate prove that. He votes for the war and then won't vote to fund it. He can't run on his 20 year Senate record because he has none. He doesn't have one bill with his name on it that passed. The only bills with his name were ones like gutting the intelligence agency budget right after the first World Trade Center bombing. One that even Ted Kennedy couldn't vote for. If you really are a republican, you have to look at all the issues and who will be best for the country over all. Kerry doesn't even know what he stands for. It has just been revealed that after the OBL tape was aired the first thing Kerry did was have a poll conducted to see how he should respond!!!! Is this the man any of you want running our country???? Get real. If and when we are attacked again is he going to have a poll to find out what he should do about it???? Get real. Vote for Bush!


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