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Let's see if I've got this straight. Bush & Rice knew for 18 months that Saddam's stockpile of high explosives were unguarded but did nothing about it. As a result, 380 tons of explosives were looted and are now being used against our troops (resulting in over 1,000 killed)?

If this isn't brazen incompetance, I don't know what is. Who's failure is this, Rumsfeld's?

Kerry can't possible be worse than this.


-The Other Side reads this Times story? and decides, "That's our topline message of the day."-

Probably because the story points out that Bush's inexplicable incompetance is getting our troops killed

So it's not so much a hit on the troops, this story, as it is on Bush's criminal blundering


wow, somehow the fact that explosives (which were being watched by the IAEA before the war) were left unguarded during the war and were carted off to who knows where is going to be used by the right wing as an argument for the war? who's position is convoluted around here?

And somehow pointing out the fact that we lost track of more weapons than we found in this war so far is unpatriotic. Because you know, the Bush team can't admit any mistakes, so they have to project the blame down onto the people on the ground. yeah, really great leadership guys.


In truth we really have no idea whether or not this is "an event" since their is an ongoing investigation into what happened..

Here's a clue my liberal friends, Sen. Kerry will never get elected by jumping from one negative headline to another.

Have you been looking at the polls?

Secondly, the Senator continues to be dogged by character issues. His penchant for exageration will be his undoing.

My only question to you libs is this; are you ready to take down this great republic in the process?

Jim Rodgers

Also - I don't think anyone thinks less of our military. While I'm sure the bush administration would like to blame this on them, that's just absurd.

This is bush's, rummy's & condi's fault, plain & simple.

Not enough boots on the ground. The wrong priorities once in the country.

If this war wasn't about keepig us safe by securing the weapons we knew were there firstmost, what was it about?


How come the Kerry camp only seems to feed off the negative information about Iraq? Why not give equal time to the positive things happening?

Jim Rodgers

Uh, because kidnappings, murders & bombings aren't all that positive?

Mary Cheney

jaybo, right on! We need to re-elect Bush so that he and his experienced staff can continue to keep the Republic strong by destroying constitutional safeguards against unlawful search and seizure, legalizing discrimination against people who commit the horrible crime of loving people of the same sex, and running the deficit up to levels never before imagined possible. The only way to save America is to destroy it - I think we should make Bush dictator-for-life as himself has wished for, so that the Republic will be protected forever! God Bless!!!

Jim Rodgers

Hey, Mary, don't forget about the torture!

Diks for Bush

shut up jerks, and go take a hike. Far better to have these explosives in the hands of terrorists, and insurgents than in Saddams hands.


Damnit! What does a guy have to do to get impeached around here?!?!


No, really. The Kerry Camp always seems to be drawn by the negative; paranoia is a poor substitute for understanding.

He wants to be Commander in Chief, right? As a manager of people, I can see no reason in the belief that a constant stream of negativity and condemnation will result in a group of people who want to do their best for you.

Jim Rodgers

Hey, Tucker, when will bush be issuing a statement answering Lockhart's questions?

Washington, DC – Kerry-Edwards Senior Advisor Joe Lockhart issued the following statement on reports of missing explosives in Iraq:

“Today, the Bush administration must answer for what may be the most grave and catastrophic mistake in a tragic series of blunders in Iraq. How did they fail to secure nearly 380 tons of known, deadly explosives despite clear warnings from the International Atomic Energy Agency to do so? And why was this information unearthed by reporters -- and was it covered up by our national security officials?

“These explosives can be used to blow up airplanes, level buildings, attack our troops and detonate nuclear weapons. The Bush administration knew where this stockpile was, but took no action to secure the site. They were urgently and specifically informed that terrorists could be helping themselves to the most dangerous explosives bonanza in history, but nothing was done to prevent it from happening.

“This material was monitored and controlled by UN inspectors before the invasion of Iraq. Thanks to the stunning incompetence of the Bush administration, we now have no idea where it is.

“We need to know what the administration knew about this and when. We need to know why they failed to safeguard these explosives and keep them out of the hands of our enemies. The National Security Advisor should be at her desk in Washington tomorrow to work this problem and answer these questions, instead of giving speeches in battleground states.”


It is absolutely beyond ridiculous, the line that the above trolls are taking: "see, the invasion of Iraq was justified after all because Saddam possessed these high explosives." Let's just run down the idiocy of this at a level that the idiots themselves will comprehend.

Every country on the earth possesses high explosives. If high explosives are "weapons of mass destruction" then every construction company, demolition contractor, and pyrotechnics artist possesses weapons of mass destruction, along with every military force on the earth.

Prior to the invasion, this particular cache of high explosives was under the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency. It was sealed and monitored. The whole world knew about it, and it was not a danger.

