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I saw that piece and I liked it. what occurred to me today was that Kerry's style and message is patterned after "buy-this-miraculous-thing" informercials. Once you bought it and found out it is junk, you can't find those who made all those empty promises. Apparently, infomercial customers will never learn, so that s where he got his inspiration. The other sad thing is that Kerry's arguments are compelling and logical - EXCEPT - and this is a big EXCEPT- they are not, repeat not , founded on facts ! Like the mother he introduced yesterday. Who has two children and was tired of having to say "no." And who complained that her taxes were going up and up. BOLOGNA !! As a single mother, she can file for earned income credit and NOT PAY ANY TAXES WHATEVER, EVEN GET BACK MORE THAN SHE EVER CONTRIBUTED. Thanks to George W. Bush.
Journalists should call him on that. The other thing, which really scared me was Kerry's remarks about atomic weapons in his second debate. NOBODY caught it, except I, perhaps ? He said something to the effect that he would disarm North Korea or some such fairy tale and as an aside added: "...although it is pretty hard to tell someone to cut down on nuclear weapons when you yourself have the biggest ones." HELP HElP HELP , the ghost of the 70's. Nuclear disarmament movements, funded by the Soviet Union.
KERRY HAS NOT LEARNED A THING ! Just to be loved, he would begin unilateral nuclear disarmament.
May God protect us from that guy !


Did anyone else see the debaucle of Lawrence O'Donnel's tirade on Scarborough Country last night??!!!!! I've never seen anything like that. If a republican had done that, they would have cut his mike and probably banned him from future appearances. How can people listen to this and then listen to Tucker and not be able to see which side is reasonable and which side is out of control!!!


To Kathleen:
Please, please, Kathleen. Cheney is not crying "wolf!" Iran is working on its nuclear arsenal for no other reason that to keep the Middle East safe for the likes of their mullahs(and these are power-hungry bitter old men with long faces and deep crevices in their faces camouflaged as sincere - hm,). The nuclear threat is real. that is why this election could effect our survival. Kerry promised to keep us safer - how ? We have been pretty safe these past years. How would he keep us safer and relax the homeland security laws at the same time ? How would he avoid the draft and send more troops into Irak at the same time ? How would he be able to speed up stem cell research when the stem cells cannot be sped up at all ?
Call his bluff, educate.
And may God help us.


Tucker and All you fellow Bush Supporters: REMEMBER - Commit everything to prayer, If the God of the Universe is for us than who can be agianst us. It was God who put Bush in office and unless he decides to allow the sin (Kerry) to corrupt America then it cannot happen. If my people which are called by my name (us) will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. Our future is at hand and this Election is its own kind of war. The war between Good and evil. The presence of evil is so plainly seen in all the lies, filth, and ammoral behavior. If it's ok to win with lies and filth then it must be ok to run a country the same and more. We don't know God's plan but we have an idea BUT if Kerry wins with all his lies and amoral tactics, then open your bible to Revelation because the end times will be upon us as we go into "Global and Universal" terminology. MAY GOD FORGIVE US AND HEAL OUR LAND!


All I know is, that if Bush/Cheney don't get re-elected I'm moving to Iraq...At least I will know there how I stand. With Kerry, the blow could come at any time and you would never know you are dead...With his flip-flopping I could be dead, I could be alive, I could be dead, I could be alive..I don't like those odds...Let's make sure we get George and Dick for 4 more years...God Bless them and the USA....


Oh yes, another issue...Do we know for sure that Turkey did not assist Sadaam in getting the WMDs out of Iraq and into Syria at the time they kept putting us off about entering Iraq through the north at the start of the war?


I wish somebody in the position of strategy would go on the air and make the following arguement: The Dems keep harping on what President Bush has or has not done in the last 4 years- well let's ask about the last 4 years from the 2 SENATORS on the other side. The have been in positions of authority- doesn't Congress run the country, don't they put out legislation? So what is their record for the last 4 years- what have they contributed to this country. They keep bringing up all the things they are going to do- well damn it why haven't they. I haven't heard or seen one piece of legislation they have been a part of that has anything to do with the promises they are making now. If they try to make President Bush accountable for his last 4 years- we should start hammering at their record( the last 2 years have been nothing but running for office) they have accomplished NOTHING for the good of the American public. They would be more convincing if they could bring up a piece of legislation they worked on that the Republicans held up, then they might be able to say "Look here, this is what I tried to do and was blocked from doing it" Might be a more persuasive arguement. God Bless President Bush and Thank You God for our Gentle First Lady.(Help us if that foul-mouth tart Heinz-Kerry gets in!!!)


Was wondering if Theresa is a boozer. Some times in her appearance she seems to be a little off balance.


I am wondering why more isn't being made of the findings in the Duelfer Report. From what was shown on Fox the other night, the whole report about the U.N. and "Blood Money" showed huge reasons why the President was justified in going to Iraq and removing Saddam. The special Fox had should be broadcast more and more so people can see that. I'm sick of hearing people say the President lied to the American people, when it is so not true!

