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Praying everyday for our President and all those who are part of reelection efforts. Keep up the great work and know we are working to get out the vote in our area for a man who has been honest, courageous, and one who is positive with sincere evidence of his personal faith. At no time has there ever been perception by many I know that our President Bush is "using his personal faith" for political gain as others out campaigning this 2004.

Insincerity and questionable character of those those who talk so much about "tolerance" tet so intolerant that they tear down signs of Bush/Chenney Campaign in Pennsylvania. That won't gain them votes here. People I know are thoroughly disgusted and more movtivated to get out the vote for President Bush.


""I just wrapped up a TV appearance for the Bush-Cheney campaign.""

Hey Tucker you phukker.... Takin it in the ass from O'Reilly, or getting it on with Kinda Sleazy Rice??? Love your reich wing fundies and your sleaze... Keep on worshiping at the urinal of hope and someone will shower you in gold.

You morons are really pathetic!!!


So what will you be doing in 2 weeks? Weekly World News? The Nat'l Enquirer?


What's with George feeling up little girls? What does Zanax Lady have to say about that?


I can't help but notice that no one here who is for bush has dropped to a 1st grade level of speech , This is very telling in that we may lose this race unless we "stoop" to their level. I know this will never happen but we can't have this kind of people choosing the leader of the free world. They should stick to cursing their parents and anyone else that told them some things are wrong and cursing is not nice.


Gus.. What? That has to be the sickest comment one here. I think you should seek help for your anger problems. I cannot believe you would stoop that low. I think you are confusing class with drug use. Honestly, you need some help.


Will John Kerry address the allegations that he had a homosexual affair after an anti-war rally in late 1972. According to sources, Kerry the man in question and an unidentified woman engaged in a consentual act that resulted in "oral cotact between the men."

Lester Shuping

Israel The Church Has Ratified A Vote Among It's 975 Million Members Declaring The Catholic Church A CULT.

Like Jehovah's Witnesses And The DNC, They Subvert The Truth In Blatant Ways, And Spew Forth Their Ungodly Doctrine/Dogma. The DNC Worships Bill Clinton, Extols Kerry, And Denounces Christianity. Do You Ever Wonder Why?

The Last Thing We Need In The White House Is A Cult Figure Like John Kerry.

L.D.S. Laura

Shake, people who truly believe in God live their lives in a way that shows their love and belief in Him. It is not something we do on Sunday but a way of life and I am proud of a president who is not ashamed to say he asks for God's guidence. In a world where so many won't stand up for what they believe in, I find comfort in a president who is not afraid to say he believes in a higher power. Unlike Kerry, religion is not something you use for political gain but who you are. And whoever it was that said 9/11 happened on Bush's watch, do the math. Eight years of doing nothing led to 9/11. Bush only had eight months compared to eight years. If Gore had won I can just hear you liberals excusing him even though he had eight years by saying, "Well, he was only the Vice President." Gore had a plan to strengthen airport secutity but when the airlines screamed about the cost he backed down! He could have told the airlines, "To bad, do it anyway." but he didn't. Clinton had eight years to catch Bin Lauden, do something about the Cole bombing, do something about the Embassy bombing but he chose to do nothing. Bush only had eight months and came into office with an economy that was already heading downward. And now you want to blame him for a loss of jobs that has a lot to do with 9/11. Not anything he did personally. In fact, Bush has created jobs and kept the economy going when a lot of people thought we would never recover from 9/11.

Lester Shuping

The Latest Thing Kerry Is Slamming Bush For Is "AL QAQAH". 380 Tons Of Explosives Missing.

Our Military Has Already Rounded Up 350,000 Tons Of Explosives In Iraq. That's Several Thousand Times More Than Have Gone Missing.

Back To "AL QAQAH", 'IL CACA' Means B.S. These Attacks Are Just That.

Had Bill Clinton Not Turned His Back On Sudan When They Offerred To Turn Osama Bin Ladin To Us, 9/11 May Never Have Happened. Instead, B. J. Clinton Turned His Hips Toward Monica Lewinski, And The Rest Is History.


john kerry is just a fake phony, I voted for kerry in the primary but the more I know about him the more I see he has no core and is as fake as they come.He is also ugly and as for his running mate "gomer" well nevermind.... anyway this blog is really just a distraction for all the kerry supportes who wern't invited to give them something to do while the bush supporters are doing calls and registration work. THE BOTTOM LINE IS PEOPLE LOVE BUSH AND BELIEVE IN HIM AND HIS MORALS AND TRUST HIM, DO THEY THINK HE IS A GENIUS? NO DO THEY THINK HE IS PERFECT? NO. DO THEY THINK HE IS WHAT HE APPEARS TO BE YES AND THATS WHY KERRY SUPPORTER ARE SO UNINSPIRED (EXCEPT FOR HATE AND ANGER FOR BUSH) BUT MAYBE AFTER NOV 2ND YOU CAN ALL GO TO FRANCE AND TAKE MICHAEL MOOREFOOD AND THE REST OF HOLLYWOOD WITH WITH YOU


I hope you all enjoy this it is crazy at the SwiftBoat Vets site.