After the U.S. invaded Iraq, the military ignored this cache of high explosives, along with hundreds of weapons depots, and Iraq's nuclear facilities, in order to concentrate on guarding the oil ministry and oil fields.

This particular cache of high explosives was looted by persons unknown, as were the nuclear facilities and weapons depots. Now all of that material is in the hands of Iraqi insurgents, al Qaeda-linked jihadis, common criminals and we don't know who else.

What was the purpose of the invasion again? To insure that dangerous weapons and nuclear equipment and materials, all of which were in known, secure and monitored locations, would be stolen and dispersed to God knows who? And this was very smart and made us all safer.

Go away Bush lovers and drink your KoolAid.


Don't worry Kerry's memory is shot. He doesn't remember whether he was in Cambodia or not, voted for Cuban sanctions or not, or spoke to the UN security council or not.



"Our team reads it and predicts (accurately) that those guys will assume the worst (about our military)..."

No one is blaming the military. No one is blaming the troops on the ground. The buck stops at Bush's desk.

But that's not going to stop Bush from passing that buck. So far, the excuse is that in the grand scheme of things, 380 tons of high explosive are no big deal, since Iraq is also filthy with looted weapons from other sources. In other word, according to the administration, things are so FUBAR that 380 tons of high explosive really don't add much to the chaos.

And Tucker, you want to pretend that people who are rightly upset with this are actually blaming our troops? You spinning, disingenuous swine. Our troops a getting killed with this stuff. If Bush had sent in adequate forces to stop the looting, and went to guard weapons sources instead of the oil ministry, the insurgents wouldn't have the arms that they have now.

We were supposed to be looking for WMD, and this source of NUCLEAR-triggering explosives went ignored for a year and a half?

This is just incompetence. Bush's incompetence.


But, Cervates, the IAEA is under the UN, and we know we can't have them telling us how to protect ourselves!!!


"How come the Kerry camp only seems to feed off the negative information about Iraq? Why not give equal time to the positive things happening?"

When stuff happening according to plan is "news", ya know we're in trouble.


Dang, it looks like Ralphie boy doesn't want to be out be-yatch anymore. Shoot, that could cost us Wisconsin and maybe Florida. Check out Ralph Nader's website.


Is Mr. Kerry a walking adv. for blue cross blue shield???? Everytime he talks about ins. he mentions blue cross!!! I have had blue cross it is not that great. Trish


BREAKING NEWS: 190 lbs of highly explosive bullshit missing from Crawford, Texas !


I'm going to clue you libs into something. The MSM has had its teeth pulled out by the major blunder of Rathergate and 60 Minutes II, then the ABC memo.

Because of this, there will be little momentum and strength in any of these reports because the vast majority of americans are going to question their honesty.

You people keep trying to pump this garbage though and good luck.

Long Live The Bloggers and Talk Radio!


Gotta Fisk this little bit of idiocy:

Our team reads it and predicts (accurately) that those guys will assume the worst (about our military)

- nope, we know we have a superb military, despite what Bush said in 2000

ignore the reality (that Saddam had lots of weapons and was a threat)

- yes, he had lots of weapons (mostly accumulated 1981-1990) but he was not a threat b/c he was FULLY CONTAINED. What part of "the explosives were under IAEA control until the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003" do you not understand, Tucker?

and sidestep their own previous sidesteps (around their convoluted position on the War)

- nothing convoluted about it. The Miserable Failure was right to confront Saddam before the UN & get the inspectors back in. He was dismally wrong to go to war before they had been allowed to finish their job.

And look where it's gotten us.

The Reality-Based Community isn't falling for your pathetic spin.


"I have had blue cross it is not that great."

It's a heck of a lot better than NOTHING, Trish.

(Would be interested to know what private insurance you consider better than Blue Cross, btw.)

Jeffraham Prestonian

Tomorrow night's Frontline (PBS) is a program called "Rumsfeld's War," and will examine the history of civilian government's efforts to re-shape the U.S. Military.

We're seeing the results of not having the number of troops on the ground needed to accomplish the mission. Is this part of Rumsfeld's strategy? Or is there a private standing guard in an Iraqi prison on whom he can pass the blame?

How many of the 1100+ U.S. troops killed in Iraq were killed with a small piece of the 380 tons of HMX and RDX LEFT UNSECURED at al Qaaqa?

Ironic that no one can prove that Saddam let terrorists obtain Iraqi weapons stockpiles, but due to incompetence and screwed-up priorities, the Bush administration served up ***380 tons*** of high explosive to the evildoers. Less than a POUND of RDX took down the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland.

This is the administration that's going to keep you safe?

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