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Kung Fu Hamster

somebody needs to give Liz Cheney remedial courses in manners until she learns to SHUT THE FUCK UP when it's not her turn to talk.

larry  warden

just had a thought...what if...considering kennedy shenannigans of the past, that Mr Kerry will just be a puppet for the kennedy royalty



Of course the party is writing off California. Arnold is too busy watching Enron screw Grandma Millie.



Deborah Leigh Fortin

I have been a hugh George W. Bush supporter this election and I gladly voted for him last term. I thank the powers that be that George W. was in office instead of Gore when we were attacked 9/11! I also have ordered W. Stuff off of his website and I am a volunteer for his Grassroots organization!

I live on a very busy street here in Columbus, Ohio and my Bush/Cheney yard sign had been up since late August! Many others on my street also started posting Bush/Cheney signs as well. Of course there are some Kerry signs too, but we all woke up one morning and all of our Bush/Cheney signs had been stolen. They were gone and the only signs left were the Kerry signs!

This is the most dirty election (Kerry) I have ever seen in my entire life! There has been so many complaints to the news channels here in Columbus, Ohio and complaints to the Republican Party and the Bush/Cheney Headquarters! They did air something on TV about the Bush/Cheney signs being stolen!

Ohio is a bigger supporter of George W. then any of you realize! I took a 214 mile road trip and we saw much more Bush/Cheney signs then we did Scary Kerry signs! John Kerry is a traitor to the United States of America and I cannot believe he is able to run for the highest office in this land after his treasonist actions after he won his questionable medals in only 4 months in Vietnam.

I am only third generation here in the United States and every single generation has been in the military! This man is a liar! We were all set to watch Stolen Honor, Wounds that Never Heal. I even called Sinclair Broadcasting which is Channel Six here in Columbus, Ohio three days before the program was to air and was told it will air on schedule!

Then the day of, we all found out that Sinclair folded under the Dems threats! What does this man have to hide???? If he is so proud of his so called military record then why is he so afraid of us seeing this documentary?? Why will he not release his military records? Why does he go around the United States lying to the American public about George W.'s record on everything this wonderful man has done???

I have a very dear friend in Texas as well as I have roots down there and he did some research in regard to the 17% increase in Medicare. According to his research ex-embarassment Bill Clinton signed this bill the last year he was in office! George W. had nothing to do with this! Why hasn't the media and George W.'s team picked up on this and use it against Kerry's lies! This is from my friend in Texas!

More about the Medicare Scandal........

Have you seen the John Kerry commercial in which George Bush pledges to help Seniors on Medicare and "the very next day imposes a 17% premium increase - the biggest in history."

That ad is a stoke of genius on Kerry's part and will surely gain him many votes among the uninformed. I found it so amazing that I did some homework on the issue.

As it turns out the 17% increase was not imposed by President Bush but was mandated by the "balanced budget agreement" signed by President Clinton, voted into law by Senator John Kerry! and was scheduled to come into effect during the Bush administration. President Bush had no authority to reverse what had been voted into law by Senator Kerry during the Clinton administration.

Once again Kerry is counting on the ignorance of the American people.

Also, I am in the health care field and Edwards and other trail attorney's just like him has helped raise malpractice rates to an outrageous amounts here in the United States. We are due to renew this year and I work with 19 exceptional physicians who all are emergency room physicians who have moved to Urgent Care due to malpractice rates! Without any claims at all, our rates came back at a 100% increase! We are fighting this and the owner of the company I work for is ready to go before the Board of Insurance, the courts here in Columbus, Ohio, and he has been traveling across the United States banning with other physicians who feel the same way that we do!

What cracked me up the most in both the Vice-president race and the second Presidential debates is the fact that both Kerry and Edwards promised the American people that they would not quit until all American's had the same health care insurance that Congress has! Congress has the most richest plan there is and it lasts their entire lifetime whether or not they are still in Congress or not! And guess who pays for these plans? We do the American public.

Now Flip-flop Kerry is stating that he wants to put everyone on Medicaid, government controled healt care that most physicians will not accept because of the poor reimbursement rates! You can't have it both ways! Physicians have to make enough money to be able to pay the outrageous malpractice rates and they need to be paid for their services! John Kerry just doesn't get it!

We cannot afford to have these two clowns running our country and dictating our health care, which is going to raise taxes for the middle class no matter what Kerry says! Our country will be in an even bigger mess than when Hilary tried to socialize medicine and was voted right out of Congress!

On a final note, we will also have to foot the bill for all of Kerry's mansions here and abroad with Secret Service and guess who will pay for that. We will! Our country cannot afford to take care of the millionairs who claim to be the "guy next door" Think about it people this man is a joke!

I think you get the gist of this email sir.

I hope someone will at least look into the Medicare issue! Our Seniors deserve to know the truth!

