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Henry Schlatman

Transcipt of UBL at http://www.drudgereport.com/flash2.htm

Happy reading!


Thanks Henry! I'll check it out and then take a break from politics for a bit. I've voted. I feel good. I think it's time to enjoy the TIVO. :)

Talk to you guys later. Have a good evening.


Bin Laden the most HATED man in America comes out and dares to appear almost Statesman-like and lectures us ??? Moreover he ridicules our commander-in-chief by referencing something he saw in Michael Moore's film ??? There isn't a single American who won't be outraged and head towards the poll to vote for Bush.


It reminds me of another video I've seen before:


Henry Schlatman

Now that is a commerial


well rh...

i'm a single american.

and I'm voting for Kerry.

and I know that 55 percent of the population is going to as well.

the real question is...

why is OBL still alive?

wasted potential

Ed - 55% is voting for Kerry? You really got into the good dope tonight to come up with that figure.

Oh, well. 3 more days holed up with the computer, dreaming happy thoughts. Then 4 years of Bush bashing and Hillary promoting.

Stock up on that stuff, you are going to need a lot of it for the next 4 years to stay in your happy place!


well. I guess we'll just have to see which one of us belongs to the...
"reality based community" on wednesday morning :)

Rep from WA State

Well, OBL just reminded every American who will protect them. That was very nice of him.

With Kerry, we will have someone who will be no better than Clinton in going after terrorists (bombing aspirin factories after 100s were killed).

Honestly, my fear is that Kerry will do what Clinton did and govern by focus groups. I don't want some 20-50 person group of people on the east coast making decisions about how the United States should be run. That was one of the things that I liked the least about Clinton. Him and his focus groups.

I want a President who looks at the evidence and facts and make decisions. I don't want some uniformed people making decisions about my security.

Anyway, anyone who has Eminem as supporter sure isn't getting my vote.

Oh, by the way, I voted for Bush about 2 weeks ago by absentee ballot because that is the only way I can vote in my county. I had to choose between absentee or going to the precinct a few years back. That is the only way I can now vote. A report in the newspaper this morning said that they expect an 85% turnout and 1/3 of the voters have already voted.

Anyway, I happen to attend a church of well over 1000 people in attendance. I can guarantee you that not one of those people will be voting for Kerry for at least one reason. He is pro-Choice. As a Christian church (and not Catholic), we will never vote for a pro-Choice candidate. We don't even discuss it at church. It is against our church's belief to kill children.

Henry Schlatman

Rep from WA State,
You stated that "Anyway, I happen to attend a church of well over 1000 people in attendance. I can guarantee you that not one of those people will be voting for Kerry for at least one reason. He is pro-Choice. As a Christian church (and not Catholic), we will never vote for a pro-Choice candidate. We don't even discuss it at church. It is against our church's belief to kill children"

So unless you and your church are voting for Nader or company, your vote for Bush will go against your own beliefs. How many children have been killed by President Bush's order for war.

Yes, Afganistan was justified; however, Iraq was a war of Bush's own wishes. Can you honestly tell me as a believer in Jesus Christ that President Bush turned the other check before he attacked Iraq over information that he knew was not complete and had no Hard Evidence to prove to the World that God's country was Right to do what we had to do?


"OBL just reminded every American who will protect them."

I've always been fascinated by this thought process. 3,000 innocent people died on Bush's watch. I know the conservative fad is to blame Clinton but the fact is Bush received a PDB called "Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside the United States" which talked about terrorists looking to highjack airplanes and they stamped it a "historical document". The fact is that the Clinton administration told Bush that terrorism would be the #1 problem and should be their biggest priority. It is a fact that Cheney's terrorism task force never met. Under Janet Reno, the department's counter terrorism budget increased 13.6 percent in the fiscal year 1999, 7.1 percent in 2000 and 22.7 percent in 2001. John Ashcroft did not endorse F.B.I. requests for $58 million for 149 new counter terrorism field agents, 200 intelligence analysts and 54 additional translators. John Ashcroft proposed cuts in 14 programs. One proposed $65 million cut was for a program that gives state and local counter terrorism grants.

Bush and his group failed at keeping us safe right out of the gate. This is a fact of devastating proportions.


Ed, You are a single American ... I bet you are single in your choice of President also. Because 80% of Americans are re-electing President Bush.

Loved the Governator's introductory speech by the way! Pump it up for election day. Go George W Bush !!!

Rep from WA State

You actually make me laugh when you Democrats blame Bush for 9/11. He was in office 8 months. Clinton was in office during the first attack in 1993 at the WTC. Why didn't he prevent that attack? And the larger question is in the 7 years after that first WTO attack that Clinton was in the office why didn't he catch OBL?

Under Clinton our military was cut 25% and our best military officers were forced to retire. Clinton put our forces under UN authority. He is the first President to ever do that. I hope he is the last.

Under Clinton Eric Rudolf (a domestic terrorist) ran around the US for 7 years. Free as a bird.

Clinton and his administration did NOTHING to keep us secure. Not one thing.