Damon Hand

You are all idiots!


I have a dog that looks very much like the WOLVES in the wolves ad, so it did not scare me at all.


I personally believe that the debates should have been considered a means to information about each side of the presidential race. However, we spent several weeks hearing that a large percent of the viewing population believed that Kerry won the debates.......am I wrong in my understanding that to win a debate when competing in high school or college, one has to be able to present the side they are given, and not necessarily any belief of their own. Could we, through ads or personal calls and letters, remind people that our President said again and again exactly what he believes to be the best for our country - and I believe that in most instances he did it quite well. If they do believe that John Kerry "WON?" the debates, they have to consider that he may not believe a word he spoke, and consequently has no intention of producing on these great "plans" (that he never quite explains). We have to remind everyone constantly over the next two weeks that our President says what he believes, and that we can believe what he says. A vote for President George W. Bush is a vote for the safety of America and a vote for America to be the country our fore-fathers intended it to be.

Rep from WA State

I do think that the wolf commercial does warn us that this enemy has been around for a long time. The WTC bombing in 1993 should have awakened the administration that there was the quiet, stalking enemy at that time. Instead, we did absolutely NOTHING except only search for those few that were responsible for that bombing. Clinton did NOTHING to go after the source of the problem -- el Quaeda. During that time we also had a very weak Sec. of State. A possible return to that kind of government scares me, Unfortunately, I do believe that Kerry would be even more ineffective than Clinton in keeping us safe. 911 would not have happened if Clinton would have taken strong action in 1993.

You don't get rid of an infection by simply applying a bandage. You cure it by going after the origination of the infection.

Kerry, like Clinton, has no idea how to deal with the real "infections" of this new world. The only thing Clinton did was bomb an aspirin factory.

I saw McConnell on Scarborough Country. He acted like a crazy person. Reminded me of some of the ridiculous actions by Gore and Kennedy. Democrats should be ashamed of all three people.

Teryl McClung

Congratulations on the new blog, it promises to provide a wealth of information that can be used to fight our own home grown terrorists, the Democrats!

Have you all noticed that if someone needs to be "escorted out" it's always a Democrat! Like their muslim counterparts, it is clear that they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals as evidenced by their decidedly destructive actions since Kerry won the DNC primaries.


I would like to know WHY nobody picks up on Kerry's phoney photo-ops about guns and hunting?
Sure, its gets reported on and everyone knows its bs, but EVERYONE misses all the real points to how phoney he is!...let me explain...
In the last few weeks Kerry was presented with two shotguns that I know of, a remington 1187 semi-auto, and a mossburg 835 ulti-mag pump.

He was given the 835 just hours before his
"goose-cpade", I own one, it was designed for waterfoul hunting with its 3 1/2inch chambers, why was his photo-op with a borrowed over-under double?? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo...He wants to ban every gun in America except single and double shotguns!! He voted to classify the remington 1187 as an ASSULT WEAPOND just a few months ago!

How about his silly-ass claim to be "A lifelong hunter" ??
HERES an IDEA !!....hunting licences ARE public information !... Why the hell has nobody ask him about where and when he did all this hunting, AND then check records to see if he bought any licences in those states ?? I'm sure you'll find none.

Somebody really dropped the ball on these issues!!
Was the RNC waiting for the liberal media to point out Kerry's lies ? Good luck with that one!

Kerry's phoney trap-shooting photo-ops...EVERY shooting range I know of requires eye and ear protection...didn't see any on Kerry..did you ?

If this tax-spend, anti-gun, anti-GOD, liberal slimeball squeeks through and gets elected because WE dropped the ball, I'll be really upset!

Laura Troidle

Hello Tucker- I think that when Senator Kerry said that President Bush took his eye off the ball in reference to Osama, we should capitalize on that obviously, erroneous statement. I think that Senator Kerry didn't see the ball coming. In light of the BOSOX ,and I am sure Senator Kerry is a fan, he let the ball go through just like Buckner did in the '86 series. And, look what happened to the BOSOX then. Bad analogy-our freedom and baseball follies, but I think I have made my point.


Got your blog address from BC04 email. Sorry I missed you on Fox. One thing I've noticed when conservitive and liberals are side by side on the news: the conservitive is far more often polite and respectful to host. Liberals are often rude, shouting over others. Perhaps the public buys this as "passion". I guess we need to shout out the groups that polls show favor Bus-Cheney as proof that we are right instead of answering questions asked. We need to discredit the liberal participant with personal attacks while the host tries to talk. Of course we conservitives have difficulty spouting false records, inaccurate and unattributed quotes, and defending them with indignation as the liberals appearing on news shows seem to do so easily. But then liberals are held to a different standard in the media. If a conservative exaggerates or misquotes he is villanized. Liberals are expected to "say anything" to defeat conservatives. It's the liberals' only style.

Could this become a topic by itself? Perhaps the talking heads could investigate and analyze the presentation and perseption difference between conservitive and liberal news guests.

What do you think?

