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Kathleen A

Tucker - found you through Blogs for Bush. Glad to see your blog. I look forward to reading it! Since you're a 'senior adviser' thought I'd ask you to 'advise' the campaign that they should point out the terrorist attacks against Americans began in 1979 and we already tried the 'ignore' and 'nuisance' thing and it gave us 9/11. As a joke, I think on Halloween the President should dress up as John Kerry and change hats constantly during his speech (hunting hat, baseball cap, lambert field hat, bike helmet, etc) - go on stage at a rally and talk again about John Kerry trying to camoflauge who he really is and his record in the Senate. Just my two cents worth...


I'm a big Bush supporter but I think that new Wolves ad comes off as a bit desparate. Between that, and Cheney's constant nucular weapons warnings, I have a hard time arguing to my undecided friends that the President has a solution to the problem. These ads just portray the problem, you know?

One of my co-workers, a Kerry supporter, said that this new ad was our side literally "crying wolf" and that she wondered whether Bush was going to find the Wolves of Mass Destruction in Iraq? This ad is so easy to twist up like that. Why not run more positive ads here?

Anyway not to be too down. God willing, Bush will get another term.

Jason Smith

Welcome to the world of Pajama-based journalism. Is this site going to be primarily for dissemination of information, or will you be responding to questions?

Kerry was photo-opping his campaign in the Goose hunt... but now he's defining his campaign, because he'll take it home and his goose will be cooked.

Matt M.

Hey Tucker,

Looking forward to reading your perspective of the campaign!


Glad to have you. Don't know what to make of the lack of visits to Ohio by the President. Today polls show Kerry ahead in that crucial state. Are there any internal polling showing the President is doing better than the polls reflect? Just looking for a little reassurance.

Jim Gerkin

Hi Tucker,
I just read about your blog at blogs for bush. I am looking forward to reading your insights into the campaign and upcoming election.
Big Dog

Chris Heiby

Tucker: Keep Kerry on the defensive on his history of being soft on our national defense. He is weak and he and ALL liberals know it. I believe Clinton will give a luke warm endorsement for Kerry on Monday. He does not want him to win because he wants Hillary top run in 2008. Heaven help us!!!!! Lastly, please put Chad Clanton in his place next time you go up against him on TV!!!! What a weasel. Already voted here in Arkansas. Get out and vote, pass it on everybody!!! Thx. Chris


Followed a link through Blogs for Bush as well. Looking forward to the extra insight into the campaign. Keep up the good work

Ohio Mom

I hope the President enjoys taking tomorrow off. He's been looking tired, frazled, and not quite himself!

Is his health OK? I get worried sometimes when I've seen him lately, he seems like he's "not all there," but I pray for him every night. Tell him to get a flu shot!!! I don't want him to get any sicker than he is!!

Bless the president, have faith.


Hi Tucker

I voted absentee already in CO. Hope we win big!! I'm really worried though about all the voter fraud and intimidation I keep hearing about at polling places in Florida by Dems ALREADY. I'm sick about the way these people are acting. Is the GOP going to have people at the polling centers too? We need the good guys to be there!!


Tucker, I came over from Blogs for Bush and am looking forward to learning what you have to share. I want you to know I think the BC'04 Team is doing a remarkable job. I've become a political news junky this election and have made some "predictions" of what I thought you guys and W. were up to and it seems I was right :o) I'll be glad, though, when the whole thing's over and George W. is the CONFIRMED winner for another 4 years! Hopefully, you can give us some insight about how the team is planning to combat Kerry's apparent efforts to steal the election.


Tucker, I watched the Sinclair Broadcasting program tonight, on our affiliate KABB. It was purported to be a showing of the "Stolen Honor", or a portion thereof, but I firmly believe it was more of a "red herring" in the guise of Saul Alinsky's model of "bait and switch". I was appalled at their pre-show hype vs. the actual program, ala Saul Alinski's diversionary tactic. Did you see that, too? If you misunderstand my meaning, see my URL posted. E-mail your response, I'd love to know! Please see the posts at http://dagney007.blogspot.com/ for today.

