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Jeffraham Prestonian

Elizabeth -- Yes, we are talking about areas sealed by the IAEA. KSTP is airing footage of those seals being broken by the 101st Airborne tonight. You can see still photos online @ http://kstp.com/article/stories/S3741.html?cat=1 (presumably, the footage will appear at that URL sometime this evening).

If you look at the barrels that have the orange "Explosive" warning labels on them, you will see that they're marked "1.1 D" of which RDX is an explosive in that classification.

Henry Schlatman

Bush and Company had full knowledge of Al QaQaa in November of 2002 as he lead Our Country to war. Failure to protect that site at any time after that puts our troops in danger; therefore, Kerry and others like me understand that if on March 8th of 2003 the buildings were opened Bush should of ordered an air stike on the facility insuring its tital distruction.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

"Sorry Elizabeth - but George W. Bush is NOT America."

If, after the last three years, Bush is elected again/finally, then the rest of the world will take it as an endorsement by America of Bush. Then George W. Bush WILL BE America.

Each and every American can expect to share in the love and respect Bush's policies have created globally. Each and every American will be the target of the joy and happiness Iraqis and the Muslim world feel about the liberation of Iraq. And each and every American can hold their heads high knowing that they now bear some responsibility for the high-spirited hi-jinks at Abu Ghraib.

Yes, it will be a glorious time to be an American.

The Rev. Jerry Gloryhole

P in a time of R-
But wait.
Didn't the mullahs of Iran endorse Bush?
They'll be our friends, then.
Also Poland.
And Palau, too.

Can Kerry claim such endorsements?



Why don't you explain to everyone here how a group of terrorists would be able to get into an ammo dump and take out these weapons at a time when the us military was pretty muchall around that vicinity?

Please share with us your expertise and go into detail!

I insist!


So what does everyone think of the latest terrorist video?

The person on the tape shares the opinion of Jeffraham. He blames everything on The President and his administration.

Jeffraham Prestonian

jaybo -- The KSTP embeds reported Iraqis driving around in pickup trucks, just checking out the place *while* they were there with the 101st. You seem to be assuming that we've maintained some kind of presence at al Qaqaa the entire time we've been in Iraq, but we haven't -- and that's a big part of the point. Rumsfeld & Bush decided to fight this war with too few troops, to prove it could be done.


powerlineblog.com posted this Thursday night. It's an email that's been discovered in Minnesota. Kerry might not add votes to the ticket but they're hoping this campaign of fraud might.

A Smoking gun in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the few states that allows same-day voter registration & has become infamous for its lax same day voter registration requirements. Under Minnesota's registration law, an eligible but previously unregistered individual may register to vote in his precinct by showing proof of residence in the precinct or, in the absence of such proof, having a voter registered in the precinct vouch under oath that he personally knows that the unregistered individual is a resident of the precinct. Although the requirements necessary to establish residence are minimal, they aren't non-existent & they are the statutory protection against vote fraud & serial voting.

Among the well-funded & supposedly independent groups supporting John Kerry in the campaign is Americans Coming Together (ACT). ACT has taken notice of Minnesota's special vulnerabilty to vote fraud & organized a sophisticated effort to exploit it in a manner that violates Minnesota law. In Minnesota the Bush campaign has come into the possession of the following email from ACT to its Minnesota volunteers:
"Election Day is upon us. You're confirmed to volunteer with ACT (America Coming Together -
www.actforvictory.org on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov 2.

We will be creating name badges that include your Ward and Precinct information for each of the thousands of volunteers that day to make it easier to find a volunteer to vouch for a voter at the polls.

I'm emailing you to request your street address, city & zipcode. We've already got your other contact information, but your record in our database doesn't include this information.

You can save us time on election day by replying today to this email with this information, or give us a call at [phone number with St. Paul area code].

In order to get your badge correct, please reply by Thursday.

Thank you for your help & cooperation. See you on Election Day!"

This email is a smoking gun of massive premeditated vote fraud.

The ACT effort contemplates the prepositioning of registered voters as volunteers at their precincts of residence to provide the "vouching" necessary to get individuals registered to vote on election day in the precinct whether the volunteer "personally knows" the residence of the unregistered voter or not . It's a recipe for illegal voting in every precinct of the state.

In addition to its offensive ground game in the state, the Bush campaign here has organized a defensive game plan to identify & prevent election-day fraud, which is a key component of the Kerry supporters' plan for carrying Minnesota. Organized vote fraud, we'll see it on election day!

Jeffraham Prestonian

Gary -- Sounds like GOP efforts in Ohio, to wit:


GOP Challenger Barbara Miller Could be Indicted on Felony Charges

AKRON, Ohio - The Summit County Board of Elections abruptly threw out 976 challenges of voter eligibility by the Republican Party today after Barbara Miller, the challenger, revealed that she did not have any personal information about the eligibility of any of the challenged voters.

Instead, Miller said that her challenges were based on a list of "undeliverable mail" given to her by the Republican Party. The list was based on a GOP mailing sent to registered voters throughout the state of Ohio.

After Miller presented this as her evidence, Russell Pry, Summit County Election Board member, told her that she could be indicted for signing a sworn challenge without any personal knowledge about the eligibility of the voters. Miller's reaction was to plead the Fifth Amendment.