The Evidence Kerry Collaborated With the Enemy

The link below provides some real news on John Kerry and his character the public needs to know before voting for him on November 2nd.


No matter what your personal feelings are, don’t turn your back on your Nation as John Kerry did and publish this story for all to see and hear.


Do ya all think Kerry can at least carry Massachusets after this breaks wide open?


For those Democrats who can't read well(children left behind)here is a dummied down version of the story at the link above. Johhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn Caaaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyyyy issssssss aaaaaaaa loooooooosssssssseeeeeeeerrrrrrr wwwwwwhhhhhhhhoooooooo beeeeeeeettttttttaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyeeeeeeeedddddddd hhhhhhhhiiiiisssssss cccccccccoooooooouuuuunnnnnnnnntttttttttttrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy bbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyy wwwwwwwwwooooooooorrrrrrrrkkkkkkkiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg ffffffffooooooooorrrrrrrrr ttttttttthhhhhheeeeeeeeee ccccccccccoooooooommmmmmmmmiiiiiiiieeeeeeeessssssss.

Translation for Republicans and Independents like myself: John Kerry is a loser who betrayed his country by working DIRECTLY for the Communist Government of North Vietnam while America was at War. Can anyone say "Trial for treason"?


Look it up Liberal Lawyers, there is no "Statute of Limitation for Treasonous Acts against the United States". Do you think the 10,000 lawyers on his payroll will be enough to extricate him from this? NOT!


I seem to remember the AG and the Congress have a petition/complaint of treason in its' hands right now. mmmmmmmmmm The Trial of the Millenium.


This could keep Greta employed for years.....and maybe get Scott out of her mind.


Oh my God I forgot to check the font on those documents. I'd better make sure I send them to Rather for a verification of their authenticity.


You know that Praying thing really works Mr. President :-)


rethugs getting des-per-ate....

Wait for the deal-closing arguemnt - coming about Friday. Too late to respond....

911 happened on Bush's watch.

pick your link stories.


Lester Shuping


Notice To All Democrats: WRITE IN GORE/LIEBERMAN On Your 2004 Ballots. You Dont Like Kerry, So Vote To Rectify The Illegal Presidency Of George W. Bush. Simple As That. GOD Bless!!!


I certainly hope that if the same close race happens this year and the end result God forbid is Kerry that the Rep have more class than the Dem and accept the end result. For the last four years they have been crying. GET OVER IT! Thank God Gore didnt win the guy went crazy after losing just look at him. Imagine how nuts he would have been with the pressure of running the country. I guess you think shake that if gore would have won 9/11 would not have happened? Give me a break. As for as 9/11 Bush was in office eight months if you are looking for someone to blame, Look at Clinton seems to me like he is the one that dropped the ball. Maybe he should have spent more time looking into it and less time with Monica! Clinton had eight years to stop it PRESIDENT BUSH eight months you do the math! Regardless of the outcome on Nov. 2 the winner will be the President of the United States. Not one party. If Kerry happens to win in two years everyone will be denying ever voting for him! I do pray that if kerry wins he will be the best president this country has ever had. For some reason you people that want the president to fail dont get that if he fails the country fails. This country is what is important. Now get off Bush's back and do the right and intelligent thing and VOTE BUSH!

L.D.S. Laura

Shake, you keep saying 9/11 happened on Bush's watch. You ignore the facts and keep repeating yourself. Maybe because you have nothing else???? Obviously you either can't or won't look at the facts. EIGHT YEARS vs. eight months! But, like all liberals, don't let the facts get in the way of how you feel. Are you capable of thinking for yourself and being reasonable or are you going to continue to let the liberal left think for you?


What facts? Beyond the FACT Bush ignored MULTIPLE warnings?

Address that will ya?

Tehn explain why he resisted a 911 commission for so long and finally, only agreed to answer questions with uncle dick to hold his hand, not under oath and no note taking permitted.

Why was that?

L.D.S. Laura

Lets see, first, how long do you think the 9/11 attack was being planned? You think they just woke up one morning and said, "Lets do this."??? This was being planned for years. When Clinton didn't react to the Cole bombing, the embassy bombing, etc. the terrorists thought they could get away with anything and there would be no response. Can't blame then for thinking that since there was no response to the other bombings. 9/11 was planned during Clinton's watch. You think the terrorists cared who was in office? No! All they cared about was doing the most amount of damage they could without any consequences. The 9/11 commission was a joke. Why did they let Clinton testify behind closed doors? Why did they have someone serve on the commission that should have been testifying??? Anyway you look at it 9/11 happened because of Clinton's nonaction. Have we had anything happen since 9/11? No! Because Bush had the guts to react and not sit in the Oval Office playing with his intern. The true test of Bush's presidency is whether or not we have been attacked since 9/11. The terrorists have had plenty of time to plan another attack but one has not happened. This is thanks to Bush.

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