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Yeah, Tucker better talk about baseball because you have nothing else to offer the voters of New Hampshire.

Or do you consider the last few days to be more "good days in the news cycle?"

You guys are spinning so desparately, you may have even convinced yourselves!


jeffraham, jeffraham, where are you jeffraham?

So the press reports now, that the IAEA information that the NYTimes reported and that Kerry coopted was, ahem, incorrect.

Pardon me, but there were not "377" tons of high explosives in the ammo dump. No, that is not exactly right. There were, actually, 3 tons. Yes, not 377 tons, but 3 tons. And even that material was stored in a bunker with an alternate entry point, so it could have been removed at any time. When iaea checked the seal in January 2003, it did not confirm that those 3 tons -- not 377 but 3 tons -- were even still inside. Hmmm.


Q: What kind of man puts his credibility on the line in the biggest campaign of his lifetime in the final week without any confirmation that the statement -- exaggerated 5 fold even beyond the nytimes story -- is actually true????

Answer: A desperate one, who cares more than anything in the world about winning and will say anything, anything, to try to win. See DICK MORRIS column today, my friend Jeffraham.

Rep from WA State

I sure am enjoying watching all stuff hitting the fan about the missing explosives. Now the IAED said there was less of the material there in January 2003 than they are now saying was in there. And they didn't even tell the US that those explosives were even there until May 2003. Oops! Can't get their stories straight.

And the Russians helped move whatever amount of explosives were there to Syria just before the war. What munitions our soldiers found had French and German labels all over them. Gotta love our "friends".

And we have this guy who jumped all over the story before looking at the facts. Egg all over the face. This guy is no friend of the military. In hopes of destroying our President with lies, he blasts our military.

This guy wouldn't know the truth if it slapped him in the face. How many lies is this now? Draft lies. Social Security lies. Now, explosive lies. While he lies, he accuses the President of lying when the President was using reports that were available to sKerry before the war.

Now, all of these new stories of Democratic voter fraud. sKerry in the White House is truly frightening. Democrats are thugs.

My neighbor has a large sign with Bush/Cheney on one side and a sign for our Republican Governor candidate on the other side. Two times in the last week someone has taken an ax to it in the middle of the night. He has had to put it up for a third time.

Someone tell me why you want this party in power when this is just a small example of the kind of people who embrace sKerry. We have had the 2 largest Bush offices in Washington vandalized.

You are a reflection of the people you support. So far, that reflection is not too good if you are a sKerry supporter.


namestealer - Well, Dick Morris better talk to the White House because they don't seem to have any of the information.

Funny, this story has to change every few hours to offer some new, and often conflicting, "truth" that is meant to somehow take this administration off the hook. You would rather focus on Kerry for being a bad guy for bringing up current events in the news when he talks.

BOTTOM LINE - Nobody knows what happened. From the mouth of the White House it is a "mystery" And what most of you don't seem to understand is - THAT IS THE PROBLEM!! You can show me a story that proves in every way that the weapons are still there and everything was safe. That doesn't change the fact that we didn't know.

Rep from WA State

Keep grabbing at straws, sKerry supporters. As time goes on, documents are coming forward that shows the whole Times story was completely wrong. And sKerry pinned his hopes on those lies. Egg all over his face.

I am really enjoying this.


Rep from WA State - I suppose you are missing, or just ignoring, the point here.

No matter which way you spin it, no matter what "documents" show, this administration doesn't KNOW what happened.


Before I go let me leave you with some

BUSH FACTS OF THE DAY!!! *Read that title with a strong echoing voice*

Mr. Bush ignored his own experts' warnings that Osama bin Laden planned to attack inside the U.S., that an invasion of Iraq could create a toxic partnership between outside terrorists and Baathists and create sympathy for them across the Islamic world, that Donald Rumsfeld was planning a war and occupation without enough troops, that Saddam's aluminum tubes were not for nuclear purposes, that U.S. troops should safeguard 380 tons of sealed explosives that could bring down planes and buildings, and that, after the invasion, Iraq could erupt into civil war.