Catherine Herold, the first voter challenged at the hearing, told the board that she believes that she was on the undeliverable list because she "refused the letter when she saw that it came from the Republican Party." She and many others expressed anger that their eligibility had been challenged - which could force them to vote by provisional ballot on Nov. 2.

"This is an outrage," Herold said. "I feel as if I am being called a liar for claiming to live at my address."

The Summit County Board of Elections has indicated that they plan to call in the Department of Justice to conduct a criminal investigation of the challenges.

wasted potential

Jeffraham - well there you go, the GOP caught jumping to conclusions about things out of fear of voter fraud. If they were guilty of purposefully disenfranchising voters up there, I hope they throw the book at them.

Now, it is obvious that we will not have a 100% accurate vote, due to voting machines, pre-meditated fraud etc ... With Gore's unprecedented legal challenge of a presidential election, I fear that we have forfeited our right as the people to decide elections and left it to the courts and lawyers.

My dad wanted me to go to law school, should have listened to him. I could have at least participated in our election process.

Jeffraham Prestonian

wasted: "With Gore's unprecedented legal challenge of a presidential election"

There you go, again -- you start talking rationally, and then step back and drop-kick yourself through the goalposts of partisanship!

According to (hopefully conservative enough to suit all)


... the first candidate to file a suit in the 2000 debacle was Bush, on November 16, 2000.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Jeffraham: "... the first candidate to file a suit in the 2000 debacle was Bush, on November 16, 2000."

But he only did it to get what was rightfully his, according to the Supreme Court. Gore filed the first suit to STEAL that Presidency away from Bush.

As the Supreme Court said - the recount would "threaten irreparable harm to petitioner (Bush) ... by casting a cloud upon what he claims to be the legitimacy of his election."

HIS election, liberals. HIS election. The Presidency belonged to him as a right; after all, his father was President before the previous interloper stole it with the help of Perot. Thank God we had the Supreme Court to restore the Presidency to its RIGHTFUL owner, the heir to the first Bush.

And, if they have to, the Supreme Court will ensure that the Presidency stays within the Bush family, where it belongs.

And if you don't like it, go and live in England or Holland or one of those other Old European monarchies.

Sen Bob Smith

Republican Senator Bob Smith (of New Hampshire):

Dear John Kerry:

As someone who worked with you daily for 12 years as a United States Senator, I am acutely conscious of the fact that we disagree on many important issues. Despite our differences, you have always been willing to engage in constructive debate in an effort to forge sound public policy.

I deeply respect your commitment to our nation and your patriotism which, I believe, was forged when you-like I-proudly wore the uniform of the United States Navy in Viet Nam...

Because of the courage and character you demonstrated in Vietnam, I believe you when you say that you'll do a better job than President Bush to win the peace in Iraq, as well as to win the war against terrorism.

President Bush has failed to restrain federal spending, sending our deficit spinning into the stratosphere. I well remember that you were one of a handful of Democrats who crossed the aisle to forge a bipartisan coalition in the Senate to balance the federal budget [...]

John, for each of these reasons I believe President Bush has failed our country and my party. Accordingly, I want you to know that when I go into the booth next Tuesday I am going to cast my vote for you. So will my wife, Mary Jo, and all three of my children: Jason, Bobby and Jenny.

Moreover, I will do all that I can to encourage my friends in New Hampshire and Florida to join me in supporting you.


when kerry is elected in a landslide of ev and popular vote.

will you accept him as president?

L.D.S. Laura

It's not what he did during the war as much as what he did when he came home. He lied about the other soldiers and he degraded their efforts. He was and still is totally against our troops. His actions when he came home from Vietnam as well as his retoric now show that clearly. Now liberals want to Monday morning quarterback and say all the things done wrong with the information we have now without acknowledging the information we had at the time!!! As for the deficit, 9/11 caused a hugh loss of jobs and revenue to the government, something liberals want to ignore because it doesn't fit in with their retoric. We were going into a deficit before Bush came into office and 9/11 didn't help. The fact that we have more first time homeowners, and a job increase over the last 16 to 18 months is a tribute to George Bush's presidency. The fact that we haven't been hit by terrorist since 9/11 is also a tribute to Bush. We should be thankful we have a president who is not afraid (or too busy diddling his intern)to go after the terrorists who attacked us. They now know that we will not stand idly by and let attacks continue. The terrorists have made it clear they want Kerry in office, that's why they have threatened to disrupt the elections. Do you want a president that the terrorist want in office?????? NOT ME! I want the president that makes the terrorist sweat. The president who stands up for our wonderful country and says, "No more." That would be George Bush. I am proud to cast my vote for Bush on Tuesday.


"He lied about the other soldiers and he degraded their efforts."

It always amazes me that there is so much talk of vietnam, but the real issue is always ignored. We paid for the bulk of Frances war with vietnam when they were colonizing (an oppresive undemocratic situation). Then once France lost the war we signed a treaty with France and Vietnam stating that there would be a democratic election the following year. We then invaded Vietnam to stop the election, and democracy, from happening in Vietnam.


Where did my post go?


Let's try this again.

It always amazes me that there is so much talk of vietnam, but the real issue is always ignored. We paid for the bulk of Frances war with vietnam when they were colonizing (an oppresive undemocratic situation). Then once France lost the war we signed a treaty with France and Vietnam stating that there would be a democratic election the following year. We then invaded Vietnam to stop the election, and democracy, from happening in Vietnam.

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