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wasted :: thank you very much. I keep getting out there and trying. I am running out of stuff in my house to sell on ebay!! ;)

Jeffraham Prestonian

wasted -- My lawyer friend in Ohio says if you didn't get a copy of what you sign, it can't be legally enforced. So what did the thing say, anyway?

wasted potential

Jeffraham - are you serious about the loyalty oath thing? To answer your question, no, I did not sign anything. I waited in line for a ticked, showed my driver's license and got 2 tickets.

By the way, it is now reported - 15,000 at the rally, 4000 outside the rally listening on loudspeakers that couldn't get in. Not bad for a county that had 30,000 total voters in 2000.

Of course, we outnumber the democrats 3 to 1 here or so. We have only one elected democrat elected to the city council, other than that all, local, state and federal officials are Republican.

And guess what, we have one of the lowest unemployment figures in the state, one of the lowest crime rates in the state, several businesses coming here to open up factories and distribution centers, etc... Many of the factories coming here are "insourcing" plants from Japanese firms who do business with Honda. In addition, we have Cooper Tire, Whirlpool, Marathon Oil and Ball Metal plants who have been here for years and they have been adding workers! This of course has led to an explosion in our retail market - we actually have a mall in a town of 40,000 people. My wife works at one of the department stores and our store actually competes for sales with stores in much larger communities. Consumers drive to our nice little town from miles around to shop and eat because it is a nice place.

This is all possible because our local government entices these companies to come here and stay through our tax policies towards corporations. The problem is, many communities controlled by the democrats have not been proactive towards business while the times have been changing, meaning that when factories or plants close, they are not able to replace those jobs. Not all of the jobs lost in Ohio moved overseas - several of them moved south to communities willing to work with companies. This explains the census numbers shift in recent years from the midwest to the south. These communities (controlled primarily by Republicans) are doing a much better job for their constituents than the mostly union-controlled democratic communities.

It is good to be in Bush country!

Working Man

Yes , jobs have shifted to the south where the pay scales are lower , the companies force employees to pay an even more ridiculous amount of their weekly (or monthly) pay for ever-smaller benefit packages , promise employees vacations after a certain number of years on the job then rescind it with no explanation other than "because we can" etc. Yes , they want to move to places where working people get screwed & they can by an extra Mercedes or two with all the extra profits they put in their pockets at our expense. I live in Bush country too , & it sucks!!!


It's bothered me that some in Europe and so many 3rd world countries would support Kerry. Spent a few hours this weekend and finally found what they think of Kerry and why they still support him. They think he is really a war criminal and that he confessed to such in the U.S. Congress. (He actually did) With this information any member of the U.N. can request his arrest and trial at any time...Guess that would really gives them quite an advantage in world affairs wouldn't it...That's the one charge they can press against a sitting President and make stick....There's one ruler sitting in court and has been for several years awaiting trial on basically the same charge..I wish them nothing but good luck....

Sister Viking

We invaded Vietnam, arranging for the assassination of its leader, invented a precipitating incident to facilitate sending ground troops in, and proceeded to murder 3,000,000 civilians in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We used chemical weapons liberally against entire populations and made many areas of the countryside uninhabitable, even now. What exactly do you have to do to become a war criminal? those of us who lived through that time are all complicit; those who did nothing about it are war criminals, plain and simple.

John Kerry is a good man who did what he could to first fight in, and then fight against this sham war. George Bush is just another drunken southern coward.

Steve Viking

Ummm...Dave wanted to thank you, Tucker for first writing, and then taking down your comments about the 400 tons of high explosive stolen in Iraq. He guesses that means you saw the video shot eight days after US troops arrived in Baghdad? The one with all the weapons right where the UN told George they were?

But Viking Dave wants you to know that that's not how blogging works. A blog is a journal - of sorts - where you write down your deepest thoughts, and then share them with everybody else for some bizarre reason? You do not go back and edit your blog for political expediency. You leave all the screw ups to have a good laugh later...when you grow up.

Now for the last few days you've been blathering on about what a doofus John Kerry was to criticize the President for losing the weapons he went to Iraq to find, but, it turns out that's precisely what happened. Don't you owe us all an apology, Tucker? Shouldn't you put the edited blog entries back up again so we can all admire your prescient thinking and extraordinary perception?

C'mon, Tucker, I know one of you boneheads is man enough to admit when you make a mistake, even if the presidunce can't, aren't you? Especially such a BIGGGGGG mistake as losing not only the respect of the entire world but 10 reilroad car loads of high explosive too. That's gonna kill a lotta people, isn't it Tucker? D'ya think it's in Syria yet?

This is why we beat you up in Junior High School, Tucker, you're not man enough to admit what a sissy you are.

The boys on the boat

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