Now as a Republican who supports President Bush wholeheartedly, I have nothing against the democrats. We need each other to keep this country running smoothly in the middle without falling into EU's nanny statehood.
BUT supporting Mr.Kerry? Give me a break..
This is the man who disgraced the American flag and the American soldiers on his book, now he wants to be the president of United States.
I'm not ready to see our flag flying upside down at the WH or beneath the UN flag.
When he loses his candicacy on Nov.2nd,I realize he will not be happy camper but he could always run and most probably do well somewhere in europe. If he loses,perhaps his wife will buy him some country to keep them happy and loved by zeropeans.

Henry Schlatman

Yes, history will not be kind to him and for that I feel sorry for his supporters. If he would of told them that his Presidentail Executive Order Number 5 effectively shut down all the communication between Our Government Agencies that was in place when Reagan was in office.

And that was just in month TWO! Febuary 2001 President Executive Orders on the White House web site will show you what I mean. Happy Hunting.

Porgie Tirebiter

"Any working man that votes Republican is either misinformed or an Asshole."
George Reeber

Henry Schlatman

Rep of WA State,
As an Independent Veteran, I hold Bush responsible for 9/11. Not because I hate him, but his duty to God and Our Country is to stand up and take RESPONSIBLITY for the actions and/or non actions of Our Government that belong to "We the People." You may of not liked Clinton, but you are really holding Bush to the same standard. A Sin is a Sin if you want to take it to faith.

Bush himselve knows that is why he can not tell "We the People" that he made a mistake. For once spoken from his mouth, he will surely fall from grace.


Here's what the world's most influential men are saying about Our Leader:

1. Iranian Mullahs
Nine out of ten radical Islamist theocrats prefer Our Leader to The Pretender. "Hey," noted one ayatollah, "get rid of the cross and he's just a regular Hosni like me!"

2. John "The Ferret" Staluppi, Mafia Wiseguy
"W's medical savings accounts are the best thing since the Teamster's Pension Fund."

3. Osama bin Ladin for Al Qaeda
"He's our greatest recruiter ever. We don't even have to offer toasters anymore"

4. Czar Vladimir the Horrible, "President," Union of Capitalist Kleptocratic Republics
"He's my guy. I thought I knew gulags, but this guy is a regular Beria."

5. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Messiah, True Father, Washington Times publisher
"His holy handkerchief is extremely fragrant"

6. Sen. Zell Miller, crazy racist
"Sure I support him. We share a special bond because Jesus yells 'KILL, KILL, KILL' inside our heads twenty-four hours a day."


"1993 at the WTC. Why didn't he prevent that attack?"

I'm sure it doesn't take much for a sane person to realize that there would be far less intelligence on a bomb in a van in a parking lot and a massive plot to highjack planes all across the country. The comparison is pathetic. Let's be real. Clinton should have done more and even he wishes he did. He hesitated in the face of "No War for Monica" (one might even be able to argue that Bin Laden could have been stopped if it weren't for the witchhunt of Clinton's penis) . But Clinton had terrorism as a top priority. This is a matter of record, this has been concluded by the 9/11 commission.

Everything in my post is absolutely true. I'm sorry you don't see those choices by the Bush administration as harmful to our security. If you don't see a problem there, you just don't want to see any problems with Bush. He likes to talk about pre-9/11 mindset. Bush IS the pre-9/11 mindset. He didn't listen to the terrorist threat. He never held a cabinet meeting on the subject!

As for why Bin Laden wasn't captured in the 90's - I invite you to watch an EXCELLENT special about the FBI's leading expert on Al Qaeda. Don't worry, is has no political slant. It follows John O'Neil from the creation of Al Qaeda up to his death on 9/11.


Henry Schlatman

Thanks for the site. I will enjoy reading that. It's to bad some of the current information could not come to light right now.


Henry - be sure to click on WATCH "THE MAN WHO KNEW" ONLINE and enjoy the video. It really is incredibly good. It brought a little tear to my eye. It also offers some incite to the internal politics of the FBI.

Henry Schlatman

I just wish the White House would release the "CIA 9/11 Report" which actually gives up the names of those in charge on 9/11. It is that report that will expose who did what, when, and how. That will be a good nights read.

It should be out shortly after the election.

Jeffraham Prestonian

wasted: "Since I have been enlightened tonight by the 9/11 commission, why did Clinton say that he had had the chance?"

I don't know; I don't have any particular insight into Clinton. I never voted for him, and really didn't pay much attention to much of what he had to say. Those were, indeed, different times.


Henry - For us it will be one uber serving of "I told you so" that falls on deaf ears. Christ could come down from the Heavens and denounce Bush and Republicans would side with Bush and call Jesus a Liberal ... wait ... He IS a Liberal!!

Disclaimer. This comment is intended for comedic purposes. It is not meant to insult any level of faith or spark a debate involving religion. ;)

CMS Al Kauses

Tucker, Well Kerry did his normal routine in Milwaukee about 1/2 hour after his plane side political answer. He went off again, we "outsourced" Tora Bora, and that diatribe, Belgala and Holbrook beat it to death also on talk shows. Tommy Franks needs to meet all 3 in a TV studio, camara rolling and lay them to rest. Tucker: The Pres responded later on in the eve with a dignified but poignent response to Kerry going on his tirade again. This Pres response needs to hit the airwaves SAT, nationwide..thanks
Al Kauses

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