And, of course, the president ignored Colin Powell's Pottery Barn warning: if you break it, you own it.

Ayad Allawi, turned on Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush this week. Mr. Allawi accused coalition forces of "major negligence'' for not protecting the unarmed Iraqi National Guard trainees who were slaughtered by insurgents wearing Iraqi police uniforms. Iraqi recruits are getting killed so fast we can't even pretend that we're going to turn the country over to them.

Peter W. Galbraith, a former diplomat who helped advance the case for an Iraq invasion told Wolfowitz about "the catastrophic aftermath of the invasion, the unchecked looting of every public institution in Baghdad, the devastation of Iraq's cultural heritage, the anger of ordinary Iraqis who couldn't understand why the world's only superpower was letting this happen.'' He told Mr. Wolfowitz that mobs were looting Iraqi labs of live H.I.V. and black fever viruses and making off with barrels of yellowcake.

"Even after my briefing, the Pentagon leaders did nothing to safeguard Iraq's nuclear sites,'' he said.

In April 2003 in Baghdad, Galbraith told a young U.S. lieutenant stationed across the street that H.I.V. and black fever viruses had just been looted. The soldier had been devastated and said, "I hope I'm not responsible for Armageddon.''

Ronald Reagan

While the Bush campaign is in New England today let me raise another issue. Its troubling to me that one of Bush's big applause lines refers to a "liberal senator from Massachusetts." (A similar ploy refers to Nancy Pelosi as a San Francisco liberal.) There's a clear implication here that people from Massachusetts are untrustworthy or somehow inferior. Imagine if Kerry invoked a regional bias against Texas. He would be excoriated.

Its puzzling to me that Bush can get away with this regional bigotry. It transparently belies Bush's 2000 claim to be a uniter not a divider. (Funny how we don't hear so much about that any more.)

the spanish inquisition

Uh, oh...


Whitiker Chambers

Please help me understand why you folks kept Cheney on the ticket. Where was he while his daughter was learning to be a Carpet Muncher? Didn't he notice when she came home reeking of fish? What kind of message does this send to our nation & our allies? I love the President , but I can't vote for him knowing that a man that brought a Pervert into the world is running along side him.

Mr. Nationalist

Video. Hmmm. I also see that some terrorist group has a video they claim is some of the missing munitions. And John Kerry is spreading the message that our troops will be targeted by all the explosives.

I guess it's deja vu all over again. John Kerry helping our enemies spread the seeds of defeat. BTW, you don't suppose he gets a secret thrill out of bad war news, do you? No, no, I suppose not....

robert conrad


Your comments are pretty darn enlightening. Kerry began on Monday by accusing our military and our President of a "horrendous blunder," of historic proportions. Now he's saying,... oh, well, I just want to know what the facts are.

Oh really? So smear us military first, and the President with us (even though he had no involvement in the command decisions at issue) then act innocent later?

You putrid thugs. We see though you. You are going to get the "what-for" today on the campaign trail from the President and distinguished former military men. You people say anything, and can't be trusted.


Reagan - I am glad you brought that up. I've been to a couple of Kerry events. I've even been to a Michael Moore rally! I've never heard any boo's out of the crowd. The Republicans at the Moore rally had signs like "Michael Moore is a Cocksucker." On this board we are all "liberal slimeballs" from all but a few respectful Republicans.

My question is - what are Republicans so mad about?? They have the White House, the Senate, the Congress. Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine and now you have right-wing supporters like Rupert Murdoch who own 2,000 U.S. TV Stations, 11,000 radio stations, and 11,000 newspapers and magazines. They have Limbaugh as the news source to military in Iraq. And that isn't enough. Now people who disagree with them aren't an opposing opinion. They are the enemy. They should be demonized and destroyed! People wonder why our country is so divided?


robert conrad - show me the quote where Kerry insulted the military for the missing explosives.. This is so typical it is boring. First, any showing of facts not in Bush's favor result in an attack on the opponent. Who cares if Bush has caused chaos through his irresponsible leadership. LET'S ATTACK KERRY!! It's much easier then answering for the actual problems we face. Second, questioning leadership is not "denigrating our troops" no matter how many times Bush says it.