With Much Respect and I will keep supporting President George W. Bush!
Deborah Leigh Fortin


This is a great site! Good idea to keep all the koolaid drinkers in one place so we can keep an eye on you. W is toast, as is the Repig party, and deservedly so, from the rank idiocy displayed here. You folks will keep shrinks in business for decades to come. Your hatred of the 1st amendment and your disregard of the crimes of the unelectd president is leading you over the cliff, bye-bye!


A place where Democrats have exploited?? Oh, I forgot the (yes, difficult) part. How "compassionate" of you to admit the difficult part. Tis always nice to know as you're making the choice between prescription medications and food, or gas for the tank to get to your minimum wage job or rent that our pResident is "compassionate" and his stooges admit that it's "yes, difficult".

Bushfraud is going down in Ohio...thank the good Lord.




Tucker, I've also enjoyed the buzz associated with the Wolves ad. Some of the best write ups on the web that I've seen:



Jim Crow

What a great idea. How's Larry Russell's gang of vote suppressors from South Dakota doing? Have they found any Indians to disenfrancise yet? Anyway, that's small potatoes. You're paying thousands of thugs a $100 a day to intimidate blacks outside their polling places. Jim Crow lives in Ohio! Keep up the good work.


The lastest Polls shows that Bush is ahead by 6 percentage points in Ohio. Way to Go Bush. For the detail about the poll, go to www. sturvennews.com/presidential_polls.php


Those wolves are so scary. I think that's a great ad. It shows the evils of terrorism and lets people know the hatred and fear and death and endless assfucking that would result from another four years of this so-called president. I was undecided, but now I know to vote for Kerry. Kerry is a hunter; he would kill wolves, instead of letting them despoil our nations forests, which are clearly far better despoiled by the big logging and oil friends of our current "leader." Vote for BUSH. 'Cause now I won't.


Hey Tucker,
I heard that the wolves you used in your ads are endangered species? Any comment?

And tucker, are you as smarmy as the other tucker? Where's your bowtie?


Hey Tucker,
How is it that the president can hug ashley and also ignore the PDB memo that killed her mom? Bitter irony don't ya think?

Also, who do you like better...Ashlee or Jessica Simpson?

Just Bob

I'm outraged at the inapproprieate use of the war on terror to try to win an election. The "Wolves" ad is just fear-mongering, and not at all fair to the public discourse. Any fair-minded campaign wouldn't run it. Tucker should be on record opposing its use as negative campaigning.


"I like the wolves ad - it's not just a good spot for those who do 'get it' - it has chatter-appeal. Buzz is one way to get more bang for your (highly fragmented) advertising buck."

Hey Tucker, everyone's welcome to their own opinion. But even Republicans I know are abuzz about the "puppies" ad. The moral seems to be that if we vote for Kerry, we'll run into a bunch of puppies that will lick us to death if we don't watch out.

As a liberal and a Kerry supporter, I beg you: please, run this ad often - nay, unremittingly. In as many swing states as you can still buy ad time in. Hit us with it again and again. Don't let up. We'll thank you on November 3.

Joanne Berry

Having just seen the movie "The Day After Tomorrow", the wolves in the ad made me think of global warming which is not one of Bush's best areas. I would axe the ad quickly. It may hurt the campaign. I want Bush to win!


Every time Bush is confronted with a question about missing WMDs, he dodges the question by saying that the war was the right thing to do and that if his opponent was president Saddam would still be in power.

Clearly, Bush lied to us about Iraq having WMDs and Iraq being a threat to the U.S. The Oct 2002 NIE tells us he knew it wasn't certain; the ISG report tells us it wasn't true.

What I want to know is if having Saddam out of power is so good, then why didn't Bush say that was the reason for going to war? Why make up a story about WMDs? Wolfowitz told us they evaluated the various reasons and decided to go with WMDs because they could sell that. This just reinforces the fact that the lying was intentional.

Joanne Berry

Has anyone noticed that many of the Democrats who have posted comments to this site appear to have a great command of vile language? Freedom of speach is a good thing but swearing instead of stating facts is sheer ignorance.

Olin Lacy


I'm just a country boy, but I don't remember a mule being able to reproduce. I believe elephants can. With abortion, the Dems will be out of votes in a generation.


6) When the idea of WMD is called a lie, we just say, "The whole world thought he had them." Why do we not point out the fact that there was opportunity to move the weapons into Iran before the invasion, since we said we were coming ahead of time, and the movement into that country drastically increased before we arrived? Was this forgotten?


8) When Haliburton is brought up as a no bid contract, why do we not demand Kerry tell us who would have bid against them, slowing down relief for the Iraqi people?


Perhaps also while you are scrapping around for your so called facts you could ask your President where the CIA Inspector General report on 9-11 that is being held up??? Perhaps you could ask your President why he doesn't think much about Osama?? Perhaps you could ask the RNC about the criminal investigations ongoing in two states regarding illegal voter registration by companies employed by the RNC??? Perhaps you could ask why Pat Robertson's commments are strenuously disavowed by Jerry Falwell and the Bush administration?? Sounds to me like FACTS are being loosely played here?? In my world thats call SPIN. Need a dictionary??

kerry supporter

Yes, I've also noticed the vile lauguage of the leftist posters, and I do not approve. Also, calling Kerry a "traitor" or whatever is out of line.

