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wasted potential

Henry: "Who told you that to be liberal you had to believe in abortion or homosexual lifestyle? Please tell me it was not Hannity and Rush."

No, the candidates on the left, self described liberals, have told me that. It is evidenced in the party platform of the Democratic party, the campaign speeches and promises to never overturn Roe vs Wade, as well as federally fund abortion here and abroad and in voting records for partial birth abortions.

Now the dictionary term for liberal and what that term means today in our society are not the same I agree.

However you statement "The political meaning of liberal is someone who believes that Our Government should do two major things. One; Stay out of our personal lifes. Two; Run Our Government so that everyone has their bare necessities meet and a roof over their head."

I do not agree at all with this statement. That is the libertarian view, not the liberal view, as defined today. The left in this country are for more government control and intervention, not less.


abortion up 14% under bush admin. its called economics.people without jobs can't afford to have another baby.and that little thing about taking condoms out of highschool didn't help either.this report was done by 2 christians and suprised them also.can't remember who it was i'll google and get back to you

8 Dead Marines

Can we come home now?


wasted - you are twisting things a bit. For a Liberal, it isn't a matter of believing in abortion of homosexuality. It is a matter of believing in people to do what they think is best for them without manipulating the law to constrict their choices.

8 dead marines


Al Qaqaa was on a classified list of Iraqi weapons facilities that the CIA provided to Pentagon and military officials before the invasion, said the U.S. intelligence official.

But when the Pentagon and U.S. Central Command produced their own list of sites that a limited number of U.S. "exploitation teams" should search, priority was given to those identified by exiled Iraqi opposition groups, he said. Al Qaqaa wasn't one of them.

"The top of the list was dominated by nuclear facilities and places where we expected to find chemical and biological weapons," he said. "Iraqi exiles had a very heavy hand in determining which places got looked at first."

There is, it seems, literally no end to the damage that Ahmed Chalabi has done to American security. No end.


can't seem to make a link google "abortion rate up" there are several links to the article right at the top

Armed Forces

8 Dead Marines in Iraq today. For what?

Osama slipped the noose at Tora Bora.

Kerry can protect us better.


8 dead marines - Agreed. I've been screaming about Chalabi for months on end and everyone told me I was just a stupid liberal.


Shit ... 8 marines really killed today? I just saw the story.

jor mcgee

wasted, you seem to want to define the word "liberal" in a way that my dictionary doesn't.
Or is it the accepted description of liberal that GOPers don't like? Like "liberal democracy"?

Can you explain?


jor - Is is interesting to me. Conservatives act like they are the authority over what our political views are. It is true that the world "liberal" has been defined for them NOT by us or our actions but rather by their most right-wing conservative heroes who want them to believe we will destroy America.


Tucker -- I don't support your guy and I've enjoyed watching others mock your blogging. But on this one topic I can agree. If anything, as we move into the final days of one of the bitterest political seasons in memory, we are reminded of who the real enemy is.

Thanks for speaking for all Americans.


For another look at the supposed,estimated and assumed 100,000 deaths in Iraq go to:





Oh, sure. Vote Bush to help unborn babies.
Except abortion was down under Clinton, and is now up again under Bush, even with a Republican congress and judicical.
You think he'll end abortion.
Think harder.

Mr. Nationalist

Bush doesn't want abortions to go down. Think of it: the aborted fetuses would grow into welfare children, people with significant disabilities, etcetera.

By making abortion illegal, Bush would bankrupt the economy. THAT is why abortions have gone up in his presidency after they had gone down for so long.

The democrats build socially responsible programs that cost less, but are more effective for women looking for alternatives.

Bush has suppressed information about birth control, and has destroyed several social support networks, making it less likely that a woman wil find ANY alternatives for abortion.

Bush WANTS abortions to continue. There is no other interpretation. It is like his view on capital punishment: it saves the state money in the long run,

Jon C Fry

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