Pittsburgh Pride


I've heard concerns about "changing horses midstream" a few times lately from undecided voters on the news channels. Sounds like a good last weekend argument to me.We have economic momentum, 1.7 million jobs in the last year, unemployment lower than Clinton in '96, 30 yr. interest rates at 5 1/2, etc. America's got the big mo,because of the President's policies, let's not change horses midstream.
How about a commercial showing a horse(a thoroughbred) and rider standing in a stream. Up walks a creaky old donkey with the words "free ride" on it's saddle. The rider thinks about it for a few seconds, then, while patting the horse's neck says, " No thanks, he got me this far, I'm going to let him finish the job...

lewis hooks

Someone has already talked about this subject but I also question why the President abandoned Ohio to Kerry for three weeks when all the pundits and analysts maintain the President must win Ohio to prevail. What was the strategy ?


Thanks Tucker, looking forward to hearing more. I've been hearing a lot on the news about the lawyers lining up to help JK as he's thinking he's already been cheated out! How rediculous is this going to get? The lawyers waiting to help out minority folks who get "disenfranchised" >:/
JK will stop at nothing to get to be president! Im so sick of all this garbage! I too will no rest until BC are confirmed for another 4 years.

Moni Mac

I too found you through blogsforbush.com.

The President needs to exploit John Kerry's Senate record MORE. For instance:

1. Senator John Forbes Kerry "did not vote".

Vote to adopt the conference report on the bill that would create a prescription drug benefit for Medicare recipients.

HR 1 Medicare Prescription Drug and Modernization Act of 2003

2. Senator John Forbes Kerry voted "NO".

Vote to pass an amendment that would make up to $300 billion available for a Medicare prescription drug benefit for 2002 through 2011.

H Con Res 83

3. Senator John Forbes Kerry voted "NO".

Vote to pass a concurrent resolution to set the framework for the fiscal 2002 federal budget. The 10-year budget plan calls for tax cuts of $1.18 trillion over the ten years and $85 billion in fiscal 2001.

H Con Res 83

with in H Con RES 83 : Among other provisions, the resolution would eliminate the marriage penalty tax by increasing the tax cut by $69 billion, increase funding for veterans health care by $1.7 billion by redirecting the same amount from the proposed tax cut, and provide for an increase of $967 million in fiscal 2002 for veterans discretionary spending

In #3 he voted against the lower and middle class tax cut increase and verteran funding.

4. Kerry talks about "not suppressing the vote", but his campaign is trying to suppress the vote of the very men and women who are serving in Iraq and all military overseas.

5. If the Kerry Camp is NOT endorsing voter fraud then why would his wife in the link below tell Democrats to "Vote OFTEN and vote WELL.". How pray tell do you do that if you don't commit voter fraud?

The link to her comments: here:http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2004/10/6/144607.shtml

6. The draft - Blogsforbush archived this page before the Kerry's campaign suddenly removed it after the draft issue came up stating in his 100 day plan "As part of his 100 day plan to change America, John Kerry will propose a comprehensive service plan that includes requiring mandatory service for high school students and four years of college tuition in exchange for two years of national service."

Kerry is trying to hide his real plan - here is the link: http://web.archive.org/web/20040210043828/http://www.johnkerry.com/issues/natservice/

You can test the link by e-mailing it to yourself, then the link will come up on your e-mail (not the archived file) when you click on their current link it shows the link is no longer available yet proves it came from his site AND was removed.

These issues and more need to be brought out to through the campaign AND ads if possible!



Tell Dubya to get his butt to Ohio and seal the deal on this election. He's making me a wreck!! I thought the wolf ad was a little lame. The typical American "undecided-can't get off the fence voter" is not going to get it.

Rep from WA State

I live in a very liberal part of the country. We have one of the dumbest senators on the Hill who is running for re-election and probably will win. So, any kind of encouragement you can give someone who lives where all you can see are Kerry/Edwards signs and have had 2 Republican election offices broken into in the last month sure would be appreciated.