People, we are opposed politically but that doesn't mean the other side is out to destroy the country. I have pro-kerry and pro-bush people in my own family, so I don't like all of the insults flying around here , I feel like you're insulting my own family members!

I happen to fall on the Kerry side, b/c I think we should give him a chance, but will vote against him in 4 years if he is as incompetent as Bush has been. He's about as dishonest as Bush is...but hey, these are our choices.

Either of these guys will do okay. But I'm hoping for greatness. Bush has definitely blown it. Kerry...not much chance...but we'll see! : )

Rep from WA State

Well, I just read some of the other messages on this blog. Once again my evaluation of democrats has been affirmed:

1. They are lazy. They want everything without working for it.

2. They want my money in their pockets.

3. They are crude and cannot act like adults.

4. They don't know the truth if it comes up and bit them in the backside.

5. They believe in murdering children (abortion).

6. And if their party is put into power, we may be put into danger from which we will not survive.

Winston Flaitt

I wonder if there's someone out there who can get word to the President to stop talking at the rally's. When he does, well, it seems like he's lying. I know he's not but there's just something about his voice or something that seems dishonest. If someone could tell him just to smile and wave, I think we'd be alright, but if he keeps talking I'm afraid we won't be able to overcome it. I thought I might be imagining it but I recently caught part of a speech when I was out with friends and the other people in the place kept mean-mouthing him as he spoke. I asked the people near us to show some respect but they just laughed at me AND the President. I just got up and left. The worst part of it is I know those folks, and up to a couple of months ago they were pretty big Bush supporters! They're a bunch of hypocrites if you ask me.

wasted potential

First, let me say that it is not necessary to be profane to make a point. Why the Kerry supporters seem to have resorted to this tactic here and on other boards (as well as in the streets) says a lot about his consituency. We should be able to discuss differences of opinion in a civil manner in this country and still like each other. As the President says "Good people can disagree on certain issues."

Second, it amazes me the world view that many of the Kerry supporters writing in on this website seem to have. Their ideas on Bush and the last 4 years seem so contrary to my observations during the same time frame. I dare say, that if Al Gore had been president and taken the same actions, they would be having a different viewpoint. Unfortunately, so would many Republicans, I am afraid.

This whole idea that Bush lied about Iraq is intellectually dishonest, as if the years from 1991 to 2002 never existed. First we had economic sanctions, then inspectors who felt they were being lied to, then they were thrown out, Saddam was shooting at our planes over the no fly zone and then inspectors came back and felt they were being misled again. Even President Clinton and Tom Daschle were threatening military force in 1998 against Saddam, based upon the assumption that he had WMD and was kicking out the inspectors for that reason. If President Clinton would have dealt properly with Saddam then, President Bush would not have had to during his term.

If Saddam had no WMD, why would he act this way? Was he just a nutcase, bent on messing with the UN for his personal jollies? No, it was because he planned on reinstituting his programs once his allies in France, Germany, Russia and China lifted the economic sanctions and inspectors off of him. This has been stated in the recently released reports, but was not reported by the media. By the way, the French, Germans, Russians and Chinese were against the removal of Saddam, not for high minded reasons of state and diplomacy, but because of money. They were illegally trading with Saddam and were pushing to lift the sanctions we had placed on him. The oil-for-food program is a disgraceful reminder of the UN's complicity in this as well. To ignore this is to ignore facts to fit one's own view of the world.

After 9/11, I cannot imagine any president, GOP or Democrat who would have acted differently. No one with good conscience could have allowed this cruel despot to stay in power given what took place that horrible day in September. Not because he was the mastermind of 9/11, but because his regime had the motive and means to deliver a similar or worse blow to our country. This is a man who gassed men, women and children in Northern Iraq, invaded Kuwait, set fires to his own oil wells and attempted to assinate the former President Bush.

I am forced to believe that this whole argument against Bush really comes down to a different issue. The leftists in this country and in Europe were so against Bush in 2000 and are even more so this year because they believe the evangelical Christian or social conservative is a greater threat to their way of life than the fundamentalist muslim. Bush represents what they call "Retro" while they want to take us down the path that the socialistic democracies of Europe have already gone - a completely secular country devoid of religion in the public arena and where the government is the defacto God ruling everyone's daily lives.

This is a true area of disagreement which can be debated, but the democrats realize it a losing issue in "the heartland" so they put out these intellectually dishonest arguments to help their cause. But the hatred comes from their fear of Christian theocracy and a longing for a secular America.

If any Kerry supporter would like to challenge these statements in a civil and thoughtful way, I welcome the debate. Perhaps, it is not too late for some of you out there.

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