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laura stietz

kerry'y goose sure is cooked!!! his goose has been cooked since he has started his campaign!!! the best thing that senator kerry could do for america right now is drop out of the race and let gw bush continue for another 4 years!!!! we love you gw bush and my family and i pray for you everyday!!!! god bless you and we know you will not need any luck on nov 2 because i know america will make the right choice!!!!


Welcome! It's going to be good to hear facts about how we're doing...I pray daily for GWB's re-election as I think my family's safety depends on it (among many other reasons).. Will be checking in OFTEN.

Mike DeVault

Tucker, thanks for the blog. I love the inside stuff and hope you will be willing to provide a little insider information as we near the end. I'm here in New Mexico and I firmly believe that "W" will win here unless voter fraud tilts it the other way. This is a tough state for a Republican but it can be done here because of the political leanings of so many of the transplants who live here. Carry on .................and let's win!

jim parkey

I pray for GW Bush to win, but not for the same reasons. I feel that he has singlehandedly created such a mess in Iraq and with the budget deficit that it is only fair that he, not Kerry, be in office when the chickens come home to roost.

It's maddenning that you people beleive this man is keeping you safer. He's making the world far more unsafe than I would have imagined possible.

lisa camp

Who is John Kerry kidding walking around in camo with a gun..Everyone knows that Kerry has fought hard to take guns owners rights away, thats why the NRA supports George W Bush.This last minute ditch to re-invent himself makes Kerry look real desperate.


Here's something that no news media has reported , and I have been emailing and calling stations all last week. Headline : "Police Call on Kerry to Stop Misrepresenting thier Support for Him. " He used their support in one of the debates---I really feel this needs to be brought out to the American Public ! I don't think folks would appreciate him making fraudelent support claims ! http://www.grandlodgefop.org/press/pr041014b.html
Please get this out !


How come we never see pictures of President Bush on horseback?

Ron Mardiros

Help, Please,
Why can I not get any Bush supporter, to "Out"
both Kerry or Edwards about the fact that neither
has gone to Iraqi or Afganistan since the combat.
They talk alot, but have no contact with our troops, the Iraqi people, or the command structure
managing the conditions. Many senators, congressman and administration leaders have been there. Get this out, Please.
Ron Mardiros 32032 Schoolcraft, Livonia MI 48150


Sigh...when Kerry continues at this pace it really depresses me.

Though, Donna, one thing I'd like to point out is that this is just a police union. The strength of unions in America is rather withering. But anyway, Kerry must lose.


Hanoi John's a hunter and I'm Santa Claus. My first Kerry turn-off was when he told the American Voter that it was "none of (his/her) business" which "foreign leaders" he had been talking with about who they wanted for the next American President. I believe that's the way Kerry feels about everything - it's none of our business - just vote for him because he has a 'plan'. As far as I'm concerned, Kerry the democrat is really just a communist in drag who wants to slip socialist policies in through the back door. That's his 'plan'.


It is interesting to note how each of the various parties seam to be more into painting how hideous their point is rather than focus more on what they can do for the people. It seams like no matter whom I vote for its all an effort to vote for the lesser evil. Not for what they can do for my nation or even me, but who will harm me the less.

Pity really.


Teryl McClung


I have many, many LE & military friends who are VERY actively involved in keeping our homeland safe and as a result, how many more successful attacks has America suffered at the hands of these determined terrorists? ZERO, that's how many under Bush's watch, and yet you find fault in that. Ironic.


Nice blog and its good for the campaign to interface with the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of pro-Bush Bloggers.


Thank you Mr. Eskew for putting your blog together. I am going to add you to my "Blog Salute" over on MY political blog. I have information on mine about how folks can download and watch the Stolen Honor video for free. This election has been interesting in that freedom of speech doesn't apply to Bush Supporters because it goes against what the Kerry Supporters believe. Since having passed the video around on the internet I have been chewed out and scolded for spreading "propoganda." Freedom of speech only applies if it suits the other person's belief system and I think that's wrong. Also, John Kerry should have apologized for lying to the Senate back in 1971. There is no way this man should every be commander in chief of the United States. My stomach curls just thinking about it...


Off Topic.

I am seeing disturbing news regarding voter intimidation and violence.

Maybe the President should take a leadership position and ask any Republican supporters to refrain from these types of actions.

At the same time, challenge the Senator to do the same for the sake of the country.

This is one sad consequence of the hateful message that is coming from some people. I really fear for the future of this country. How can we remain united when there is all this hate?


I forgot to share my blog link with you Mr. Eskew: http://www.yoshi2me.blogspot.com/


"He must've thought that what's good for the goose is good for the pander."

That is a superb line. I will have to use it next time I am engaged in cross fire with my liberal (weenie) friends. I will give you and the new blog site credit, of course!

I think the message of optimism is so powerful. I think that enough buzz has cirulated the MSM that most pessimistic people are the liberal ones these days.

I think if there is a way for HBO to replay their 9/11 Movie that they produced and aired starting in November of 2001 that would be a nice reminder to the US people of where we were just a short time ago. GWB's steady-handed determination, poise, leadership, and even at times a little emotional during one of our nation's worst moments are gripping and could do far more in convincing the undecideds then all of the propoganda ads and movies could every accomplish.

Is there any influence that anyone has over HBO for a special re-airing of this moving film before the election??


What I don't understand is why did Bush pull our boys out of Tora Bora and let Bin Laden escape just to invade Iraq? It seems like Iraq could have waited until OBL was captured? What was ole Dubya thinking? Didn't he expect that he would have to explain that in the election?


Craig Loe

Does GWB now get the support of PETA? If JK will murder a poor goose just to "get" votes, where will he ever stop? WHERE IS PETA

Teryl McClung


I have many, many LE & military friends who are VERY actively involved in keeping our homeland safe and as a result, how many more successful attacks has America suffered at the hands of these determined terrorists? ZERO, that's how many under Bush's watch, and yet you find fault in that. Ironic.


Bush Cheney doesn't have a chance in Michigan, nor in Ohio. New Polls put Kerry in the lead in both.

Bush is going down as it scary Tucker Eskew (where planet did you come from?)



Start referring to John Kerry not as Senator Kerry, but as "Democratic War President Kerry".

That will crack his base like a crack head's soul.

Daniel Williams

Seems Kerry really will pose for any opportunity he and his handlers think might gain a vote or two.

Teryl McClung

Sorry for the double post, my bad.


Yes, Kerry's sorry attempt to target the gun owners in America was a sad example of him showing what an 'Average Guy' he is. An 'Average Guy' wouldn't be degrading, rude, disrespecting and abrasive to 'President Bush'. I pray that November 3rd, John Kerry will be realizing that he & his wife, Teresa, have portrayed themselves as nothing but "RICH SNOBBERY" over the 'Middle Class' that they are supposedly so 'concerned' about.. I hope Americans will come to their senses, go to the polls and re-elect President Bush. Kerry's goose is 'fully cooked' .. Senator Kerry was an Anti-War Protester in the 70's and now he's an Anti-War Protester again, who just happens to be running for President. God Help Us if Kerry is elected. Our country WON'T be safe at all. Kerry will let the UN decide our fate. Teresa Heinz-Kerry and her 'big mouth' will be an embarrassment to all Americans. Senator Kerry is ANTI-WAR..he'll cut and run and leave the Iraqi's in a worse state than when they were liberated! We will WIN this war on Terrorism, but not on John Kerry's watch .. Go GW BUSH!!

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