Sometimes, I get a bit depressed when I think that there is a possibility that we will have Teresa as our First Lady. I don't think I can take it.

It is bad enough here to have to put up with Patty Murray.

Patrick A. Krott

Keep up the good work! I have two suggestions (I'm sure you're sick of hearing suggestions though). I'm sure you've seen the Ashleys Story commercial. It is extremely powerful. B-C should put out more emotion-based commercials.. I think people know the facts now, whether they accept them or not. Also, you should put out more commercials about Kerrys stance on sportsmens rights, like guns and hunting. I find it odd that there are gun owners voting for Kerry, who don't really know about his record, like the fact that he voted to ban centerfire rifle ammo (thats a big one that will affect hunters) and to ban semi-automatics 9 times. And how he has endorsements from the Brady Campaign, the Humane Society, and PETA.

I also like Kathleens idea about the halloween costumes!

Bush Cheney 04!!!!

-Pat Krott, Erie, PA


Further documentation that explains the Senators "global test"

(Washington Post)

"Kerry's belief in working with allies runs so deep that he has maintained that the loss of American life can be better justified if it occurs in the course of a mission with international support. In 1994, discussing the possibility of U.S. troops being killed in Bosnia, he said, "If you mean dying in the course of the United Nations effort, yes, it is worth that. If you mean dying American troops unilaterally going in with some false presumption that we can affect the outcome, the answer is unequivocally no."

"Senator John Kerry thinks America is not worth dying for unless it's in the cause of a United Nations sanctioned effort. That eliminates every war America has ever fought, save two."

(New Republic)

The Security Council has authorized only three wars in its history: the Korean War (while the Soviet Union was boycotting the Council), a 1960s intervention in Congo, and the first Gulf war. That there have been numerous wars since 1945 would suggest that the U.N. Charter has been violated repeatedly. But while one could argue that all those wars were technically illegal, most legal experts concede the legitimacy of customary, not just statutory, law--meaning widely accepted actual practices can, over time, become as legitimate as written rules.


I am a Florida voter and will vote a straight Republican ticket. With all the shady things going on with the Democrats, voter fraud and attacks against Republican headquarters, etc. I am a more than likely voter - I will vote if I am conscious and breathing.
I am also concerned with Ohio. I don't understand why President Bush hasn't spent more time there. These are center of country people, down to earth and solid folks. I lived there the first 25 years of my life.



Caught you on Fox. Thought you did an excellent job! Someone has to have the courage and presence to counter the lies from the left without stooping to their level. You go get 'em guy!

Ward Reed

Tucker, a plea: please dump the white-on-black layout! As a former advertising executive, I can assure you that it really impairs readability. I'll admit it looks great, but isn't the idea to be read, not merely viewed?

Randy Patton

Thank you and God Bless.I shudder at the very idea of John Kerry as our president. I have enormous faith that President Bush will be re-elected, however, if John Kerry should steal the White house, Canada will look very appealing for about four years. I do wish that the president would openly support Patrick Balentine's bid for Governor of NC. We have had quite enough of Mike (ultra-liberal) Easley.


Commercials: The best the little girl being held by the President in Ohio, that was better than a reach out and touch someone commercial. Will hit the hearts of all females!

Clinton on the Trail Next Week: Thought BC Need to remind the people about the missed opportuinities to hit Al-Queda with the first World Trade bombing and the USS Cole, along with the other strikes against us abroad. Would we have lost so many people in 2001 if something was started back in the 90's and in 2000.

On the Economy: IF we are dead or defending our homes, and family here, the economy will not mean squat.

On The Ketchup woman: She has insulted me time and time again. I am not an idoit, and I take pride in my raising my children! And it is a full time plus job, that deals with budgets, Public Relations, conflict resolutions, advanced accounting,and so on! Next thing you know she will insult my paper route, which my children are also learning and gaining work experiance.

Here's to 4 more years!

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