By the way, I didn't hear any any media types pointing out to John Kerry that Tony Suprano ISN'T REAL. Remember when they felt that they had to point out to Dan Quayle that Murphy Brown wasn't real? -Bill

Jim Johanson

South Suburban Area of Chicago (Blue Island, Illinois) is keeping the Stand For President Bush. Despite vandalism to our yard signs, we are holding our Conservative, Pro-Life, Pro-Family Values high and will not be intimidated by Chicago Gangster-Style Politics.

Chicago & Cook County have been a Democrat Stronghold for years. We're facing High Crime, High Taxes, and Government that Is Corrupt. Our stand for President Bush & Republican Values may not carry this area or Illinois------BUT SHOULD BE A WAKE-UP CALL TO OTHERS NOT TO SLIP INTO THE DEMOCRAT LIBERAL & SPEND TRAP.

VOTE Conservative & Help Preserve Good Government for Our Nation. After this national election, please come rescue us in Illinois and Cook County from the grasp of the Democrats.

Needing Liberty In Cook County & Illinois,

------Jim Johanson & Family

Dan spencer

Tucker, Welcome to the blogosphere.

Dee - Littlerock, CA

There's another way to check the 'VOTING RECORDS' of ALL candidates running in this horserace.. WWW.VOTE-SMART.ORG .. As you peruse thru the voting records of John Kerry & John Edwards, most of this year and half of last year their votes say 'DID NOT VOTE' .. Who are those two kidding? Are they both on Vacation? MIA? Why are they being 'Paid' to be out campaigning? President Bush is campaigning too, but NOT neglecting his Presidential duties as those two trial lawyer 'idiots' are...

Senator Kerry is out pushing his 'so called' AGENDA.. but DOESN'T VOTE in Congress! Everything he talks about, he's voted AGAINST.. Kerry knows how hard the unemployed people are having, then doesn't vote to extend the Unemployment Benefits till November 30th, 2004.. What kind of man talks about the 'hurting' Unemployed people in America, then doesn't even 'VOTE' to EXTEND their Benefits? Only an ANTI-WAR CANDIDATE!!

I live in California, where we hear everyday about the Laci Peterson case, there again, Senator Kerry votes 'NO' to protect the rights of an unborn child ..Why do WOMEN in America think that John Kerry is 'looking out for women'? He's clearly looking out for himself and his own political GAIN .. John Kerry is willing to sacrifice ALL American's for his own political gain .. What a 'selfish, self-centered' reason for seeking the highest office in the land. I'm voting for GW Bush .. I feel that he has my best interests at heart.. and will keep my Country SAFE...

There were TWO Senators that didn't show up for the Address to Congress from PM Allawi, you guessed it, KERRY & EDWARDS! Then, Kerry can hardly wait to INSULT the Prime Minister, OUR Ally ... Kerry has alienated MOST of the Allies with his criticism of their efforts to suceed in Iraq. The Kerry camp has already had contact with the Iranians .. isn't that UNDERMINING the President's efforts to resolve their neuclear efforts? I do know, that if an employee tried to undercut the President of any company, they'd be FIRED on the spot!! That's called 'TREASON' in my book ...


I wish that someone from the Bush/Cheney team would step up to the plate and let the american people be reminded of the "outsourcing" situation and who started it. Jimmy Carter deregulated the Airlines; Bill Clinton had the NAFTA agreement, which John Kerry voted for in both situations. Come on spokes people, step up to the plate and call their hand, and even the labor unions will come on board when they realize their own party sold out their jobs. Keep up the good work and BUSH 4 MORE YEARS!!


I saw O'Donell implode last night on Scarborough Country. Pat Buchanan should have had him removed from the set. He was screaming constantly. Either lie/liar/lying, or creepy liar to John O'Neill. It was shameful. O'Neill is an honorable man who has never changed one word since 1971. MSNBC should offer an apology.

Kerry went hunting for ducks, and got a Canadian Goose. I just want to know...Did someone 'cue the geese' as they 'cued the deer' in the movie 'Funny Farm' with Chevy Chase. Sometimes you hunt for something and never see one. These seemed to be everywhere. I support hunting but what a waste of a beautiful goose for just a photo op of a guy in a brand new, crispy, camo outfit that had never been worn before.


Tucker. Glad you started your blog. Looking forward to hearing the true inside scoop underneath the daily assault of tv photo ops and fluff. One thing...some more time and effort should be put into California. Don't get me wrong. I'm in the film business, and it's tough being a staunch GWB/Republican supporter. But, lately it's been a little less lonely. There's more of us out here than most want to believe, or that can be revealed without professional ramifications. But we're making headway, and it shouldn't be ignored. Good luck in the home stretch...


Rep from WA state:

Actually, the Clinton administration prevented a possible attack on US soil, the 2000 Millenium LAX attack, and Bush has allowed two (9/11, the anthrax attacks).

But we need a strong and faithful servant of God to lead us in these Endtimes. He shall protect our Flock from the Wolves. I will see you all in heaven, god willing. Bush 20:04.


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