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." - Theodore Roosevelt

Jeffraham Prestonian

Aren't y'all gonna blame Clinton for the missing explosives? I've heard every other implauasable tale (what? 9? 10 different stories from the White House?). C'mon -- it was Clinton's fault.


So Kerry smeared us military during Vietnam, and is smearing us again now for our tactics in Iraq. Scum. Does he think the President is on the phone with troops directing them how to search??? Twit.

I ask all of you: What is the next smear the nytimes plans for this weekend? Are they going to make up some story on homeland security next???
And not give folks enough time to rebut it?

My guess is that they are going to try to claim that some part of our homeland defense is inadequate. BS.


RocketPunch ... I have been on this board and have many vitriolic remarks directed at me, so lets be honest and say there is plenty of that going both ways ...

Robert Conrad

Rocket Punch:

What the heck do you think he's criticizing when he plays armchair general on the appropriate tactical approach to the invasion. You are a fool if you don't think that every military man and woman in this nation doesn't understand the nature of that insult.

The President makes high level strategic decisions. The tactical decisions and implementation that Kerry is attacking ARE MILITARY DECISIONS AND ACTIONS. Just like he did in Vietnam, he is criticizing our military.

So, are you a 23 year old staffer for Ted Kennedy? If so, your ignorance could be excused. If not, you will soon learn ....


Jeffraham - in 12+ years when Obama is starting his second term they will still be blaming Clinton for anything they can think of. :)

Ronald Reagan

RocketPunch -- I think you raise a good question.

In the 1960s the left was derided as the "Hate America First" crowd, and seen as a political force for social disorder. In the 2000s, the roles have been reversed. Right-wing extremism can be violent, and conservatives are the most ardent critics of American society.

Some of this has very deep roots, but a lot I think dates from the 1994 Congress. Gingrich changed the tone for the worse giving voice to an uncivil conservative discourse. Its odd that conservative Christians never tempered this trend in conservative politics. Gingrich was never a Christian conservative, and the Christian right despaired of the vulgarity of the 1960s. They never checked it in their own ranks.


>>>>What the heck do you think he's criticizing

Well, since he says "PRESIDENT" I guess it kind of leads me to believe he places blame on the President. So, instead of trying to prove I know less then you with your childish insults, why don't you tell me whose fault this is, if not Bush. Why would the President NOT be responsible for problems under his command? Should the people under him fire themselves for doing a bad job? But wait, Bush thinks Rumsfeld is doing a "Superb job".


Robert - What kind of timing is this, eh?

Rudy Guiliani this morning said

“‘The actual responsibility for it really would be for the troops that were there. Did they search carefully enough? Didn't they search carefully enough?’


Reagan - You are very right. Gingrich does often get credit for creating the beginnings of this hatred in division. But "The Hammer" took it to new levels. Combine that with the Rush's and Hannity's of the world spreading division, distortions and hate. Nobody wants this stuff. I've listened to Rush and I've listened to Franken. There is NO comparison between the two. Most conservative talk is seething.

Ronald Reagan

The military, in some respects, is like a lot of other big organizations, General Motors, IBM and so on. When General Motors made unsafe cars, the problem was not with the line workers but with management who thought they could shave costs.

Kerry's criticism is similar. The soliders on the ground were doing exactly as they were ordered with the troop levels, equipment, and strategic plan and so on, that was ultimately provided by the Pentagon civilian leadership and the President. Kerry is not saying the soldiers failed to secure the weapons sites. He is saying the administration failed to have a plan to secure those sites.


Rudy Guiliani this morning said
“‘The actual responsibility for it really would be for the troops that were there. Did they search carefully enough? Didn't they search carefully enough?’

That is incredible. Can you imagine if someone on the Kerry camp (especially their convention keynoter speaker) said that? The torches would be out and on the march.

Robert Conrad ::: you couldn't have been smacked down any harder. I'd be surprised if you are still on this board after that.

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